Minutes of February 2nd, 1995 Meeting

Attending: Dale Newman, Julie Ruelas, Stan Chow, Lee Risemberg, Alex Yguado, Sandra Lampert, Rick Scuderi, Yolanda Ramil, Gerald Shieb, Dudley Foster, Enrique Gonzales, Mark Pracher, Del Peterson, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Sonia Soto-Bair, Sally Silvers, Janice Silver, Ben Lopez, Ian Lewis, Gwen Walker, Ed Raskin

  2. The meeting was called to order at l:30pm by President Dale Newman.
  4. MSP (Risemberg, Foster - Unanimous) to approve minutes of 12/15/94.
  6. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:
  7.     Faculty Association             $ 866.71
        Faculty Scholarship             $ 337.53
        Ghallager Scholarship           $  11.93
        Moss Scholarship                $3,164.03
        Bowman Scholarship              $6,117.88
  8. President's Report
    1. Introduction of Acting President. Acting President Bill Norlund was introduced by Dale Newman. Acting President Norlund emphasized the budget shortage at LAMC, the election coming up during spring break, his diversified background both as a LACCD faculty member and administrator, and his pleasure in being chosen Acting President at LAMC. He went on to stress the unique opportunity we have with our up-dated campus in meeting the student needs of the future with regards to access and success. Once again, though, he stressed the budget problems and a need to rely on new, creative solutions such as block grants, methods to increase FTES, and increased high school recruitment. For example, the Acting President cited a proposal for a $75,000 GTE grant to link and consolidate smaller local college and university classes electronically. The Acting President hopes to see a 30% increase in enrollment by next year, increased publicity concerning the various clubs that exist on Campus, and a rebirth of the ASO.
    2. The Acting President was well received by those in attendance.
    3. Ad Hoc Personnel Staffing Committee. The purpose of the Ad Hoc Personnel Staffing Committee was explained by Mark Pracher. One representative from the Academic Senate, Academic Affairs, Student Services, Classified, etc. would participate on the Committee and decide if a new Campus position was actually needed. The recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee would be sent to the President and the Budget Committee. Currently the Budget Committee decides if a position is needed without input from the above mentioned proposed representatives. Mark emphasized the difference between the Ad Hoc Committee and the Hiring Committee. The former recommends that a position is needed or not, the latter ranks the hiring priority list. It was the general feeling of the group that the Ad Hoc Committee is a good idea, but more discussion is needed.
    4. Campus Climate Task Force. Before leaving for the District, President Fujimoto recommended the establishment of a Campus Climate Task Force. The President's Concept Paper emphasized 3 areas that have led to a loss of trust. First, with the establishment of our permanent Campus, we now no longer have a tangible long term goal. Second, inconsistent leadership as manifested by the coming and going of administrators. Third, the recent disruptions City wide by riots, earthquake and flooding. The purpose of the task force would be to monitor the trust level and to recommend ways to re-establish deeper trust among faculty and staff.
    5. Reorganization of Administrative Staff. Adrienne Foster has transferred to West L.A. College and her position was not filled for the rest of this year. Her functions have been distributed among other administrators and the remaining monies from her position have been placed in the LAMC contingency fund.
    6. Regarding paid additional assignments for administrators, a brief discussion was held and MSP (Scuderi, Lampert - Unanimous) that a letter be written to Acting President Norlund and all faculty stating the Academic Senate's and AFT Chapter Chair's opposition to these paid additional assignments.
    7. Submission of Articles to the "Rostrum". Dale Newman presented the "Rostrum" magazine and informed the group to see her about submission of articles.
    8. Board Rule of Grades and Grade Changes. This rule was disseminated along with the December 15th Academic Senate Minutes. Alex Yguado will look into storage areas in which faculty can keep materials upon which student grades are based.
    9. Plaque to Past President. Dale Newman presented a plaque of appreciation to Past President Alex Yguado.
  9. Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum Committee. Enrique Gonzales reports on Curriculum Committee activities. The problem of identifying prerequisites via telephone registration was overlooked during spring registration. A sub-committee was formed to coordinate Department Chairs on-going involvement with determining pre and co-requisites. The sub-committee will also deal with cultural diversity issues. Enrique also reported the District's efforts to solidify minimum District qualifications to teach in selected disciplines, and proposed procedures by which a staff member may teach in other disciplines.
    2. Constitution Committee. Alex Yguado emphasized the need to get the new Constitution to the Election Committee for a vote. The Constitution Committee will meet and work on this.
    3. Hiring Committee. Mark Pracher reports an opening on the Hiring Committee. Lee Risemberg expressed an interest in being on the committee and the group approved his membership.
    4. District Academic Senate. Alex Yguado states that a report on recent District Academic Senate activities was attached to the December 15th minutes. Alex added that the dates stated for DAS meetings are incorrect and should be disregarded.
    5. Election Committee. Julie Ruelas of the Election Committee asked Cluster Chairs and Senators to look for volunteers, especially from areas not currently represented on the Academic Senate, to replace the two Senators who resigned Stan Levine who has one year left on his term, and Al Mundsack whose term is up this May). The replacements must first be approved by the Academic Senate.
  10. Old Business
    1. Julie Ruelas states the $3000 worth of Von's scrip has already been sold.
    2. LAMC's 20th Anniversary Celebration is near! As an option to the $50 per person Odyssey event to be held on February 24th, Dale Newman proposed that an on-Campus light lunch, paid for by the Foundation, be held on the same day. Gwen Walker, Sandi Lampert and Dale Newman will look into this.
  11. New Business
    1. The "Academic Dishonesty" article from David Jones was distributed to the group.
    2. Dale Newman opened discussion on the possibility of using laboratory classroom space for other classes when the labs were not in session. No resolution was reached. Lee Risemberg, Geri Paredes, Jan Silver, and Sandi Lampert formed a task force to look into this matter.
    3. Dale Newman suggested that all who apply for conference attendance monies keep a copy of their application. If you spend over the initial $100 available, it is possible you can retroactively be reimbursed later in the semester if excess monies are still available. Sally Silvers, Jan Silver, Dale Newman and Julie Ruelas will work out the details of this procedure.
    4. A task force composed of Alex Yguado, Ed Raskin, Gwen Walker and Dale Newman will look into the procedures and process of accountability regarding academic issues and PACE. John Cantley will be invited to join the task force.

    MSP (Scuderi, Ruelas - Unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Rick Scuderi, PhD
    Academic Senate Secretary