Thursday, April 6, 2000

Present: John Cantley, Chuck Dirks, Pat Flood, Joe Flores, Sherrill Frank, Maria Fenyes, David Jordan, John Klitsner, Paul Kubicki, Ralph LaRosa, Margie Long, Lorraine Manoogian, Doug McFerran, Leslie Milke, George Murcherson, Dale Newman, Mark Pracher, Vickie Oddino, John Orozco, Richard Rains, Yolanda Ramil, Ed Raskin, Mike Reynolds, Julie Ruelas, Gerald Scheib, Rick Scuderi, Janice Silver, Bob Smazenka, Jayne Thomas, Sandy Thomsen, June Wada, Debby Wong, Joyce Woodmansee, Alex Yguado

    The meeting was called to order by Leslie Milke, Senate President, at 1:40 p.m.
    M/S/P (McFerran, Ruelas) to approve the minutes of February 3, 2000.
    Faculty Scholarship (savings) $ 414.50
    Faculty Association (checking) $ 509.88
    Gallager Scholarship $1,000.00
    David Lee-Moss Scholarship $1,917.28
    Carla Bowman Scholarship $1,159.50 ($25,000 CD)

    It was M/S/P (Newman/Jordan) to accept the Treasurerís Report.
    Ed Raskin requested that department chairs call Dr. Castro and give him the names of their part-time faculty so administration can get the fall and summer schedule out in a timely and complete manner.

    Library: Julie Ruelas distributed a noticed motion from the Library Committee requesting that the Academic Senate formulate an ad hoc/working committee to solicit viewpoints from faculty, form policy, define the means through which students will attain information competency, and set criteria for assessment and evaluation. The motion will be voted on at the next meeting. She also stated that if anyone would like to respond to the motion within the next month, to get in touch with either her or John Cantley.

    Margie Long reported that graduation caps and gowns for faculty are available for free. To arrange for a cap and gown, contact Charlotte Saldick in the bookstore. Margie and Leslie encouraged faculty to participate in graduation.
    $2,500 from DAS. With the money from the DAS, it was M/S/P (Newman/Kubicki) to purchase two printer/Fax machines, one for the instructional area and one for the Senate office; and if there is any money left over, it would be available for a historical project. It was suggested that a Mission College yearbook for the year 2000 be created, which would help to preserve the institutional memory of the college. A pictorial "Wall of Fame" recognizing the original faculty was also suggested. Chuck Dirks volunteered to chair a committee to look into producing a historical project. Margie Long will ask the 25th Anniversary Committee if they will also contribute to it.
  1. Consultation with Administration. Leslie Milke said that she has had a couple of informal consultations with administration in the last several weeks. At the last Board of Trusteesí meeting, President Tom Oliver stated that Mission is starting up an athletic program again and that he has hired someone to begin it. Leslie expressed concern that this happened without any consultation. She stated that she has suggested administration not go further with this plan until the President calls a campus forum to inform the faculty about what he plans. Dale Newman suggested that this issue be brought up at the MPCC meeting on Monday.
  2. Partnership for Excellence, TTIP, VTEA, and other Funds: Leslie has requested a meeting with Academic Affairs and Shari Borchetta. She also mentioned that the Partnership for Excellence Committee that was formed last year will continue next year.
  3. Presidential Selection Process. Leslie Milke stated that the committee had finished the process of interviewing for the President and had sent four finalistsí names to the Board of Trustees. Julie Ruelas also reported that two public forums have been tentatively scheduled for April 24 and 25. Two candidates will be here each evening to meet the community. The forums will be run by the Sylmar League of Womenís Voters. They will have a panel that will take and screen questions for the candidates, and a couple of Board of Trustee members and the Chancellor will be at each forum. Faculty were encouraged to attend. Dale Newman thanked the people on the committee for their hard work.
  1. Election: Leslie Milke distributed a list of committees that need members. As she did last time, she will send out a form for people to indicate what committees they would like to serve on. She requested that faculty submit their committee requests to her within two weeks (by Monday, April 24). Sherrill Frank suggested that a nomination form be combined with an election form on the ballot to save time. It was M/S/P (Newman/Long) to refer the decision on how do the elections to the Senate Executive Board.
  2. Curriculum. Alex Yguado reported that the next District Curriculum meeting is April 7. Missionís Curriculum Committee has passed several new classes, new programs, and new certificates.
  3. Hiring. Alex Yguado reported that the committee is starting to prioritize the list. When the next Senate minutes are distributed, it will include the new priority list of ten recommended new positions.
  4. MPCC. Paul Kubicki stated that at the last meeting they did not have a quorum so they could not vote. Two issues that will be discussed at the next meeting are (1) the deletion of the Classified Hiring Committee and (2) the naming of the new Collaborative Studies Building. Dale reported that it has been suggested that the new Collaborative Studies Building be named after Guadalupe Ramirez. Discussion about this idea followed. By a show of hands, the majority of the members supported recognizing the Collaborative Studies Building after Guadalupe Ramirez. The MPCC will vote on this issue on Monday. Whether or not to do away with the Classified Hiring Committee was also briefly discussed. At Maria Fenyesí suggestion, Leslie Milke will invite someone from the Classified Hiring Committee to talk about this issue.
  5. Staff Development. David Jordan encouraged faculty to return the workshop survey that Debby Wong distributed. He also announced the following events: On April 7 Doug McFerran will conduct a conference on the Perils and Promises of Internet Journalism; on April 18 there will be a workshop on Multiple Intelligences; on May 4, prior to the Academic Senate meeting, there will be the final faculty forum on Ethics and Integrity on the College Campus. He also reminded faculty that on April 28 Southwest College will have its third annual Tech Expo.
  6. TMI (Technology Mediated Instruction). Doug McFerran reported that they have not met as David Jones has been out.
  7. User Group. Bob Smazenka reported that if faculty have any problems with their computers, to let one of the members of the User Group know and they will respond to it. The issue of some faculty still not having computers was discussed. Bob reminded the faculty that the User Group does not have the authority to make purchasing decisions; however, they have submitted a list to administration of faculty that still need computers and they are working with them to try to get these faculty computers as soon as possible.
  8. District Senate Report. Dale Newman highlighted key points on the attachments to the agenda for the Senate meeting. Margie Long and Dale will be going to the State Academic Senate Conference on April 13-15. Dale requested that if a faculty member has any input or an issue he/she would like to have addressed or an emergency resolution, to let her or Margie know. Leslie will put a copy of the resolutions in the Faculty Lounge.
  9. Accreditation. John Cantley stated that a survey will be distributed in one week and requested all members to complete and return it to him as soon as possible. Leslie Milke complimented John on the excellent work he is doing as Chair of Accreditation.
  1. Advanced Class Standing. Bob Smazenka stated that as soon as he receives the list of vocational classes that meet the criteria for advanced class standing, he will schedule a meeting with Dr. Castro.
  2. Ad Hoc Committee Report and Vote of No Confidence. Rick Scuderi distributed a handout of the original Noticed Motion and a summary of the evidence that had been received. By secret ballot the motion was voted on by the members. The motion failed. Leslie Milke acknowledged the committee for their efforts and especially for Rick Scuderiís leadership. Leslie also proposed that the Executive Committee draft a letter to administration reemphasizing the concerns and issues of the faculty.
  1. NEW BUSINESS Ė Curriculum Institute
    Dale Newman announced that there will be a Curriculum Institute in July.
  2. It was M/S/P (Long/Ruelas) to adjourn at 3:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Patricia T. Flood