Minutes of the March 6th, 1997 Meeting

Attending: Dale Newman, Janice Silver, David Jones, Sonia Soto Bair, Geri Shapiro, Paul Kubicki, Mark Pracher, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Ralph La Rosa, David Jordan, Larry Andre, Joyce Woodmansee, Margie Long, Maria Fenyes, Leslie Milke, Rick Scuderi, Julie Ruelas, Gerald Sheib, Enrique Gonzalez, Ed Raskin, Gina La Monica

1. The meeting was called to order at 1:40 p.m. by President Dale Newman.

2. MSP (unanimous) to accept the February 6th, '97 minutes.

3. Treasurer's Report. See attachment number 3.

4. Professor David Jordan, the new professor of Law, is introduced to the membership. Professor Jordan expresses his appreciation for the support and guidance the Academic Senate provides to new faculty.

5. There is no public address. This item is required by the Brown Act.

6. President's Report

 A. Regarding the new LRC/Library, the library staff will not move in until everything is up and running so the students are not inconvenienced.. A few more details need to be finished. The Fire Marshall needs to sign-off and the furniture moved in. Tentatively the staff is set to move in by mid-March. Some concerns are expressed about the accessibility of the teleconferencing room for disabled students.

 B. Sonia Soto-Bair volunteers to represent LAMC on the DAS Educational Planning and Advisory Committee (EPAC). Sonia is replacing Enrique Gonzales so Enrique can devote more of his time to being Chairperson of LAMC's Curriculum Committee.

 C. Gwen and Dale will meet regularly with the president. The faculty hiring motion to hire 10 new full-time faculty per year till the 75% full-time to 25% part-time faculty proportion is reached was given to President Norlund. The president studied the motion and was not opposed to it. Discussions are continuing. The hiring of the permanent vice president of Academic Affairs is occuring this spring. Applications are due in by the end of March when a committee will be formed. By the 2nd week in April the committee will review applications and select candidates to interview. Interviews should be set up by the first of May and by the first of June the actual hiring should occur. It is not yet clear whether the vice president of Administrative Services position is a certificated or classified position. Until there is a definite ruling, we are continuing with a temporary position. Carlie Tronto's transfer was approved, so after the Vice president of Academic Affairs is chosen, then the hiring of the Permanent Dean of Instruction will occur. Now that we have our District governance document, the Board of Trustees must sign-off on all our individual college governance agreements. Discussions are continuing with the president on this issue.

 D. Regarding the $2500 from the DAS to buy a copier, the college would contribute the maintenance while we would supply the paper, toner, etc. The copier itself would cost $1100, so the rest could go to paper, toner, etc. The copier is for the faculty and is to be housed in the faculty offices. Please send your suggestions to the Work Environment Committee regarding exactly where in the faculty offices it should be placed. It is mentioned that there needs to be a monitoring system set up to monitor the number of copies each faculty member makes.

 E. John Cantley is appointed to the LAMC Validation Team. Along with John Cantley, the members include Suzanne Ritcheson, Enrique Gonzales, Herbert Aquino, Jesus Ochoa, James Russell, Tom Oliver, Bill Norlund, Mark Pracher and David Jones.

 F. Regarding phones for part-time faculty, Shari Borchetta indicates a "dummy number" can be issued for part-time faculty. Students could call the number and leave messages, even though each part-timer would not have an individual phone assigned to him/her. Part-time faculty could pick up messages from any phone on campus and also from home. This is planned to be in place by the Fall, '97 semester.

 7. Committee Reports

 A. Regarding the Curriculum Committee, all should have received a copy of the newly proposed general education requirements. Paul Kubicki voiced his concern over the lack of computer literacy in the proposed general education requirements in light of CSUN's requirement that its students be computer literate. There will be two open forums on April 18th and April 25th at LACC regarding these proposed general education requirements. More information will be coming out about these upcoming forums. A two page position paper can be submitted prior to the forums, or a two minute presentation can be made in person at the forums. It is expected that the committee will complete its work after the forums on the 2nd of May. The DAS should receive it by May 8th, and the Academic Senate of LAMC should receive it approximetly at the same time. The minutes of the last Curriculum Committee meeting is included along with the March 6th agenda. What will finally be decided will be what we will live with for several years to come. Enrique Gonzales strongly encourages all faculty with a concern to participate. Besides the above computer literacy issue, courses revolving around multicultural content are also being discussed.

David Jones address validation of prerequisites and exit competencies. David is concerned that many of our validations and competencies are not completed. David has seen program reviews that do not have a single competency listed. These are specific requirements, not general requirements, which make the problem all the more serious. David states that the senate needs to encourage the faculty to get this task done. David recommends that workshops be established to demonstrate how competencies are expressed and measured.

