Attendance: Rick Scuderi, Gwen Walker, Leslie Milke, Bob Smazenka, Margie Long, Sandi Lampert, Louie Zandalasini, David Jordan, Pat Flood, Vickie Oddino, John Orozco, Ralph LaRosa, Joe Flores, David Jones, Yolanda Ramil, Ed Raskin, Sonia Soto-Bair, Gerald Scheib, John Klitsner, Debby Wong, Jayne Thomas, Richard Rains, Mike Reynolds, John Cantley, Alex Yguado, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Sally Silvers

1. The meeting is called to order at 1:35pm by President Leslie Milke.

2. MSP (Long/Smazenka - unanimous) to approve the minutes of the November 4th, '99 meeting.

3. Treasurer's Report.

Faculty Scholarship (savings). . . . . $ 410.00

Faculty Association (checking). . . . .$ 592.00

Gallagher Scholarship. . . . . . . . . $ 0.00

David Lee-Moss Scholarship. . . . . . .$1,950.00

Carla Bowman Scholarship. . . . . . . .$ 431.46 ($25,000 CD)

4. Regarding public address, David Jones cautioned faculty to be careful to use standard English while inputting information into web sites.

5. President's Report.

A. There has not been much consultation with the administration. One main issue, however, is about advanced classes. Dr. Castro would like the Senate to delineate what constitutes advanced classes. Leslie proposes that 5 people form a committee to do this. Faculty would submit to this AS committee what they wish to be designated as an advanced class, and the committee would then review the recommendation and make its decision. An advanced class is given special consideration, such as not being canceled because of low enrollment, etc. Bob Smazenka states what a group of faculty considers an advanced class - namely, a college level prerequisite. A college level prerequisite is defined as an exit class for a subject area for the AA or AS degree. For example, English 28 would be considered a college level prerequisite. Any class requiring English 28 would be considered a college level class. The committee would meet twice a year or when needed. Bob Smazenka, David Jones, Marie Fenyes, Ralph LaRosa and Margie Long volunteer to be on the committee.

Another issue is the attempt to get our online classes uniform. This should be faculty driven with administration support. A committee needs to be formed involving administration, classified and faculty. A meeting will be held regarding this issue in the Academic Affairs Conference Room on December 13th.

John Cantley reviews the progress on Accreditation. Standards committees are meeting now. Three colleges - Valley, Pierce and Mission - are all being accredited at once. An all day workshop is scheduled soon to discuss procedures for preparation. The Accreditation office is in the Academic Senate office area. Important information is posted on the web site.

Regarding the Selection Committee, the brochure advertising the position is being put together. The hope is for February applications, then the review of applications and, hopefully, an April appointment.

Vangie Ruiz' husband passed away. Alice Lal is taking up donations.

MSP (Yguado/Long - unanimous) that the Senate donate $100.

6. Committee Reports.

A. Enrique Gonzalez is resigning as Curriculum chair. The new chairperson will begin at the start of the next semester. The election committee will keep you posted.

B. Sonia Soto-Bair reports that EPAC has looked at the recommendations of each discipline for candidates to be included into the district pool. All were accepted except for the Administration of Justice candidates. Give the name of the person representing your discipline to Leslie. Leslie thanks Sonia for representing our college so well on EPAC.

C. MPCC - no report.

D. Regarding the Hiring Committee, Alex reports that a memo has gone out to the faculty regarding the hiring list. A meeting will be held at the beginning of next semester in order to do the prioritizing. Alex talks about the grant involving 1st generation college transfer students. If these students are eligible, USC will guarantee them books, tuition, room and board. The student has to have a 3.0 GPA and all the transfer classes. A training session was held and a press release meeting to announce the grant was held.

E. Mike Reynolds reports that the Master Plan document will take more time to formulate. The document delineating the college's seven goals has been formulated, however. Accreditation and the Master Plan document are linked together, so progress on one helps progress on the other. The latest college Organizational Chart Mike could come up with is dated 1994 -'95. Mike's goal is to explain to the AS what the current organization of the college consists of, hopefully by January. Mike would like to link goals, retention rate, student success, strategies and college organization together within the Master Plan document. Leslie states that an updated college Organizational Chart is in the new Faculty Handbook. The next meeting of the Master Plan Committee is January 18th.

F. Leslie Milke announces the election of 2 new members of the AS Executive Board - namely, Pat Flood is the new AS Secretary and Alex Yguado as the Parliamentarian. Leslie thanks Rick Scuderi for his work as Secretary for the last 4 years.

G. DAS - no report.

H. User Group - no report.

I. Regarding the Conflict Resolution procedures, Rick Scuderi announced that a meeting between the administration, Academic Senate and Union will occur before the Christmas break to ensure that all three segments are on the same page regarding the procedures. Leslie announces that San Diego Mesa CC has instituted similar procedures and they have worked very well at that college. A brochure on this from San Diego Mesa CC will be reviewed.

J. Regarding Staff Development, David Jordan announces a Welcome Back luncheon from 12 to l: 30pm on January 11th. The "real Bozo the Clown" will be the guest speaker. He will speak on the importance of humor in the classroom as a tool for instruction. Please RSVP by December 16th. Two flex hours are given for the luncheon. Flex hours are due no later that January 9th, 2000. Leslie announces the Christmas luncheon

on December 9th sponsored by the classified and ASO.

7. New Business

Regarding crisis intervention, Rick Scuderi reports a serious event. A PACE instructor recently committed suicide, which left her PACE class stunned and without consolation. A crisis team composed of David Pardess, Debra Avarca, Rick Scuderi and Larry Resendez (a DSP&S hourly counselor) met with the class for a 2-hour period of consolation. The catharsis and sharing comments were most healing. Two cards were circulated to send to the instructor's daughter. Shari Borchetta attended for a time, as did several of the instructor's "alumni students". The substitute teacher attended and made poignant comments toward the end of the session. The students and staff all contributed to this helpful and healing event. Follow-up meetings were made available to the students.

8. Old Business

Leslie reports that there seems to be fewer students in the faculty lounge and there have been no more complaints. Night security seems to be better. The directory of hourly instructors is still pending as well as where to post it once we have it. Remember to get your flex hours in as early as possible. A discussion is held regarding using one form to report all or many flex hour events instead of having to use a separate form for each event.

faculty have a concern about the format of the Spring schedule. Some important information is obscured. Other problems are apparent also. John Cantley states that part of the problem is that there is no graphic artist on campus. Discussion continued on the importance of putting course syllabi on the web site so students can "shop around" and also compare the syllabi to the course description of record. Bob Smazenka also mentions a problem with scheduling final examinations. Leslie summarizes that the AS will suggest to Academic Affairs that a couple of faculty members sit on the class schedule committee to ensure accuracy and that the schedule is disseminated in a timely manner. Bob Smazenka also mentions a problem with scheduling final examinations.


There being no further business, MSP (Long/Walker - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate