Attendance: Rick Scuderi, Leslie Milke, David Jordan, Margie Long June Wada, Janice Silver, Sandi Lampert, Paul Kubicki, Ralph LaRosa, John Orozco, Vickie Oddino, Yolanda Ramil, George Scheib, George Mucherson, Suzanne Ritcherson, Julie Ruelas, Pat Flood, Ed Raskin, Jayne Thomas, Louie Zandalasini, Ed Casson, Debby Wong, John Klitsner, Gwen Walker, Alex Yguado, Joanne Kalter-Flink

1. The meeting is called to order at 1:35pm by President Leslie Milke.

2. MSP (Long/LaRosa - unanimous) to approve the minutes of the November 4th, '99 with the correction to the 3rd line of 5A (President's Report) being ". . .Spring, 2000. . ." instead of ". . .Fall, 2000. . ." and the deletion of the last phrase of 6C (Committee Reports) ". . .and everyone was putting their best foot forward so to speak. . ."

3. Treasurer's Report.

Faculty Scholarship (savings). . . . . .$ 400.00

Faculty Association (checking) . . . . .$ 582.00

Gallagher Scholarship. . . . . . . . . .$ 0.00

David Lee-Moss Scholarship. . . . . . . $1,950.00

Carla Bowman Scholarship. . . . . . . . $ 327.70 ($25,000 CD)

4. Regarding Public Address, Gerald Scheib passed around photographs of a recent multicultural event on campus. Paul Kubicki announced a particular phase of the contract negotiations that is attempting to combine salary and benefits into a single negotiation. Salary increases in the following 2 years would then be tied to increases in WSCH district wide. Paul thinks it all a terrible idea, especially the tying of benefits with salary and he wants to make us all aware of this. Ed Raskin and Paul are circulating a petition regarding this in the campus faculty areas.

5. President's Report

A. Consultation with Dr. Oliver and Dr. Castro emphasized the hiring of Math, Art, ESL and English instructors. We have been promised 4 long-term subs in the Spring with the intent to hire full-time in the Fall. The heart of the matter is with budget, so please plan to attend the Budget Committee meeting on November 9th, at 1:30pm, Room 4.

Regarding Campus Development, efforts are being made to expand the space for EOPS, Financial Aide and Counseling. The plan is to move some of EOPS and Financial Aide into the space where Geri Shapiro and Sonia Soto-Bair are presently. Geri will move to the Center for Student Success area and Sonia will temporarily, with the approval of the AS membership, move into the AS office area. When the office in the Academic Affairs area now occupied by LAUSD is vacated, Sonia will then move into that office. The present plan for LAUSD is to combine their space with the space used for Julie Ruelas' program.

By consensus the AS membership approves Sonia Soto-Bair's moving into the center conference room office for 2 to 6 weeks until Sonia is able to permanently move into the Academic Affairs office area. However, it should be put in writing that the Academic Affairs area, or another area, should be available for Sonia within 2 to 6 weeks.


B. Accreditation Facilitator. Margie Long has resigned as Accreditation Facilitator after spending enormous effort in beginning the work without release time. John Cantley is taking the position now and .4 release time is being granted. A student worker is helping John with his effort. The faculty needs to take the lead in this effort so our voice is officially heard and documented.

C. Paul Kubicki reports that the Chancellor has reduced the size of the Presidential Selection Committee from 18 people to 12. Now the majority of the committee is from LAMC. The committee is electing its own chairperson and will pick the search team and set the criteria. The next meeting will be November 9th. We are hoping that interviews will be done by March.

6. Committee Reports

A. Curriculum. No report.

B. Leslie reports that the last EPAC meeting was canceled.

C. Paul Kubicki reports that the MPCC has approved goals and student equity is now being called student success. Shari Borchetta reported that our present campus budget is now in a deficit, but Paul doubts that this is the case.

D. Hiring Committee. Alex Yguado reports that deadlines for submitting hiring recommendations for new staff ended on October 28th. Prioritization is now taking place. Four positions were recommended for the Spring, and 4 positions for the Fall. Paul states his concern about the disproportionate match between full-time and part-time faculty, there being way too many part-timers. Alex states that Daniel Castro has agreed to go to the President and demand the hiring of the next 4 full-time faculty on the prioritization list.

