1. The meeting was called to order at 1:45 p.m. by President Dale Newman.
  2. MSP (unanimous) to accept the November minutes.
  3. Treasurer's Report.
  4. Guest Carolyn Widner cannot attend today's meeting, but will address the general faculty during the up-coming flex week. Among the topics will be flexible scheduling.
  5. There was no public address. This item is required by the Brown Act.
  6. President's Report
    1. Dale took the Hiring Policy that was ratified at the November meeting to the President. The President had some concern about the administrative hiring section (p.23). Negotiations are continuing about this section. Other than this, the Hiring Policy is now the official faculty hiring document. Please refer to this document when filling faculty positions. It is suggested by David Jones that the faculty be given announcements of all hiring openings. It is suggested by Dale that this might be the function of the reconstituted Hiring Committee. It is also suggested that
    2. It is suggested that the 5 regular or contract faculty members on the reconstituted Hiring Committee be volunteer candidates either voted for by the AS membership or drawn from a hat. Nominations are also being considered. This will be further discussed at the next meeting. Full copies of the Hiring Policy document will be made available in the Faculty Lounge and distributed to anyone who requests it.
    3. Recommendations are considered regarding the DAS contribution of $2,500. There being no recommendations, the Executive Board will come to the next meeting with recommendations.
    4. Regarding the Executive Council, it is presently clarifying its purpose. At this point it is an information disseminating body, not a policy making body. Many committees and campus entities are reviewing their purpose as part of the program review process.

      As a point of information, the interviews for the new Law professor took place on December 3rd. Hopefully we will have someone for the up-coming semester.

  7. Committee Reports
    1. The Honors Committee new chair is Larry Andre. The position comes with a .2 reassigned time. Seeing no objections, the Academic Senate approves Larry Andre as the Honors Committee's new chairperson.
    2. No Curriculum Committee report.
    3. Regarding DAS, Julie Ruelas reports on a long list of motions that were approved at the DAS 11/14/96 meeting. This list is disseminated to the AS members.
    4. Regarding the Hiring Committee, Mark Pracher reports that proper procedures and paperwork are established for hiring of long-term substitutes and the requesting of new positions.
    5. Joyce Woodmansee reports on election results regarding the revision of the Constitution. Option 3 received the most votes. However, it was a close vote. The Executive Committee will consider assigning faculty to the different groups and bring back to the membership the Executive Committee's conclusions. Next is to work on membership of committees.
    6. No Student Equity Committee report.

    Old Business

    1. MSP (unanimous) to accept the Mission College Governance document. The District Governance document is still being negotiated. On the 18th of December the document should be voted on again. When a District Governance document is finally established, then all local Governance documents, ours included, is sent to the Board of Trustees to be signed. Once this is done, then our Mission College Governance document becomes official and enforceable.
    2. Gwen Walker reports of the Campus Development position paper. Gwen's main issue is that faculty concerns be heard when decisions are made relating to the secondary effects of the new library/lRC's opening. MSP (unanimous) that this position paper be carried forward to Sherry Brochetta and to the next Campus Development Committee meeting.
    3. Dale announced to the membership the Vocational Education Faculty Leadership seminars. She has additional paperwork describing the events for anyone interested in attending.
  8. Old Business
    1. David Jones reports on the Conference on Technology Information feedback. Faculty members recently went to Phoenix for a conference on the above topic. Fourteen hundred people were in attendance. The faculty members feel what they learned at the conference relate to a staff development plan that implements technology into the curriculum and into student services as well. For more information, see 8B below.
    2. David Jones reports that the Noel-Levitz report recently submitted to the college emphasizes a strong staff- development program that features on-going training opportunities for college employees, including faculty, staff, and administrators and managers. David has a copy of the full 20 page report. The report may be available to the AS membership at the next meeting. A main issue is what part can the senate play in providing improvement activities, including technology training, that are in direct support of the college goals and college needs. We will talk about this further at the next meeting.
    3. Louie Zandalizini announces that the College Christmas party will be next week, December 12th.

MSP (unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 2:50pm.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by
Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of Academic Senate