Attendance: Rick Scuderi, Janice Silver, Sandra Lampert, Margie Long, Paul Kubicki, Mike Reynolds, Gerald Scheib, Yolanda Ramil, Pat Flood, David Jordan, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Dale Newman, Jayne Thomas, Lorraine Manoogian, Jose Luis Ramirez, Sandy Thomsen, Sonia Soto Bair, Stan Chow, John Klitzner, Louie Zandalasini, Richard Rains, George Mucherson, Clive Gordon, Suzanne Ritcheson, David Jones, Julie Ruelas, Chuck Dirks, Joyce Woodmansee, Ed Casson, Alex Yguado, Gwen Walker, Leslie Milke, Rudy DeLaTorre, Dean Eloise Cantrell

1. The meeting is called to order at 1:35pm by President Leslie Milke.

2. MSP (Scheib, Long - unanimous) to approve the minutes of 5/6/99 with the correction of adding Julie Ruelas' name to the attendance.

3. Treasurer's report.

Faculty Scholarship (savings) . . . . . . .$ 70.00

Faculty Association (checking) . . . . .. $ 352.00

Gallagher Scholarship . . . . . . . . . .. $ 0.00

David Lee-Moss Scholarship . . . . . . .. $1,950.00

Carla Bowman Scholarship . . . . . . .. . $ 109.35

4. There is no public address.

5. Gwen Walker introduces new faculty in attendance - Patricia Flood, Clive Gordon (Counseling), Jayne Thomas (Psychology) and Lorraine Manoogian (Geography). Gwen describes the mentoring program to help orientate the new faculty.

6. Guest Dr. Daniel Castro, Acting Vice-President of Academic Affairs, addresses the membership. Dr. Castro is from ELAC and for a period of time was the Dean of the developing South Gate outreach site. LAMC is on a growth curve presently. Dr. Castro thanks the faculty for cooperating during some cutting of classes to make room for the more highly enrolled classes. On the calendar now are high demand 15, 12 and 9 week classes. Look for these lists of classes soon. Nine thousand applied to the college, but only 6000 came opening day. These shorter-term classes are an attempt to pick up these students who "got away". Also, the spring schedule is being prepared and will be presented to you shortly. In the Spring Schedule these short-term classes will be advertised in a separate section. The mentoring program is up and running, which helps the new faculty learn from the seasoned faculty. This mentoring program will be monitored for improvements. Dr. Castro states that he is very excited to come to a very high-tech campus. Things should be put on the computer and typed to set the example for our students. Dr. Castro encourages all faculty to turn in the syllabi of their classes. Standard forms are available is his office.

7. President's Report

A. The retreat is canceled because there is no new permanent president at this time. When there is a new permanent president we will have the retreat.

B. Guest Dr. Oliver, Acting President, addresses the membership regarding new Associate Dean's positions. There are district wide discussions about what is and what is not a management position versus a faculty position. Coordinating and director positions have been included in these discussions. PACE director is generally recognized as an instructional position (curriculum, matriculation, counseling, articulation, etc.). However, other director and coordinator positions are questionable. If truly managerial, then the position should be associate dean. We have put the new LAMC positions as acting associate deans, so they are not permanent positions. At the end of 2 years, the people in those positions cannot continue in them unless the positions were made permanent. Dr. Oliver would not do this without going through the shared governance process first. Leslie voices the concern that there soon may be a "top heavy" middle management administrative system at LAMC and eventually the faculty would be answering to a middle management administrator who has no experience or expertise in the area of concern. Ron Portillo states that the bottom line is that the teamsters want to increase the numbers of administrators for their administrative enrollment numbers. Some discussion of salary comparisons takes place. As far as settling this whole issue, Dr. Oliver states that someone will probably file a grievance and the issue about whether or not certain positions are truly managerial or not will be settle by an arbitrator. Regarding the researcher position, the best way to attract a quality person that would be palatable to shared governance is to make it a permanent associate dean of research position. Now we have very qualified candidates. Interviews to fill this position will occur very soon. Leslie thanks Dr. Oliver for visiting the AS and keeping us informed.

C. Regarding replacements, Maria Fenyes has resigned from 2 committees and the AS needs replacements for the Curriculum Committee and the MPCC. Maria is from the B group. All committees flow into the MPCC.

