Attending: Dale Newman, Ed Raskin, Carlos Nava, Yolanda Ramil, Gerald Scheib, Paul Kubicki, Mark Pracher, Ed Casson, Maria Fenyes, Margie Long, Janice Silver, Leslie Milke, J. Michael Reynolds, Julie Ruelas, Gwen Walker, Enrique Gonzalez, Ralph LaRosa, Rick Scuderi, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Joyce Woodmansee


1. The meeting was called to order at 2:10pm by President Dale Newman.


2. MSP (Ramil, Kubicki - unanimous) to accept the November 6th, '97 minutes.


3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:


Faculty Scholarship 0322-5350-89 $ 24.62

Faculty Association (ck) 0311-003016 $ 424.00

Gallagher Scholarship 0322-550013 $ 29.47

David Lee Moss (ck) 0311-5101-43 $ 2,730.21

Carla Bowman Scholarship 0322-00126 $16,162.83


4. There is no public address. This item is required by the Brown Act.


5. Guest speaker Carlos Nava's presentation was delayed till a later date due to a lack of a quorum at the time of his arrival.


6. President's Report


A. The DAS Executive Board met with the Chancellor and his cabinet on the topic of shared governance. Specifically discussed was - various working definitions of "shared governance" and what is working and what is not. A list is being compiled of what is and what is not working, and another meeting will be scheduled. Dale said it was an excellent meeting and she is writing a report for the DAS newsletter, the Anvil & Quill", regarding the meeting.


B. The AS Executive Board recommends Dale Newman (LRC Director), Sandy Thomsen (Librarian), Mike Reynolds, Margie Long, and David Jordan for faculty representation on the LRC Committee. The latter three faculty members make extensive use of the Library/LRC. There being no objections, these candidates are appointed.


C. There being no other recommendations for a specific LAMC program to present to the Board of Trustees in February, our Multi-media program will be presented.


D. Regarding the $2,500 from the DAS, most of the monies will go toward equipment. Brochures are being collected to purchase the most affordable, high quality overheads (2), and slide projectors (2). Whatever monies are left over after the above purchases will be used for supplies (toner, paper, etc.).



7. Committee Reports


A. Minutes of the most recent Curriculum Committee meeting are passed around. Enrique Gonzalez discussed the up-coming changes in the General Education requirements before a quorum was formed for the present AS meeting. Particularly noted are changes regarding computer literacy, cultural diversity, and life long learning requirements.


B. EPAC - no report.


C. Regarding the Honors Committee, Larry Andres reports that grade sheets for honor students will be available next week. Larry will be getting information on the Honors Society to the faculty during the second week of spring classes. He encourages faculty members to present this information to spring classes. Larry anticipates that about 37 students will be finishing their contracts.


D. Student Equity Committee - no report.


E. Paul Kubicki reports that the President's Coordinating Council met recently. An action item involved MPCC standing committees. A motion read that all standing committees' minutes be submitted to the PCC. The budget was also discussed. The president rejected the "...up to $750,000 for spring hourly instruction..." figure because, due to charge- backs, that amount is not available. He instructed the vice- president of academic affairs to reduce the amount to $650,000.

Regarding the campus closure, a classified survey revealed that most are in favor of such a closure with vacation and compensation time taken into account. From December 22nd through January 4th the only area of campus that will be opened will be the bookstore, the president's office, and associated offices. The lights and heat will be turned off in all other areas of the campus. This will save LAMC $15,000. All campuses in the District are doing this. Maria Fenyes makes the following motion:


MS In view of the campus closure and there being no enrollments possible during this time, no classes should be canceled before January 9th.


Mark Pracher states that there is a procedural problem. First the issue should be declared an emergency item according to the Brown Act with 2/3rds voting approval. Only then can the issue be discussed and a motion made.


MSP (Kubicki, Scheib - unanimous) that, according to the Brown Act, the issue of the campus closure and its effect on enrollment and class cancellations be considered an emergency item.



After discussion on the above issue, the following motion is made:


MSP (Raskin, Ruelas - 9y, 0n, 2abst) that due 1) to the spring class schedule not being mailed out, 2) the campus closure, and 3) the late printing of the schedule, the Academic Senate strongly recommends that no classes be administratively canceled before the January 24th contractual deadline.


F. There was an election voting tie in Group 3. As a result of a coin toss, Louie Zandalazini accepted a one year term and Jan Silver accepted a two year term. Both positions begin in January.


8. Old Business


Regarding appointments or elections to campus committees in need of faculty representation, Leslie Milke presents her idea - namely, that elections be held in cases where there are more volunteers than positions opened.


9. New Business


A. Leslie Milke emphasized the need for a faculty retreat. After a brief discussion it was decided to look into the possibility of an outside facilitator. Leslie will look into this, with the hopes of such a retreat occurring very early in the spring semester.


B. A discussion is held regarding how to get more use out of our campus classrooms. The Citrus College room sharing plan is discussed as an effective example.


C. Other new business. Gwen Walker suggests that a plaque be made for Dale Newman, and that her name be engraved in the AS President's plaque, and that she be acknowledged in this manner at our next meeting. Light refreshments will be served at this meeting.


MSP (Walker, Scuderi - unanimous) that Dale Newman be presented a plaque of appreciation at our next meeting, and that her name be engraved in the AS President's plaque, and that she be acknowledged in this manner at our next meeting.


The President's gavel is formally handed from Dale Newman to Leslie Milke.



there being no further new business, MSP (Milke, Scuderi - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting at 3:00pm.



Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate