Thursday, March 2, 2000

Present: John Cantley, Pat Flood, Joe Flores, Leslie Foster, Sherrill Frank, Maria Fenyes, David Jones, David Jordan, John Klitsner, Paul Kubicki, Ralph LaRosa, Margie Long, Lorraine Manoogian, Doug McFerran, Leslie Milke, John Morales, George Murcherson, Dale Newman, Mark Proctor, John Quevedo,Vickie Oddino, John Orozco, Ron Portillo, Richard Rains, Yolanda Ramil, Ed Raskin, Mike Reynolds, Susanne Ritcheson, Julie Ruelas, Gerald Scheib, Rick Scuderi, Janice Silver, Bob Smazenka, Sonia Soto-Bair, Sandy Thomsen, June Wada, Debby Wong, Joyce Woodmansee, Alex Yguado, Louis Zandalasini

    The meeting was called to order by Leslie Milke, Senate President, at 1:35 p.m.
    M/S/P (Long/Kubicki) to approve the minutes of February 3, 2000.
    Faculty Scholarship (savings) $ 412.50
    Faculty Association (checking) $ 521.88
    Gallager Scholarship $ 0.00
    David Lee-Moss Scholarship $1,929.00
    Carla Bowman Scholarship $ 790.00 ($25,000 CD)

    It was M/S/P (Newman/Kubicki) to accept the Treasurerís Report.
    Janice Silver stated that the scholarship committee still has not received the scholarship application forms for some of the scholarships, and as a result, they are considering extending the deadline. The cut-off date was scheduled for March 11. Leslie Milke commented that the Senate will send out a memo stating that we are concerned about it.

    Margie Long requested nominations for Grand Marshal and two faculty marshals for the commencement exercises on May 18. The committee would also like to have six faculty members to be greeters. Four themes are being considered: (1) Profiles in Courage, (2) Strength in Unity, (3) Power in Diversity, and (4) Knowledge is Power. She stated that the committee would like the Senateís opinion on what the overarching theme should be. She stated that the students have a preference for Knowledge is Power. Margie also stated that a marquee is needed for the front of the school to announce campus events and to let the community know what is happening on campus. The next commencement meeting will be in two weeks. Leslie Milke stated that she will send out a memo asking for nominations for the Grand Marshal and the two faculty members. Leslie also encouraged all faculty members to attend commencement.

    AFT: Ed Raskin reported that he has been getting requests for the contract. The department chairs have a copy; however, several items are still being negotiated.
  1. $2,500 from DAS. Leslie stated that several ideas are being considered: purchasing a couple of printer/Fax machines for the faculty area or one for the faculty area and one for the Senate office. Another idea is a smaller copier. Please let Leslie know if you have any other suggestions. She mentioned that the Senate still has some copier paper left, and she encouraged faculty to come by the Senate Office to get some copy paper. The Senate Office is open Monday and Wednesday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. She also commented that the two portable overhead projectors that were purchased with DAS funds a couple of years ago still have not been found; she requested that if anyone knows where they are to let her know.
  2. Consultation with Administration. Leslie Milke reported that since the last Senate meeting on February 3, there has not been any specific consultation with administration. She also reported that the first Brown Bag Luncheon was held on Tuesday, February 29. Luncheon meetings will continue to be held on the last Tuesday of every month and different times of the day will be tried. Leslie commented that she thought the first luncheon was worthwhile, and Pat Flood reaffirmed that the luncheon was helpful and added that informal notes she had taken during the luncheon could be found on the Internet under Staff Development/El Timbre.
    Faculty Copy Machine: Leslie reported that there have been some problems with the copy machine breaking down. She also encouraged faculty to use reprographics for major copying tasks rather than using the one in the faculty area. David Jordan also reminded the members that it costs two cents a copy less to use reprographics than to use the copier in the faculty office area.
  1. Curriculum. Alex Yguado reported that the next District Curriculum meeting is April 7. One of the things being discussed is what is the role of the Curriculum Committee. Alex also reaffirmed that since the Curriculum Committee is a subcommittee of the Senate, only faculty from the Senate are allowed to vote. Leslie added that there is a Curriculum Handbook that has to be changed and updated to reflect this.
  2. Hiring. Alex Yguado reported that the committee is getting ready to prioritize all the requests for new faculty. Seven requests have been made so far. He will have the results of the list of new hires for the next Senate meeting in priority order. Two positions from the old list have been requested to remain on the list, and they will also be included in the priority listing.

