Minutes of the April 6th, 1995 Meeting

Attending: Sandi Lampert, Ben Lopez, Janice Silver, Julie Ruelas, Stan Chow, Mark Pracher, Yolanda Ramil, Gerald Scheib, Dudley Foster, Dale Newman, Rick Scuderi

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:45 pm by President Dale Newman.
  2. MSP (Ruelas, Silver - Unanimous) to approve minutes of 3/1/95.
  3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:
    Faculty Association             $  826.38
    Faculty Scholarship             $  710.17
    Gallagher Scholarship           $   12.01
    Moss Scholarship                $3,167.71
    Bowman Scholarship              $6,161.39
  1. Guest - Ken Hunt, who is in charge of the Admissions and Records Office, reports that there is a substantial loss of revenue due to late processing of add cards after the final report for apportionment is due in Sacramento. Even though we may be over cap, if the numbers don't get reported then LAMC looks like a smaller school than it actually is from the District's point of view. Thus we get less monies from the District than we actually deserve. We are talking here of potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ken Hunt will join with the Academic Senate and others on campus to develop a strategy for Fall registration to maximize early student registration so LAMC can benefit in full from District revenue.


  1. President's Report
    1. Report from the District Academic Senate. The Governance Agreement will be changing. An attorney with statewide experience will be working on it.
    2. Dale attended the State Academic Senate Conference and has handouts from that meeting. Articulation in common course numbering was discussed. It is almost an impossible task. Another item discussed was unofficial withdrawals - a student who "disappears" after the last census. This was proposed in lieu of an incomplete or an F grade.

      The Torres Bill was discussed at the State Conference. The Torres Bill proposes a Certificate of Basic Skills. Another bill of interest is AB 810 which involves part-time health insurance.

    3. Regarding Project Match, the names of the faculty volunteers have been forwarded through the appropriate administrative channels.
    4. The Accreditation Site Review for LAMC is currently being completed and a general meeting to discuss preliminary conclusions will be held immediately following this Academic Senate meeting.
    5. Gwen Walker and Dale Newman are meeting on a regular basis with President Norlund. One current topic is the flattening of administrative positions and too many acting positions.
    6. A temporary Summer School schedule is now available. Dale described the Summer Bridge Program for graduating high school seniors. The program runs from 8 am to noon, 4 days a week. It is designed to model for the student what it is to be a successful college student. It was suggested that next summer the program be altered to include any student who wishes to participate.
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum Committee. Dale reports that prerequisite and co-requisite validations, and competencies in reading and written expression remain the main current concerns of the Curriculum Committee.
    2. The final version of the Constitution is in the cluster offices for a faculty vote.
    3. Hiring Committee. Mark Pracher reports that responses to positions to fill have been received by the committee. An effort to prioritize the list is being complicated by unknown factors such as retirements and who will be replaced.
    4. District Academic Senate. Julie Ruelas will report on motions carried at the April DAS meeting during our next Academic Senate meeting. The Sexual Harassment Policy is being challenged.
    5. Ethics Committee. A draft of an ethics document is available to the faculty. Feedback and discussion will be held during the Academic Senate's May meeting.
  3. Old Business
  4. Julie Ruelas reports that the scrip sales are at a stand still because of lack of funding. This problem will be discussed during the Academic Senate's May meeting.
  5. Recognition of 20 yr. part-time staff. Dale has identified two people for recognition. If anyone knows of 20 yr. part-timers please let Dale know. Pins are being ordered.
  6. Sandi Lampert encourages faculty to fundraise to help Culinary Arts students attend an important up-coming conference. This topic will be brought up at the Academic Senate's May meeting.

MSP (Scuderi, Lopez - Unanimous) to adjourn the meeting in order to attend the Accreditation Site Visit preliminary summary meeting. Meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Scuderi, PhD
Academic Senate Secretary