Minutes of the Academic Senate Meeting

 December 1, 2005


Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers, Clive Gordon , Stan Levine, Janice Silver, Terri English,  Said Pazirandeh, Ralph La Rosa, Rick Scuderi John Orozco, Leslie Foster, Paul Kubicki, Ruthie Grant, Joyce Woodmanse


Exec, Members:   Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Eloise Cantrell, Gary Prostak, Mark Pursley.

 Michael Climo, Vickie Oddino

Faculty Present:  Lilamani DeSilva, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Lupe Jara, Pat Flood, Ed Raskin, Suzanne Ritcheson, Jose Luis Ramirez,  David Jordan, Margie Long, Lorraine Manoogian, Monica Moreno, Alex Yguado, John Klitsner,  Myriam Mekelburg, Sonia Soto-Bair, Susan Polk, Sandy Thomsen, Harlan Goldberg, , Bonnie Sherman,

 Voting Members Absent:  Phoebe Rivera, Leslie Milke, Charles Dirks

 Visitors/Guests: Dr. Jose Leyba, Maury Pearl

      Gwen Walker called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m.


II.      Approval of Minutes: (Oddino and Barbato)

         TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF November 3, 2005



Officers’ Reports

 A.  President (Angela Echeverri)

            President Angela Echeverri asked to move the agenda to introduce special guest, President Jose Leyba.( Motion Walker/Cantrell )


Dr. Jose Leyba gave a brief introduction of his personal , educational, and administrative background. He indicated that he would like to meet with each discipline and encouraged faculty to make an appointment to discuss their ideas and needs related to the overall success of LAMC.  He stated,” We all need to pull together to become a team.”  Dr. Leyba offered to serve as a guest lecturer for any of our classes and demonstrated a sense of humor and commitment to the college.



PRESIDENT’S REPORT December 1, 2005

            Please see attached report

            Accreditation (Maury Pearl)

Maury indicated that student learning outcomes – evidence of student progress need to be addressed.  Unit assessments need to be          completed.

One way of addressing student learning outcomes is to have questions embedded into exams.  Pat Flood stated that Pierce website has       excellent resources for student learning outcomes.



Treasurer (Mark Pursley)                              

1.         Report on account at the First American Bank:

            a.   Faculty Senate Checking Account                       $1,857.87 

            b.   Carla Bowman Scholarship                                  $3,355.97

            c    David Lee Moss Scholarship                                  $655.11


 2.         Faculty Dues of $25 are due now.  16 faculty have paid.   Please pay Mark as soon as possible.


            Parliamentarian (Gwen Walker)-no report

IV.  Public Address:

            Paul Kubicki spoke on the issue of security issues in the faculty offices and labs .


 V.  Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

         A.   Curriculum: (Said Pazirandeh)

·        The curriculum calendar for Spring 2006 is shown below and also available on the Curriculum website. 

·        All courses offered for Fall 2006 must have updated outlines by March 15, 2006 in order for the department to receive Instructional Equipment Funds.

·        Three curriculum meetings have been scheduled before the March 15 deadline in order to expedite the process.  They are scheduled for Jan. 24, Feb.  14 and Mar. 7.

                        Curriculum Calendar (Spring 2006)


Due to A. A.

by noon

Form Revisions

Available (p.m.)

Revised Forms

Due to A.A. noon

Campus Curriculum Committee Meeting

Due to District

Jan 6

Jan 11

Jan 16

Jan 24

Feb 3

Jan 20

Jan 27

Feb 3

Feb 14

Feb 24

Feb 10

Feb 17

Feb 24

Mar 7

Mar 17

Mar 10

Mar 17

Mar 24

April 4

April 14

April 7

April 14

April 21

May 2

May 12


The final deadline for ALL courses for the Spring 2007 Schedule of Classes INCLUDING District and State Approvals (if applicable) is April 7th, 2006.  Allow at least 30 days for District Approval and one year for State Approval from Campus Approval Dates.  


Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month.

We are putting together a calendar for timelines.  Any course outline older than 6 years needs to be redone or it will not be able to be taught in Fall 2006. Deadline is March 2006.


 B.  District Academic Senate (Mike Climo)

            DAS report

            The next meeting of the DAS is next Thursday at LA Trade Tech. Last month, the Exec Committee of the DAS met. I           was not at the meeting. Some of the major issues right now are a general employee ethics contract, and the role of             EPAC and the DAS. The responsibilities of EPAC are changing.