  4. MPCC. Paul Kubicki stated that he was not able to attend the last meeting because the agenda was sent out too late. Dale said there was nothing concrete to report.
  5. Staff Development. David Jordan reported that on March 9 Staff Development will have its second faculty and classified forum and Sandi Lampert will host it. It is entitled Lessons in Living. She will be showing a video called Tuesdays with Morrie. Lunch will be served at the same time. He also announced three new committee members: Pat Flood, Debbie Wong, and John Quevedo. The next forum will be on Great Ideas for Teaching and will be scheduled in April. Staff Development is also starting a new feature on El Timbre called the Book Loversí List, and David encouraged faculty to provide them with any good books they are currently reading. Additionally, he mentioned that conference requests funds usually take at least a couple of weeks to be processed. Ed Raskin reminded members that if they write on the Conference Request form "Pay in Advance," at the top and talk to Vera, there is a way faculty can get a partial payment in advance.
  6. TMI (Technology Mediated Instruction). David Jones reported that administration did want to make a commitment to on-line education and distance education and technology. The TMI committee is addressing two points of concern: (1) Accessing the campus Web site. It was M/S/P (Milke/Kubicki) to approve the proposal by the Committee that the T1 line to C4NET that provides Internet access for the academic network be routed directly to the LC/Library without connection to Cisco Pix Firewall. (2) Maximizing and easing the enrollment process. It was M/S/P (Milke/Newman) to approve the proposal by the Committee that both Web-based and telephonic enrollment remain open until classes are full, minus five. At the last meeting the need to improve video conferencing was also discussed. David stated that a simple form will be distributed to faculty asking what they would like to do in their classrooms regarding technology. When the results are obtained, the requests will be taken to Master Planning and Program Evaluation.
  7. User Group. Bob Smazenka reported that we are going to get a new, improved
    e-mail system. It will be phased in over the fall semester. This new system will enable us to have distribution lists categorized by class and section number for all our students. Bob will be sending out a memo to everyone about how to log on, what your password is, what your user ID is, etc. We will have access to it from any Web server. He also reported that John Beck and the group have been working to get a solid procedure for requesting and installing applications and data from the server. Bob stated that he gave Shari Borchetta a list of faculty that do not have computers.
  8. Advanced Class Standing. Bob Smazenka reported that any class that has a requirement of a college-level prerequisite would be considered an advanced class. After some discussion, Leslie Milke requested the committee to further define what an advanced class is. Alex Yguado stated that vocational education areas should also participate to determine what is an advanced class. Leslie requested that anyone in the vocational area who would like to be on the

    committee contact Bob Smazenka. Alex also requested that people be notified by e-mail of the scheduled committee meetings.

It was M/S/P to move the agenda to New Business (Yguado/Kubicki).

  1. NEW BUSINESS Ė DAS Action Items
    Dale Newman reported that the DAS is a partial sponsor of Tech Expo 2000, which will be held at Southwest College on Friday, April 28. Flyers were distributed. Doug McFerran will be presenting a workshop. Dale requested that anyone else interested in presenting a workshop let her know. Dale brought to our attention a number of documents attached to the agenda. One was Approval of Instructional Television Course, E-90. She requested that if anyone has any comments or additions, to let her know. She also stated that the Board rule that deals with distance education will be coming up for a vote next Thursday at Pierce College at 1:00. She requested that members get input to District Senators so the Senators will know how to vote. The District Academic Senators are Margie Long, Sonia Soto-Bair, and Dale Newman. She also stated that the last two attached pages are a draft of the evaluations of the equivalencies, which will be voted on at the next District Senate meeting. In addition, she reminded us that Project Match is coming up and if anyone would like to be involved, or if we know of anyone that would be a good Project Match teacher, to let her know. Flyers will be coming out about it in the next week or two.
    Ad Hoc Committee Report and Vote of No Confidence
    . Rick Scuderi reported that after the last Senate meeting an ad hoc committee was formed for the purpose of separating credible evidence from innuendo, rumor, hearsay, etc. At present there are six committee members. Paul Kubicki stated that the committee has been struggling with process and hasnít concluded much so far. Leslie stated that a letter will need to go out to explain the process to the entire faculty. Bob Smazenka stated that they have had six committee meetings so far. It was M/S/P (Kubicki/Yguado) to withdraw the existing noticed motion that was presented at the last Senate meeting. Alex stated that at the next meeting we will have in writing the new noticed motion, which will be divided between the President and the Vice President with the same charges.
  3. It was M/S/P (Yguado/Long) to adjourn at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Patricia T. Flood