E. Jan Silver reports on Master Planning. The Mission Statement and 7 goals were discussed. The 7 goals were divided among the committee in order to work on strategies.

F. Election Committee. Leslie reports that the membership will be getting information on the up-coming elections in their mailboxes sometime next week. The election will be at the end of this month. The executive offices are open for election as well as the senators.

G. Leslie reports that the curriculum process has been approved by the DAS and it is going to be streamlined. A group is still working on a different structure of the Academic Senate. Some people think that because the whole district is decentralizing, that we should decentralize the DAS also. The big schools seem to be in favor of it, while the smaller ones (LAMC included) seem to be opposed because they would be at a disadvantage due to smaller resources. The calendar was brought up as well. LAMC seems to be ahead of the field on this issue. Next DAS meeting is next Thursday at Southwest College.

H. User Group. David Jordan reports that Richard Rain's physics group is finally connected to the internet. Chuck Dirks is the first to receive a lab-top in order to see how effective it will be to issue faculty lab-tops. HelpStar seems to be working pretty well. Any problems should be forwarded to David, Bob or Richard.

I. Conflict Resolution. Rick Scuderi reports that final procedures have been created and distributed to the faculty. Rick reviews the overall concept briefly with the membership. The scope of the procedures being limited to academic matters are emphasized along with the non-mandatory nature of the resulting suggestions. The Collegial Facilitation Committee will form when necessary to help resolve academic and practical issues between disciplines and departments before those issues are brought to the administration for resolution. If the membership approves the procedures, the next step will be a meeting with the administration for their cooperation in not by-passing the Collegial Facilitation Committee procedure in academic and practical matters between disciplines and their respective departments.

MSP (kubicki/Orozco - unanimous) that the membership approves the Conflict Resolution procedures.

J. Staff Development. David reports that on November 6th CSUN will hold a conference on the best practices on using web pages in the classroom. Richard Rains will be one of the presenters. David will also be presenting. Sandi Lampert is the new Flex Coordinator. Some flex activities will be online. So far there has been 7 editions of El Timbre. Mark Pracher received a Title III grant for approximately $1.5 million ($350,000 per year, starting this year). From this grant money online material will be created for IGETC classes.

7. New Business

A. Leslie brings up the issue that there have been complaints by faculty of student workers eating in the faculty lounge. Some faculty are hesitant to discuss certain issues in front of them and feel that their privacy is being invaded. This is the only space we have to talk to each other. This probably should go to the Work Environment Committee. Regarding night security, the faculty offices doors are supposed to be locked, but students have been seen roaming around and a couple of incidences have been reported. Some things have been stolen. John Orozco reports on increasing lack of discipline among students and the need to report this when it occurs. Leslie also reports that there is a problem finding hourly instructors. There needs to be a centralized area where the hourly instructors' office hours are posted and where they can be located. Extension numbers should also be made readily available.

B. Alex reports that we have received a $750,000 grant for 2 years that is similar to a Trio Grant. College of the Canyons, Antelope Valley and Mission College are selected as sources of students to graduate to 4-year universities. Buck Mckeon's office, called Yguado several months ago and as a result Mission College was added to the list. Buck Mckeon is the Congressional Representative of the Santa Clarita and Antelope Valley areas. More specific information will be forthcoming soon. Leslie goes on record to commend Alex for his effort.

Old Business

A. Academic Calendar. Paul reports that by a 4 to 3 vote the Academic Calendar Committee voted to accept the current calendar, and on a department by department basis, each department may chose to add short-term classes if they so wish. In a recent survey, 37 out of 55 faculty agreed with the above plan. The rest of the survey results were scattered.

B. Vickie Oddino reports on the Diabetes Walk. It is one week from next Sunday. If you can't participate, any donation will be appreciated.

C. Leslie reports that the summer school schedule will be two 6-week sessions, back to back, with an overlapping 9-week session.

Finally, Leslie introduces June Wada, the new Child Development Instructor. The AS membership welcomes her.


There being no further business, MSP (Long/Kubicki - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:10pm

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate

Special note from the out-going AS Secretary. Take heart.

Remember, "Counterfeiters only exist because there is

true gold" - Rumi