Minutes of the February 6th, 1997 Meeting

Attending: Rick Scuderi, Joyce Woodmansee, Maria Fenyes, Larry Andre, John Klitsner, Julie Ruelas, Gerald Scheib, Yolanda Ramil, Dudley Foster, Janice Silver, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Dale Newman, Gwen Walker, Alex Yguado, Sonia Soto Bair

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m. by President Dale Newman.

2. MSP (unanimous) to accept the December, '96 minutes.

3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:

Faculty Association       $   499.55
Faculty Scholarship       $   488.83
Gallagher Scholarship     $    23.88
Moss Scholarship          $ 2,910.18
Bowman Scholarship        $16,562.83

4. There is no guest presentation because the guest is not in attendance.

5. There is no public address. This item is required by the Brown Act.

6. President's Report

A. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place for the new library on March 6th. A luncheon is included. This is not the grand opening. The ceremony is in part to honor Richard Katz who will be in attendance. Monies for the luncheon will go directly into the library fund. Tours will be available after the luncheon. The move from the old library to the new library is scheduled for the end of February through the first week in March. Call Vera Garcia for tours.

B. The DAS Executive Board discussed the Union Contract. The contract will be available to us one week before the February 22nd vote. The DAS By-laws and Constitution are being changed. The documents are available for those wishing to give feedback to Dale Newman so she can take it back to the Board. If there are any articles you wish to submit to the Anvil and the Quill, the DAS publication, please submit them to Dale and she will pass them on to the DAS Publications Committee.

C. The current LAMC academic rank list is passed around for the members to examine for accuracy. Faculty ID cards are planned with your academic rank on it. The members in attendance are welcome to correct the list now. Others will have the opportunity to correct the list through their cluster chairs.

D. The Validation Team for Program Review is in need of two more faculty members. Susanne Ritcheson volunteers. Dale will continue to look for a second person.

E. The Executive Council has not met. The president of the college said the Council will not meet until a program review has been done on it. There is some issue regarding representation, especially regarding the classified unions. Dale and Gwen will continue to meet with the president however.

F. The LAMC presentential selection is due to take place within the week. Our college will finally be getting a permanent president.

7. Committee Reports

A. Dale will be looking for someone to take over the position of LAMC representative on the EPAC committee of DAS. Enrique Gonzales has represented our college on the Educational Planning and Advisory Committee of DAS but now would like to devote all his energies to being LAMC's Curriculur Committee Chairperson.

B. Regarding Julie Ruelas' report on the DAS meeting, the LAMC AS members briefly discuss the new union contract faculty evaluation team composition. A non-voting member of the AS has always been on probationary evaluation teams. The negotiating committee took this person off without consulting the DAS. This decision was reversed however.

C. Our present Hiring Policy document is approved and available now to every faculty member. However, page 23 is the only page not signed off on by the president. Mark Pracher has the forms needed to hire faculty. Every discipline should identify areas in which hiring is to be done, fill out the appropriate paperwork, and get this information to the hiring committee. The effort will be made to hire a minimum of 10 new full-time faculty each year beyond the attrition rate until the 75% to 25% proportion of full-time faculty to part-time faculty is reached at LAMC.

MSP (Fenyes, Walker - unanimous) to hire a mimimum of 10 new full-time faculty each year beyond the attrition rate until the 75% to 25% proportion of full-time faculty to part-time faculty is reached at LAMC.

Currently the Hiring Committee comprises Gerald Sheib, Alex Yguado, Maria Fenyes, Mark Pracher and Lee Risemberg. The membership agrees that these members should continue to serve in this capacity until a new committee can be chosen. Also, the Ombudsperson position is open and two faculty are needed to serve on that selection committee. Dudley Foster and Maria Fenyes volunteer.

D. Regarding the Honors Program, Larry Andre reports that 10 candidates are being evaluated for membership. Sometimes a student may be advised not to join the Honors Program in order to protect his/her GPA in that the Honors Program is rigorous. Larry is hoping that by fall the Transfer Alliance aspect will be up and running online. Faculty feedback and participation is greatly encouraged.

E. Joanne Kalter-Flink reports that the Student Equity Committee is just about finished with program review. The committee is planning to examine the retention study done by Noel-Levitz, in particularwith regard to how the study may relate to the Student Satisfaction Survey done last year. Dale announces that copies of the Noel-Levitz study are available.

8. Old Business

A. The AS Executive Board makes recommendations for AS representatives. Faculty will be divided into 3 categories: Group 1 - Arts & Letters, Liberal Arts, Developmental Communication and ESL; Group 2 - Computer Science, Engineering, Science and Math; Group 3 - Professional Studies. One representative from EOPS, DSPS, Counseling and the Library/LRC would be assigned to one of the groups. All instructors not attached to any one of the above disciplines would be assigned to one of the above groups. Each group would elect 4 senators. The new constitution states that the new officers would take office in the Spring,'97 semester. The Board would like the membership to elect half the senators to a one year term and the other half to a two year term. This way the AS would never have to begin all over again with completely new officers. The Board recommends remaining with the current senators until elections are held later in the semester.

B. A representative from each of the 3 groups mentioned in 8

A would be elected to be on the Hiring Committee. Two other other representatives would be elected by the AS at large. The AS membership agrees that Gerald Shieb, Alex Yguado, Maria Fenyes, Mark Pracher and Lee Risemberg will continue to serve on the Hiring Committee until a new committee can be chosen.

C. The suggestions the AS Executive Board makes regarding the expenditure of the $2500 DAS contribution are: a copier, a scanner, a computer to put in the faculty lounge. A good, functional copier is the choice among the membership. Dale will proceed to get price estimates.

D. In David Jones absence, Gwen Walker reports that it is difficult to reach the Staff Development chairperson in order to access the funds for conference requests. Gwen suggests that the person have set hours so the faculty can contact him/her once a week. Gwen, Alex, Joanne and Dale will work on this problem and bring suggestions to the AS Board. In regards to the Noel-Levitz study, a summary of the study is distributed to the faculty in attendance. See Dale if you wish to view the entire document.

9. New Business

A. Hank Bowman gave a very generous donation of $10,000 to the new Library/LRC. Carla Bowman's name will be put on one of the group study rooms in the new building. In addition a picture of Carla will also be mounted in the room. A committee is formed to get word out to the entire faculty regarding ways in which we can use the $10,000 donation. Gwen, Dale, Marie Panec and Sandy Thomsen are on the committee. The money is put into a restricted account in the LAMC Foundation.

B. The AS has been sponsoring graduation rehearsals. It was recommended that we sponsor a graduation breakfast because more faculty would probably be able to attend. It could be on the morning of rehearsals, which is the day before graduation. Scholarships that are now awarded during the Honors Ceremony earlier in the year could be given out at the breakfast. The membership briefly discusses this. It is mentioned that finals may reduce attendance at the breakfast. It is suggested that the breakfast be held a week other than finals week. The expense of the event will also have to be examined. Perhaps Student Services can pay for part of it out of graduation expenses. Joanne Kalter-Flink, Leslie Milke, Sonia Soto-Bair and Gerald Shieb compose the Graduation Committee and will develop the breakfast idea further.

There being no new business, MSP (unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi
Secretary of the Academic Senate