D. Regarding the Presidential Selection Committee, Richard Rains and Leslie Milke were our AS representatives. Over the summer 50 files were reviewed and 16 people finally interviewed. Three were selected as the final candidates, but the Board of Trustees rejected all three. The community and the Selection Committee were dismayed. There were press conferences and the AS Executive Board made a statement. The Academic Senate issue was about process and was somewhat different than the community's concerns.

Paul Kubicki emphasizes that in his opinion all three candidates were excellent. If the Board of Trustees have further qualifications in mind, they should state these qualifications ahead of time so the next Selection Committee can have these in mind. The membership applauds the hard work of Paul and Richard and all the committee members.

E. LAMC has been approved for a Title 111 grant. After a brief discussion the AS membership supports an official hiring process for the person directing the grant, rather than the person being appointed by the administration.

F. Regarding the Strategic Planning Committee, goals and our mission statement are distributed to the AS membership. At our next meeting in October, the AS membership should vote its approval or work on a revision ASAP.

8. Committee Reports

A. Enrique reports that the Curriculum Committee will meet for the first time next Tuesday.

B. Regarding the Budget Committee, Gerald Scheib reports that guest Rick Scuderi made a presentation to the committee. The presentation announced that the administration has agreed to continue the college's traditional funding contribution to the Disabled Students Programs & Services for the year '99 -'00. Rick also requested the committee approve funding for an electronic door for the ladies restroom in the LRC. The men's restroom has an electronic door but the ladies restroom does not. Vice President Borchetta stated that first an examination needs to be made regarding whether or not there already are funds in the facilities budget for this. If not, then at the next meeting the committee can approve funding for this purpose if they wish. Discussion was tabled till the next meeting. Shari stated that we had a strong ending balance for '98 -'99 but we still have to be careful with spending at the beginning of this year. New administrative and faculty positions were discussed. The next meeting of the Budget Committee will be October 5th. Leslie states her concern that the next meeting is so far in the future and suggests to Gerald that he press Shari to move the meeting up into September.

C. No reports on MPCC because the committee has not met yet.

D. Regarding Campus Development, Dale Newman reports that work drawings for the new laboratory building are due in December. The work goes to bid and the funds will be encumbered by June, '00. In July, '00 construction should begin and completion should be in a little over 1 year. There will be a site dedication this October. There will be a groundbreaking ceremony next February. Chuck Dirks encourages the campus to invite the Governor to attend the groundbreaking ceremony. This year the legislature is intending to spend more of the State's budget on community colleges. Space for the Counseling and the Financial Aide Offices was discussed, as well as space for EOPS. The committee approved the former Academic Senate office as an area that EOPS could use for excess materials. This decision was reversed by Dr. Oliver and the space given to facilities instead. Ron Portillo states that the President told him he had concerns that the Campus Development Committees' decision was stacked in favor of EOPS. Dale Newman states that she has never been stacked. There are plans to expand the space for programs in the Instruction Building and about $350,000 available to do so. The plans for this space expansion should be ready by next September. The health services trailer remains unoccupied until certain licenses are procured. There are no prospects to use the studio in the LRC. Gerald Scheib has volunteered to help with the tile designing of our Mission College cement block sign in front of our campus.

E. Regarding Staff Development, David Jordan announces the Staff Development web page and describes some of its aspects. Another field trip is being organized for the faculty. If anyone would like to establish a web page just contact David.

F. Regarding the User Group, Leslie emphasizes that anyone having computer problems should see David Jordan, Bob Smazenka, or Richard Rains.

G. Conflict Resolution, Rick Scuderi reports that what is left to do is to work on the "nuts and Bolts" of implementation. The committee will meet once again before the October AS meeting to discuss this and then present the procedures to the membership.

9. New Business

A. Regarding Academic Senate news, Gwen Walker reports that AS elections are coming up. November is the time to get started with this election procedures. The new terms for the AS Executive Board offices will begin in January. Academic Senate office hours will soon be posted. The office is now is Room 1016 of the Instructional Building. The conference budget is about $6000 for this year. Two hundred dollars is available from the Senate and $250 from Staff Development. Faculty volunteers to help with our silver anniversary, as a college are needed.

B. Gwen states that the paraprofessional issue is already being addressed by Senior Staff.

C. Sandi Lampert announces the Alzheimer's Walk on October 2nd. Donations are solicited from the membership.

D. Margie Long announces that next week there will be a meeting of the Accreditation standard chairpersons. Currently a timeline is being planned. A web page is planned and everything will be online.


There being no further business, MSP (Long, Walker - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:25pm.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate