Attending: R. C. DelaTorre, Rick Scuderi, Maria Fenyes, Ed Raskin, Janice Silver, Mike Reynolds, Ralph LaRosa, Julie Ruelas, Sandra Lampert, Sally Silvers, Jose L. Ramirez, Gerri Paredes, Stan Chow, Gina LaMonica, Bob Zmazenka, Chuck Dirks, Yolanda Ramil, Gerald Scheib, David Jordan, Richard Rains, John Orozco, Vickie Oddino, Larry Andre, Leslie Milke


1. The meeting was called to order at 1:40pm by President Milke.


2. MSP (Ruelas, LaRosa - unanimous) to approve the minutes of 3/5/98 with the following corrections: 1. under 10c, other new business, the following motion should be included - " MS (Ruelas, Kubicki) that the Academic Senate support the change in terminology from clusters to departments, that the organization of the disciplines remain the same, and that the D basis issue be negotiated. During the discussion several members leave, resulting in a lack of a quorum. . ." 2. under item 5, 4th line - " . . . "elections for department chairs will be held in early April . . ."


3. Teasurer's report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:


Faculty Scholarship. . . . . .$ 24.79

Faculty Association. . . . . .$ 294.55

Gallagher Scholarship. . . . .$ 22.73

David Lee Moss Scholarship. ..$ 2,542.19

Carla Bowman Scholarship. . . $16,562.83


4. No public address.


5. Guest speaker President Norlund compliments the senate on the work it's been doing on the faculty restructuring. This task is especially important in determining how to best function in new era of technology. The overall strategic plan for the college is going slower than anticipated and faculty involvement is crucial to this as well. Finally, the new Partnership for Excellence proposal from the State Chancellor's Office will also need faculty input. FTES funding will continue on an FTES basis for another 3 years, then funding will be more affected by criteria such as retention, degrees and credentials earned, transfers, etc. In other words, funding will more be based on student performance as well as number of students served. Orozco comments on the distinction between numbers of students served and dollar equivalents versus true criteria for high quality education. Dr. Norlund responds indicating that budgetary criteria cannot be ignored and that students need to screened for readiness to take certain classes. Remedial and transfer courses are of equal importance. Dr. Norlund states that, for statistical purposes, retention is measured by those students completing classes with successful grades. Discussion arises around this topic resulting in some doubt about this. Raskin discusses moving sub positions into probationary, tenure-track positions. Dr. Norlund responds that the faculty has to work at getting the best candidate, and that funding will come to those disciplines that make the effort. Dr. Norlund emphasizes partnership with industry for additional funding. Maria Fenyes raises issue about a permanent Dean of Academic Affairs. Dr. Norlund responds that the plan was to have that position filled this spring, but because of the budget turmoil, putting in that request to the district right now would not be timely. Bill states that he will talk to the acting chancellor within the month to see when would be a good time to start this process. Dr. Norlund announces the up-coming ASO golf tournament in Simi Valley. Chuck Dirks emphasizes a foreign student exchange student program that could provide valuable funding. Dr. Norlund responds that there is not enough administrative "manpower" to provide the proper support, even though the idea is a worthy one. David Jones emphasizes the importance of a dynamic and active Curriculum Committee in proceeding with the concerns Chuck Dirks mentions, and with other concerns mentioned in this discussion.


6. President's Report


A. Leslie reports that the last faculty forum was very positive and successful. Richard Rains' idea about restructuring is that each faculty member group other disciplines around their own. A task force would review the feedback and come up with the results. A hand-out is distributed. Some disciplines are missing from the list - Accounting, Counseling, Chicano Studies, Business, etc. Bob Zmazenka would be part of the task force. The due date would be within one week.


MSP (Jose Ramirez, John Orozco - unanimous) to participate in this exercise with each faculty member grouping other disciplines around their own and the results reviewed by a task force.


B. Election results are distributed. Julie, Gwen and Yolanda are thanked for tabulating the results. The results will be forwarded to the chairs of the committees. The terms start immediately. The results will be posted in the faculty lounge. Some committees still need representation.


Special notice - caps and gowns for graduation are free this year. See Charlotte in the bookstore.


C. Regarding the DAS, see the attachment to the agenda. The process for determining equivalencies took time because of the backlog of cases. DAS voted to give authority to the District Office to make initial determination of equivalencies. After 30 days the determination will stand. Leslie disagrees with this DAS decision. The vote of no confidence in the district, originated by Pierce College, was refined and adopted by the DAS. DAS suggestions on reducing the deficit are distributed.

7. Committee Reports


A. Curriculum - no report.


B. EPAC - no report.


C. Regarding Honors, Larry reports that the first 2 students to qualify for Transfer Alliance. A WEBB site is discussed regarding criteria to enter the different university systems. Larry announces the need for anyone interested in coordinating the Transfer Alliance to please step forward.


D. In regards to the President's Coordinating Council, Maria Fenyes reports for Paul Kubicki that discussion centered around whether we should have a fall schedule of classes that matches the spring of '98 or the fall of '97. However, the budget for the fall is not in place.


E. Campus Development - no report.


8. Old Business


The list of the first 10 faculty members to receive computers is distributed. Hook-ups for e-mail remain a problem.


9. A. Dedicated Classrooms - no report.


B. California Virtual University - no report.


Maria Fenyes reports that Don Fellows passed away. She mentions the possibility of a scholarship fund. There is discussion of outside funding for the scholarship, putting the announcement in the staff bulletin and opening the scholarship up for donations. Two hundred dollars already exist for this scholarship. Criteria also needs to be established. Maria also announces that $2,500 has been collected for the injured faculty member who is now wheelchair-bound and that he now has a job at LAMC in the fall.


John Orozco speaks about the English Department's Curriculum Checklist, which in part is used to evaluate English instructors. This checklist is not part of the contract, but the Department would like to continue to refine and use the checklist. Ed Raskin states that this checklist can be included in the instructors' evaluations with a Memo of Understanding from the union, as long as the standard basic form is also used. Some members disagree about whether union approval is needed regarding the checklist.


MSP (Andre/Fenyes - unanimous) that the senate accept the English Department's Checklist as a work-in-progress.

There being no other new business, the meeting is adjourned at 2:50pm.



Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate