Thursday, February 3, 2000

Present: John Cantley, Chuck Dirks, Pat Flood, Joe Flores, Leslie Foster, Sherrill Frank, Harlan Goldberg, David Jones, David Jordan, Joanne Kalter-Flink, John Klitsner, Paul Kubicki, Sandi Lampert, Ralph LaRosa, Margie Long, Lorraine Manoogian, Doug McFerran, Leslie Milke, John Morales, George Murcherson, Dale Newman, Vickie Oddino, President Tom Oliver, John Orozco, Ron Portillo, Richard Rains, Yolanda Ramil, Ed Raskin, Mike Reynolds, Susanne Ritcheson, Julie Ruelas, Gerald Scheib, Rick Scuderi, Geri Shapiro, Janice Silver, Sally Silvers, Bob Smazenka, Sonia Soto-Bair, Jayne Thomas, Sandy Thomsen, June Wada, Gwen Walker, Debby Wong, Joyce Woodmansee, Alex Yguado

    The meeting was called to order by Leslie Milke, Senate President, at 1:40 p.m.
    M/S/P (Scuderi/Long) to approve the minutes of December 2, 1999 with the following corrections: delete the last line of the second to last paragraph as it is repeated earlier in the paragraph, and capitalize the first word in the paragraph.
    Faculty Scholarship (savings) $ 410.00
    Faculty Association (checking) $ 580.00
    Gallager Scholarship $ 0.00
    David Lee-Moss Scholarship $1,938.00
    Carla Bowman Scholarship $ 721.00 ($25,000 CD)

    It was M/S/P to accept the Treasurer’s Report (Kubicki/Reynolds).
    It was M/S/P that the Academic Senate pay for the District Academic Senate luncheon which will be held at Mission College Thursday, February 10. (Yguado/ Soto-Bair).
    Ed Raskin stated that copies of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement have not yet been printed, however, the chairs and Ed have a copy. Ed distributed a flyer announcing that Dr. Gary Fuis, Geophysicist will speak on The L.A. Region Seismic Survey – A survey to identify major faults and seismic hazards on February 10, 2000 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Ed invited everyone to attend. He also announced that at the last Work Environment Committee meeting Debby Wong proposed some topics for a new faculty orientation, and he encouraged members to add any desired additional topics.

  6. GUEST
    Dr. Tom Oliver, Interim President of Mission College, addressed the membership. He reported that we registered 7,000 students last semester. He stated that Mission had just received a reallocation from the District of $1.3 million more than what it had last July, which will enable us to hire more faculty and more classified employees next year, and it will allow us to do some physical expansion. Based on the total revenue earned by Mission College for the District, the allocation for what we give back to the District changed from 20.1% to 17.5%. He added he had reported to the Board of Trustees that we hired five faculty in the fall, nine new classified employees, and we are planning on hiring four more new faculty next fall.

    A renovation project is planned to enclose the garden area between Academic Affairs and the Admissions Office, which will allow Admissions, EOP&S, and Financial Aid more room.

    He also reported that during the summer and fall the campus governance reviewed our mission statement and established seven goals for the campus. All have measurable objectives that will be evaluated each year as to whether or not they have been met so that there will be accountability.

    As a result of a conference he attended in San Diego concerning capital construction, Mission College is proposing to the State four projects: (1) A two-story Student Services Center building behind Admissions, EOP&S, Financial Aid, and Counseling where all the student services could be brought into one area. (2) A two-story Culinary Arts Training Center with a cafeteria, high tech classrooms, and a number of faculty offices. (3) A Multi-media Art Center by the Library Resource Center including a digital art gallery. (4) A two-story Child Care Center.

    Dr. Oliver also met with Zev Yaroslavsky. Several shared projects were discussed and are being considered: a community college fitness center with a gymnasium and classrooms; a four-story parking structure; soccer fields by the river bed area for community and college use. These ideas have also been presented to the Community Coalition and the Board of Trustees.

    Dr. Oliver was questioned about how Mission’s enrollments this spring compare to last spring. He stated that we are up by about 15 students and even though we are a little down in WSCH, we are also doing some short-term classes and some high school afternoon classes that have not yet been counted.

a. Consultation with Administration

At the last meeting that Leslie Milke and Gwen Walker had with Dr. Oliver and Dr. Castro, several issues were discussed: (1) Partnership for Excellence Funds. There has been $100,000 allotted for some new programs, and Leslie reminded those who requested these funds that the money needs to be spent before it is lost. (2) Cancellation of classes. Dr. Castro agreed to meet with campus constituents and work out a consistent process to be followed to reduce frustrations and give faculty an opportunity to talk with administration about their classes. Ed Raskin will also help with the process. (3) Hiring. Four new faculty will be hired for the fall and more will be requested. (4) Better communication between faculty and administration. Faculty and administration need a forum where they can ask questions and get information directly. Ron Portilla suggested someone take notes at these meetings. Sherrill Frank suggested that the times of the meetings should be rotated, and it was also suggested that the sessions be video taped. To reduce the dissemination of conflicting information, it was felt that all four administrators should attend.

  1. The 25th Anniversary Luncheon. The luncheon will be Thursday, February 10 at 12:00 on campus. Tickets cost $20 and anniversary pins cost $5.
  2. Board of Trustees Meeting. The Board met with college and community representatives on Wednesday, February 2.
  3. DAS Meeting. The District Academic Senate will meet at Mission College on Thursday, February 10, at 1:00. The hiring policy is one of the issues that will be discussed.
  4. $2,500 from DAS. Leslie announced that each year the District Academic Senate gives each local Senate $2,500. She requested suggestions for how it could be best utilized. She also mentioned two portable overhead projectors that were purchased with DAS funds a couple of years ago are missing, and she requested they be returned.
  1. Curriculum. Leslie announced that Alex Yguado is the new Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Alex did not have anything to report. It was M/S/P that a letter be written reaffirming the fact that the Curriculum Committee is a Senate subcommittee, and the only people allowed to vote are the members of the Senate subcommittee faculty members (Kubicki/Orozco).
  2. MPCC. Paul Kubicki did not have anything to report since the committee has not yet met this semester, which he feels is a concern since the MPCC is the policy advisory committee to administration.
  3. Master Planning. Mike reported that Dr. Oliver is working on updating the master draft of the organization of the college. Mike also stated that he asked Benny Scott and Dr. Castro to give him a three- to five-page report about their academic and transfer plans. Ed Raskin will do a plan for continuing education; Sherry Borchetta, Budget; and Dr. Oliver, facilities.
    It was M/S/P to move the agenda to item No. 9 – New Business: Notice Motion to vote no confidence in the President of Los Angeles Mission College and the Vice President of Academic Affairs (Frank/Yguado). Alex Yguado stated that this is a notice motion that will be voted on at the next Senate meeting in March. Leslie reported that the Executive Board of the Senate received several concerns and requests from faculty about the present administration. Discussion of the concerns followed. After 15 minutes, it was M/S/P to extend the discussion for another 15 minutes (Newman/Kubicki). The need for documented evidence of the stated problems was stressed. It was suggested that the Senate set up an ad hoc committee including the Executive Board of the Senate to get facts and to verify and validate the charges. Leslie Milke asked for some volunteers to serve on the committee. Joe Flores volunteered. Leslie requested that anyone else who is interested in serving on the committee call her. Alex asked that anyone who has information which would support the charges forward it to the Academic Senate President, and she will check to be sure it is legal.
  2. David Jordan distributed a flyer about upcoming faculty and classified forums and encouraged people to attend.
  3. It was M/S/P to adjourn at 3:00 p.m. (Yguado/Portillo).

Respectfully submitted,



Patricia T. Flood