Thursday, May 4, 2000

Present: John Cantley, Pat Flood, Leslie Foster, David Jordan, JoAnne Kalter-Flink, John Klitsner, Paul Kubicki, Ralph LaRosa, Margie Long, Doug McFerran, Dale Newman, Mark Pracher, Vickie Oddino, John Orozco, John Quevedo, Richard Rains, Yolanda Ramil, Susanne Ritcheson, Julie Ruelas, Rick Scuderi, Janice Silver, Sonia Soto-Bair, Sandy Thomsen, June Wada, Gwen Walker, Debby Wong, Alex Yguado, Louie Zandalasini

    The meeting was called to order by Gwen Walker, Senate Vice President, at 1:40 p.m.
    M/S/P (Kubicki, Soto-Bair) to approve the minutes of April 6, 2000.
    Faculty Scholarship (savings) $ 416.50
    Faculty Association (checking) $ 236.06
    Gallager Scholarship $1,000.00
    David Lee-Moss Scholarship $1,912.28
    Carla Bowman Scholarship $1,284.00 ($25,000 CD)

    It was M/S/P (Kubicki/Scuderi) to accept the Treasurerís Report.
    Mark Pracher announced that he has a federal grant for the purpose of helping faculty create course materials to be used on the Web. He has people that will help design materials and help with technical aspects. He still has about $32,000 available. He also distributed a student questionnaire, which is being used for program evaluation. A total of 557 in-class students filled it out, and their responses were listed on the sample questionnaire distributed.

    Rick Scuderi asked for contributions to help pay for a disabled student motherís funeral. In October, the student had been a victim of a hit-and-run car. He is an only child who lived with his mother until two weeks ago when his mother passed away, and he has no money to pay for his motherís funeral. Contributions can be brought to Rickís office in the Instructional Building. Checks can be made out to Steve Morales.

