Attendance: Ralph LaRosa, John Orozco, Paul Kubicki, Sandi Lampert, David Jordan, Janice Silver, Vickie Oddino, Robert Smazenka, Robert Rauiz, Lorraine Manoogian, Sonia Soto-Bair, Gerald Scheib, Yolanda Ramil, Mike Reynolds, George Mucherson, Paul R. Doose, Debby Wong, David Garza, Julie Ruelas, Pat Flood, Margie Long, Suzanne Ritcheson, Jayne Thomas, Dale Newman, Rudy DeLaTorre, Gwen Walker, Leslie Milke, Alex R. Yguado


1. The meeting is called to order at 1:35pm by President Leslie Milke.

2. MSP (Soto-Bair/Newman - unanimous) to approve the minutes of the 9/2/99 meeting.

3. Treasurer's report.

Faculty Scholarship (savings) . . . . . . .. .$ 360.00

Faculty Association (checking) . . . . . . .$ 542.00

Gallagher Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . .....$ 0.00

David Lee-Moss Scholarship . . . . . . .. . $ 1,950.00

Carla Bowman Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . $ 218.70

($25,000.00 CD)

4. Public address. Vickie Oddino announces a Juvenile Diabetes Walk on November 14th at Griffith Park. Juvenile diabetes is a very serious disease, especially type 1 when the patient must take insulin. George Mucherson introduces Paul Doose who represents the FACCC and is also on our part-time LAMC faculty. Paul speaks about FACCC to the AS membership. Sandi Lampert announces a conference on elder care on October 25th, from 10am to 12 noon. Flex credit is available. John Orozco thanks Marc Pursley for accepting the faculty advisory position for the Honor Society. Leslie Milke introduces Debbie Wong, the new math instructor.

5. President's Report

A. Consultation with Dr. Castro is continuing, especially about the "college hour", Tuesday from 12:30pm to 1:30pm starting in Fall, 99. Two 6 week summer sessions were discussed, one starting the Monday after graduation and the other starting in early July with no overlap between sessions. Some discussion about this occurs among the AS membership.

MSP (Newman/Kubicki - unanimous) that there be 2 six week non- overlapping summer sessions with an overlapping 9 week session in between.

Problems need to be resolved regarding the hiring list. Leslie suggests reprioritizing the hiring list. Dr. Oliver wants to get a replacement for Math and a replacement for Art. He wants them to be long term substitutes starting in the spring however. The new ESL hire he also wants as a long-term sub for the spring. English is next on the list. The Hiring Committee needs to meet ASAP on these matters.

B. Regarding Senate release time, there is a full-time release time of 1.0. However, some AS faculty are not on a 15-hour week as instructors are (e.g. faculty assigned to variable hours). The administration has been giving these AS faculty their release time based on the 15-hour instructor assignment even though their personal assignment is 35 hpw. By consensus the AS membership approve a full release time for the Academic Senate regardless of what schedule a particular faculty member is on.

C. By consensus, the AS membership approve Richard Rains and Leslie Milke to be on the Presidential Selection Committee.

D. Regarding Partnership for Excellence funds, LAMC got $750,000. The Executive Board met with the administration about these funds. The monies are earmarked by the State for retention, transfer, workforce development and basic skills. Of that $750,000 most was spent on new hires. The Academic Senate was given $100,000 of the money to spend and a memo was sent to the faculty for proposals. A committee composed of Dale, Leslie, Gwen, Sonia and a student formed the Partnership for Excellence Committee to review the proposals. The proposals approved by the committee are distributed to the membership. Some discussion occurs. By consensus the AS membership approves the proposals.

6. Committee Reports

A. Curriculum - no report.

B. Regarding EPAC, Sonia reports briefly on a meeting held at the District office. The equivalency process has been streamlined and this has helped considerably. All recommended equivalencies have been approved.

C. Paul Kubicki reports that not much got done at the recent MPCC meeting because the chancellor was there and everyone was "putting his or her best foot forward" so to speak.

D. Regarding Campus Development, Dale Newman reports the usual delays in opening the health trailer. Also, a new large portable building is being planned to be situated adjacent to the Counseling, Financial Aide and EOPS offices on the lawn facing Eldridge Avenue. This building will provide much needed space relief for these offices. A stucco finish to the building will help with the appearance.

E. Alex reports that notices were placed in the mail regarding hiring lists and requests for new positions. Once again, the Hiring Committee will be meeting ASAP to discuss these lists.

F. Mike Reynolds reports on Master Planning and mentions college goals. The committee has finalized the goals with a great deal of thought and effort. A handout is distributed to the membership. Leslie states that she is "tweeked out and cannot take another minute of further tweaking". However, she urges the membership to disregard her mental health and feel free to vote and make comments as they wish.

MSP (Kubicki/Long - unanimous) that the Academic Senate approve the LAMC goals as finalized by the Master Planning Committee.

G. Leslie Milke announces mid-November elections for the Executive Board and other positions. Information will be in faculty mailboxes soon.

H. Dale Newman reports on DAs. An issue regarding additional class repetitions is brought before the membership and a handout distributed. Discussion and clarification occurs. The DAs Summit meeting was held and was a big success. Many productive and informative workshops were held. One main theme was that the more you know (Title V, budget, Partnership for Excellence, etc.) the more you will know about what you are entitled to. Acceptance of State minimum quals as our District minimum quals is encouraged in order to clear up a backlog. Desired skills can still be part of the plan. Leslie states her preference for simply accepting the State quals for efficiency's sake. Dale also announces that the DAS will meet at LAMC in February. We also need to be thinking about how to spend the $2500 from the DAS. Our AS office looks excellent. Perhaps we could spend some of the monies on further improvements. The AS phone extension is 7765.

I. Bob Smazenka reports on the User Group. A new "fire wall" is improving the service on the campus. A lot of forms are now on the web site - www.lamission/css/documentation. Faculty computers are a high priority for the administration. Leslie emphasizes that the faculty should go to the User Group first when problems need to be solved. The User Group is Richard Rains, David Jordan and Bob Smazenka. They meet regularly with the campus administration, so there is a real "buy in" with the administrative staff.

J. Regarding Staff Development, David talks about the Weekly Journal and encourages the faculty to read it for the latest news. Also, the last day for Flex credit is February 1st, 2000.

K. Regarding Conflict Resolution, Rick Scuderi briefly reviews the major concepts for the new membership and announces the finalizing of procedures. Within the coming month the procedures will be distributed to the membership and meeting(s) with the administration for "buy in" will occur.

L. Margie announces a meeting on 11/18 from 12 noon to 2pm at LAMC regarding accreditation and also a campus meeting in regards to Standards. Darlene Pacheco will be attending. Membership is completed on the Steering Committee. All accreditation has to be completed before the Spring Break of 2001. Hopefully by October of 2000 all the Standards will have been written and completed.

7. New Business

A. Richard Rains discusses the Academic Calendar. This issue is now up to the individual campuses. It will take the thoughtful involvement of all the faculty because it affects so many segments of our campus. Several options are available. A handout is distributed. The Academic Calendar Committee will solicit faculty feedback on this important issue. The administration must make a decision very soon. A faculty forum will be held ASAP to continue discussion on this topic.

B. Summer School Schedule - See 5A above under President's Report.

C. Erik Rettke announces the Harvest Festival '99 on our campus. The event will be November 6th from 9am to 4pm. A flyer is distributed and the event described. Contact Rosemary Smith at X7635 for more information.

There being no further business, MSP (Kubicki, Walker - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:05pm

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate