Senate--Los Angeles Mission College

Minutes of the April 9, 1996 Meeting

Members Attending: Chuck Ackerknecht, Dudley Foster, David Jones, Paul Kubicki, Ralph LaRosa, Dale Newman, Mark Pracher, Yolanda Ramil, Mari Rettke, Gerald Scheib, Janice Silver, Sally Silvers, Sonia Soto-Bair, Gwen Walker, Joyce Woodmansee, Alex Yguado, Louie Zandalasini.

Guests: Mark Kahn, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Del Peterson, Phoebe Rivera.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1 :40 pm as 13 members were present.
  2. Approval of minutes: M/S/no action Kubicki/LaRosa to accept parliamentarian's opinion. A. Yguado stated that the original vote was in question so the vote was in error. M/S/F Kubicki/Rettke 3-7 that it was proper. There was lengthy discussion. M/S/P Ramil/Kubicki 13-0-0 to accept the minutes as they stand from the March 7, 1 996 meeting.
  3. Treasurer's report: No report was given. It will be given t~ R Scuderi.
  4. Public Address: No address.
  5. President's Report: Catering truck status was reviewed; the prior contractor was not complying with regulations so a change was made. Because it feels more people should be going to the fall and spring State Academic Senate meetings the DAS Executive Committee will be taking forward a recommendation to the DAS that the DAS should pay for the local college Academic Senate president and one additional person from each college to attend. W. Butler, DAS president, has stated that the search for a new chancellor should be completed by May 1996. The results of the trimester survey have been posted in faculty areas. $2,000 remains in the faculty travel account; general consensus was that faculty members who have traveled and who have additional out-of-pocket expenses for which they have not yet been reimbursed can submit requests for reimbursement to D. Newman, and the remaining balance will be divided among those submitting such requests. M/S/P Yguado/Ramil 11-2-2 to reject the informational item. A friendly amendment was accepted by the mover and seconder that in the future more information be provided to more fully clarify where background information comes from and what we are supposed to do with it. M/S/P Kubicki/Ackerknecht 15-0-0 to approve M. Rettke as Instructional Improvement Coordinator. Information on distance learning, transfer, matriculation and affirmative action from the megaconference is available in the Counseling office.
  6. Committee Reports: No Constitution Committee report. No Curriculum Committee report; A. Yguado did state that the curriculum committee passed some 99s, was simplifying prerequisite form, and that discipline meetings were canceled. No Hiring Committee report other than that there pressure on faculty from the college president. The Scholarship Committee decided on recipients, and as there were no applicants for the C. Bowman scholarship it was proposed that H. Bowman be contacted in writing to asking him to attend the next scholarship \: committee meeting to discuss the qualifications and perhaps some revision of them. DAS report was written and attached to the agenda; A. Yguado pointed out that the director of ITV should be a faculty member. Academic Rank reoorted that nil applications were approved.
  7. Old Business: R/P 12-1-1 the use of space in campus center resolution, which will be forwarded to the college president. A resolution on the process for filling all vacant positions was discussed; examples of prior abuses were given; questions on wording were raised and A. Yguado, the resolution author, accepted offered assistance from P. Kubicki and M. Rettke; will be voted on at the next meeting. A resolution was presented on Issues with Campus Security; a point of order was raised; the parliamentarian will make a ruling.
  8. New Business: Learning Center resolution presented by D. Newman as an effort among district LAC directors to be consistent here and across the state in what they do and are. Forums on the future were discussed. M/S/P Kubicki/Yguado 15-0-0 to support Del Peterson in thot it is the jurisdiction of the Staff Development Committee to adjudicate staff development funds not the prerogative of an individual. M. Kahn addressed part-time faculty needs; /0/S/P Jones/LaRosa 7-0-1 to form a committee to develop a resolution about the relationship between parttime and full-time faculty.

Meeting adjourned at 2:55 pm.

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