    Paul Kubicki distributed a handout stating that in November 1999, $25,000 from the 1999-2000 Block Grant Funds was set aside specifically to purchase and install a 30-inch monitor in each room in the Instructional Building. The monitor will be connected to the Internet as well as the intra-campus video system. All the wiring is in place to use the monitors and has been upgraded; however, we are not using it. Paul stated it may be that some network distribution equipment needs to be upgraded to handle the additional load. Money for the upgrade is now available and has been available for the last two years through TTIP funds. He recommended that the Senate appoint someone to follow through on this. He stated that basically all that is needed is to write the bid request to get the equipment installed. Alex Yguado suggested that this be brought up under new business for action.
  5. Guest: Carlos Nava, Vice President, Student Services. Tabled.
  1. Graduation Update. Margie Long reported that Carlos Nava suggested that the Academic Senate officers lead the faculty in the commencement procession. Gwen Walker will be the Grand Marshal, Pat Flood and Alex Yguado will be Marshals, and Dale Newman will be a greeter. After graduation there will be a get together sponsored by Staff Development.
  2. Consultation with Administration. Gwen Walker tabled this as there were no meetings.
  3. Conference Attendance Money. Gwen Walker announced that there is $2,500 of conference attendance money left in Senate funds. Faculty can request funds for conferences (including conferences in the summer) even if they have already received some money.
  1. Accreditation. John Cantley reported that accreditation is going well. John stated that he thinks they will have a draft written and ready for approval by the Steering Committee in August.
  2. AFT: Tabled
  3. Curriculum. Alex Yguado reported that at the District Curriculum Committee there are two new proposals from the Chancellorís office, E64 and E65, which deal with the issuance of districtwide names and making the numbering system uniform. In addition they are recommending that all campus Curriculum Committees develop a technical subcommittee to see how the proposed classes integrate with programs and the catalog. They also want to put all course outlines on the Web.
  4. District Academic Senate. Sonia Soto-Bair distributed a handout from the DAS meeting on April 27 and brought to our attention several options for discussion and consideration regarding the DAS constitution and organization. Dale Newman added that the DAS will tentatively vote on May 11 on several of the options. Also, at the May 11 meeting the DAS will be voting on Board Rule 6701, which applies to repetition of a course for a substandard grade. The DAS also donated money for a scholarship for Helen Kron, the Academic Senate President at Pierce who recently passed away. Dale reported that at the District Budget Committee they were having trouble with regional representatives attending. Consequently, a motion was passed stating that the Senate President may replace a member of that committee if that person doesnít attend. Gwen congratulated Dale on being elected the Area C Representative (Greater Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas) to the State Academic Senate.
  5. Election Committee: Tabled
  6. MPCC. Paul Kubicki reported that at the last meeting on April 10 Shari Borchetta presented information about the budget. Paul stated that they probably have about a $400,000 to $600,000 to carry over for next year, and over $2 million will be set aside for a parking lot. Regarding student programs and student success, Paul added that Carlos Nava stated they are working on enrollment strategies and developing a student handbook. This Monday they will be voting on three items: (1) the initial projects proposals for buildings on campus including the two-story Student Services Annex, the Culinary Arts Educational Facility, and the Multi-Media Center, and the Child Development Educational Facility; (2) renaming the Collaborative Studies Building after Guadalupe Ramirez; (3) the motion before the committee to sunset the Classified Hiring Personnel Committee as a standing committee of the Presidentís Coordinating Council to more accurately reflect organizational rules and regulations of the college. It was M/S/P to support the classified by voting for continuance of the personnel committee (Kubicki/Long).
  7. Master Planning: Tabled
  8. Staff Development. David Jordan announced that the fourth Classified and Faculty Forum was held on May 4 on Ethics and Integrity on the College Campus. The next one will be on Tuesday, May 9 on Online Education. He also stated that Staff Development will have an all-day retreat on June 16 to plan the events for the up-coming year, especially the opening flex day on August 21.
  9. TMI (Technology Mediated Instruction). Doug McFerran reported that they are attempting to put together a technology plan for the next two years.
  10. User Group. David Jordan reported that by the end of next semester our e-mail will be converted from Lotus to Microsoft Outlook. Alex Yguado asked if by August or September of this coming year if they would have computers on all the facultyís desks. David stated that they are doing their best to keep the administration focused on getting this done. It was M/S/P that the president of the Senate be asked to determine the number of faculty that do not have computers and then compose a letter to administration stating that these faculty need computers on their desk as soon as possible (Newman/Jordan).
  1. Information Competency Task Force Noticed Motion. Julie Ruelas moved that the Academic Senate formulate an ad hoc/working committee to solicit viewpoints from faculty, form policy, define the means through which students will attain information competency, and set criteria for assessment and evaluation. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Advanced Class Standing. Alex Yguado reported that a letter was sent to the Vice President of Academic Affairs listing the classes that were advanced classes. Alex reviewed that an advanced class is any class that has two prerequisites and/or a general education requirement needed before one enrolls in the second class.
  1. Academic Senate Journal/Newsletter; State Academic Senate Plenary Session. Margie Long reported on the developments at the State Academic Senate meeting a few weeks ago. Information that she obtained will be made available to faculty in the Faculty Lounge in the Instructional Building. It was M/S/P that the Academic Senate take on the responsibility of notifying faculty of current and any newsworthy events at least twice a month and as needed (Long/Soto-Bair).
  2. Scheduling. It was M/S/P that the Academic Senate form an ad hoc committee to address the issues of the scheduling and come up with appropriate solutions. (Newman/Kubicki). Paul Kubicki, Margie Long, Dale Newman, David Jordan, and Julie Ruelas volunteered to be on the committee.
  3. Continued discussion of installation of monitors in classrooms. (See public address). It was M/S/P that the Senate ask the Senate President to appoint an individual to see that the bid requests be written to get the necessary equipment installed so that the monitors can be used in the classrooms in the Instructional Building (Kubicki/Long).
  4. Announcements: Gwen Walker announced that the Chicano Music Awards will be held May 20 at 6:00 p.m. If you would like tickets, contact Daniel Castro. Dale Newman announced that she and Margie have information about the Great Teachersí Seminar. If you are interested, contact her or Margie. David Jordan announced that you can now download all your class rosters from the Internet into a Word document or an Excel document.
  1. It was M/S/P (Newman/Long) to adjourn at 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,



Patricia T. Flood