C.  EPAC (Sonia Soto-Bair) –

       Final EPAC meeting December 20, 2005

      Report from November 15 meeting at LATTC.

Issues of EPAC:

E-100 Criteria for Serving Students with Disabilities – deferred to next meeting.

Repeatability of courses discussion to be continued.

Equivalency Petitions Approved:

a. Child Development

b. ESL

c. English

d. PE.

VI.    Old Business

            LRC UPDATE:


     Date:       December 1, 2005

     From:      Senate LC Sub-Committee

     Re:          Learning Center


Since the option to establish the position of Learning Director as a Department Chair is not a viable one at this moment, the Committee recommends that this position go forth as a Consulting Instructor.

You will find a revised draft of the Learning Center Director Advertisement on both the District and Mission web sites. If you are interested in applying do so ASAP.

In addition the Sub-Committee recommends the following:


In order to encourage Los Angeles Mission College faculty to apply for the position of Learning Director as a Consulting Instructor and to avoid hardship to the discipline to which said instructor belongs, it is strongly requested that if an instructor from LAMC is chosen for this position, a long-term substitute will be hired to perform the duties of the LAMC faculty member who accepts this position.


This agreement will not impact the budget because the position of Learning Center Director is already budgeted, and if an LAMC faculty member is chosen for this position, the faculty member’s salary is also already in the budget.


In addition, since the Learning Center Director is not a member of a department, it is requested that

·         when the faculty hiring policy is observed to establish a hiring committee, that in addition to the Senate and AFT representation on said hiring committee there also be four representatives from the basic skills areas: Math, Developmental Communications, ESL and English.

·         the same committee composition be observed in the evaluation of the Learning Director and that the evaluation be conducted as a faculty evaluation which makes a recommendation to the president.


Dr. Barrera promised to use Program 100 funds for the Learning Center and Tutoring, but there is nothing in writing to this effect.

The sub-committee will continue to meet to address these concerns.

It is requested that these concerns and motion be brought forth to President Leyba.


VII.    New Business-

A.  Motion on student parking.

Parking Motion (Academic Senate Executive Committee)


Closure of the Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) student parking lot and construction of Parking Structure A have been delayed and are not scheduled to begin until December 12th, the last week of classes of the Fall 2005 semester,


Mailings and distribution of brochures to students and faculty, detailing the operation of the shuttle service, directions to the temporary Sayre lot, and other pertinent information will not take place until the 13th week of the Fall 2005 semester, two weeks before the closure of the LAMC student parking lot is to occur,


The decline in LAMC enrollment caused by the lack of on-site student parking during registration and instructional sessions throughout 2006, will be compounded by the confusion resulting from insufficient time to prepare students and faculty for these changes,

And whereas,

The drop in enrollment and the disruption caused by these events will jeopardize student access and success, state funding, faculty assignments, integrity of academic programs, and overall fiscal stability at LAMC,



The Academic Senate urges the LAMC Administration to postpone the closure of the student parking lot until after the Spring 2006 census date, to provide sufficient time to:

  1. Ensure adequate dissemination of information to the campus community,
  2. Allow a smooth and organized preparation period for students and faculty,
  3. Minimize the impact on the enrollment and financial health of the college,
  4. Allow for contingency planning and,
  5. Ensure thorough consultation with campus constituents.   Motion approved Kubicki/ Oddino


B. Departmental modification request – Ed Raskin (Sponsored by Senator Paul Kubicki)

 Ed Raskin asked for a senate motion to establish an American Cultures Department. Discussion ensued.

Paul Kubicki “on behalf” of Ed Raskin sponsored a notice motion to be brought in February to the senate.  The motion was made as stated. “I move that the Senate working with the Union and Management develop a procedure to allow the creation of a new academic department.” The motion was noticed for February.

C. Class offerings without departmental consultation. Terri English

Discussion was held with regard to procedure, funding and staffing. The senate and the AFT will address this issue with the office of academic affairs.


VIII.   Announcements and Open Forum

                            (Visitors and senators for matters not currently on the agenda)

§         Myriam Mekelburg – spoke on the need for activities for the Diversity committee and encouraged other to join.


                          The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

                          Submitted by Eloise Cantrell, Secretary