 B. Regarding the DAS report, page 7d attached to the agenda contain the motions passed at the last meeting.

 C. Mark Pracher sent a notice to all department, discipline and cluster chairpersons to fill out paperwork concerning any new full-time hiring that is anticipated in their disciplines. The forms assist the above faculty members establish "a case" for the proposed position(s). If the completed forms could be received back to Mark within the next week, the Hiring Committee could then get back to the senate its recommendations in time for the senate's April meeting. This effort coincides with the 75% full-time to 25% part-time faculty goal discussed earlier by the senate. It is noted that some disciplines interview in December for the following fall semester, so the sooner our process is started the better. It is also noted that if you want a long-term substitute to continue after the fiscal year ends, it is very important that you fill out this paperwork as well.

D. Larry Andre reports on the Honors Program. Sixteen students have their application in, two without contract. Forms are being submitted to UCLA, CSUN and USC for acceptance into the Transfer Alliance. A mass mailing will be disseminated to all students who have completed criteria for the Honors Program.

 E. Mark Pracher reports for Joanne Kalter-Flink with regard to the Student Equity Committee, and in particular to the Staff Survey. All are encouraged to turn in their surveys in a timely fashion. The questions are on the center of the page, with one type of answer on the right and one type of answer on the left. You are to fill in both types of answers. Mark suggests doing either the right or left column of answers completely, and then going back to answer the remaining column completely. This prevents confusion in going back and forth between types of answers. Return the survey to the box designated in the mailroom or in green mailbox located outside the Admissions Office. The purpose of the survey is to get a picture of the staff's actual responses compared to what we believe the college is doing, and compared to the students' response on last year's student survey. The final analysis may result in an action plan to enhance services to students based on needs we might not presently be aware of. The deadline for returning the staff survey is March 14th. After that date the surveys cannot be scored by the USA Group Noel-Levitz Company.

 8. Old Business

 A. The committee sent out a memo asking for recommendations regarding how we would spend the $10,000 Bowman donation. The only stipulation is that the donation be spent on something for the new LRC/Library.

B. Leslie Milkie reports that the Graduation Committee is still looking for a speaker. A memo is circulated regarding suggestions for an outstanding alumni speaker. It is currently planned to have a breakfast in honor of the graduates on the day before graduation. Efforts are being made to encourage faculty to attend graduation. Graduation will be on campus this year, facing the new building.

 C. With regard to committee make-up, the last faculty election decided to have all faculty divided into three groups: Group One - Arts & Letters, Liberal Arts, ESL and Developmental Communications; Group Two - Math & Science, Computer Science and Engineering; Group Three - Professional Studies. Counselors, Librarians, DSP&S and others are placed in each of the three groups. Aaron Schrier, Rick Scuderi, Suzanne Ritcheson and Sandy Thomsen are in Group One; Gwen Walker, Sonia Soto-Bair, Joanne Kalter-Flink and Ed Casson are in Group Two; Jose Luis Ramirez, Enrique Gonzalez, and Sharon (Library staff) are in Group Three. The membership voiced no objections to the Counselors, etc. being placed in this manner.

 Dale sent a memo asking for volunteers interested in serving on the new Presidents Coordinating Council. MPAC is now going to be in a "Town Hall" format approximatly twice a semester. The new Coordinating Council will probably meet every other Tuesday at l:30 p.m. We have 4 faculty slots on this committee. This is the governance body on the campus now. The senate gets two of the slots and currently we have 3 candidates for the two slots - Alex Yguado, John Klitsner and Harlan Goldberg. Leslie Milkie, Paul Kubicki and Maria Fenyes also volunteer to be candidates for the two slots. The two names will be drawn by lot within the next few days. In the future these two slots will probably be decided by election, but for the time being we have to have the slots filled immediately because the committee is scheduled to meet on the 18th of March.

 D. Concerning staff development, David Jones expresses the importance of a staff development plan that is thematic and in direct support of the college goals, and much in the same format as the Master Plan with its goals and objectives. Staff training in the use of the new Library/LRC would be an integral part of the staff development plan, but not the only important aspect of the plan. The plan would need to be much broader in scope than any one type of training. It is suggested that someone be hired to coordinate staff development with the above in mind.

 MSP (Jones, La Rosa - 19 Yes, 0 No, 2 Abs.) that the Vice President of Academic Affairs hire a staff development expert to develop a comprehensive staff development plan.

 9. New Business

 A. Gina La Monica presents a plan to recognize the outstanding teachers and students in the PACE program. The top 3 teachers identified from a student survey would be so honored in a PACE awards ceremony. Also 3 outstanding students would be identified via instructor survey and honored in the same PACE awards ceremony. The PACE ceremony will take place after the last PACE final examination.

 B. Dale Newman announces the Worksite Experience Summer Program to the membership.

 C. Regarding other business, Phil Pearson needs to do a mandated updated sexual harassment training before the semester ends. He would like feedback from the membership regarding ideas to make the training as productive as possible. Ideas about content, format, time, dates, etc. would be appreciated. Please contact Phil with any of your ideas.

 Ed Raskin announces that we will not receive our pay increase until mid-April, and the retroactive pay will probably be issued in late May or June. Also May 5th is Lobby Day in Sacramento. If you have legislative issues to be addressed, this is a good time to fly up to Sacramento with colleagues and lobby for them.

 There being no other business, MSP (unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

 Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi
Secretary of the Academic Senate