Minutes of February 1st, 1996 Meeting

Attending: Julie Ruelas, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Paul Kubicki, Mari Rettke, Tom Oliver, Mark Pracher, Chuck Ackerknecht, Louie Zandalasini, Ed Casson, Yolanda Ramil, Alex Yguado, Joyce Woodmansee, Ralph LaRosa, Ed Zayas, Dudley Foster, Ed Raskin, Dale Newman, Gwen Walker, Rick Scuderi, Sharon Geltner, Jan Silver, Lori Bolin, Mike Reynolds, Sonia Soto- Bair, John Cantley, Richard Close, Susan Polk, Phoebe Rivera, Louise Barbato

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:35 pm by President Dale Newman.
  2. Minutes of 12/7/96 were examined. Paul Kubicki commented on item 8B (Cluster Chair Resolution) and the appropriateness of voting on the issue again. Further comment was put on hold till that agenda item was brought up in the meeting. MSP Kubicki, Jones - unanimous) to approve the minutes.
  3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:
  4.     Faculty Scholarship    0322-5350-89  $   481.97
        Faculty Association    0311-0030-16  $   877.34
        Gallagher Scholarship  0322-5500-13  $    15.07
        Moss Scholarship       0311-5101-43  $ 3,091.26
        Bowman Scholarship     0322-0001-26  $16,213.23
  5. Three new faculty members were introduced: Michael Reynolds - Biology, Sharon Geltner -Librarian, and Lori Bolin - Child Care Center.
  6. Dr. Jack Fujimoto's Retirement Banquet at the Odyssey Restaurant was announced.

    Public Address - no report. This agenda item required by the Brown Act.

  7. President's Report
    1. DAS Executive Board - Minutes of the meeting were distributed (see attachment 7C to the Feb.1st agenda). The search for the new District Chancellor position continues. It was recommended that motions passed at Pierce College and ELAC be brought to the other individual college senates (see attachment 6A to the Feb. 1st agenda).
    2. The next DAS meeting is to be held at LAMC on February 8th.
    3. The April campus Academic Senate meeting was rescheduled to meet on April 9th, 1996, due to Spring Break.
    4. The status of standing committees is posted along with members of the Senate. See Dale if you need a copy. Ralph LaRosa joined the Constitution Committee with Paul Kubicki and Alex Yguado. Yolanda Ramil, Ben Lopez, Joanne Kalter-Flink and Sonia Soto-Bair are on the Scholarship Committee.
    5. Mark Pracher, Instructional Improvement Coordinator for the last 5 years, is relinquishing this responsibility. A new coordinator is sought. The coordinator position carries with it a .2 release time. Anyone wishing to apply can send an inquiry to Dale Newman.
    6. Vocational/Occupational update - The monitoring committee met twice. Information regarding the funding expenditures has just been received. This information will be analyzed ASAP and more discussion held.
    7. Presidential selection update - The Selection Committee has met once. It will meet again on February 23rd. March 18th and 19th are possible dates for the interviews.
    8. Associate Dean selection update - The interviews were held on January 26th and 29th. Fourteen candidates were interviewed and 3 names were sent on the Dr. Norlund in unranked order. The final selection is to be decided on by the Board of Trustees by the end of February.
  8. Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum - None.
    2. Hiring - Mark Pracher reported that the Hiring Committee has not met since last fall. The most important item at hand is to document a certificated hiring policy. the committee will meet on Tuesday, 1:00pm in the Faculty Lounge. In the meantime the committee will be guided by Board policy. The new Pace director (Instructor Special Assignment) will be hired soon.
    3. DAS - See attachment.
  9. Old Business
    1. Cluster Chair Resolution - Paul Kubicki raised the points that in case of a tie vote the issue dies and must be re-noticed; under state and local law contract issues are under the purview of the Union; and under Roberts Rules of Order (Section 46 and 47) it is inappropriate for a body such as the Academic Senate to vote on a resolution containing language perceived to resolve monetary interest. Mark Pracher confirmed this violation of this parliamentary procedure. The discussion ended at this point.
    2. ESL Coordinator Position - No action can be taken on this issue because of the same reason as raised in item 8A. It was recommended that the more appropriate place for this to be brought up was with the AFT Guild. Ed Raskin verified this. Faculty members were encouraged to attend the next Guild meeting to lend support.
    3. Title 5 Compliance Resolution - MSP (14y/1n/no absts.) to support the resolution that the college have a policy that courses must be taught according to the outline of record.
    4. Wall of Honor Resolution - MSP (11y/3n/1 abst.)to approve this resolution. An Ad Hoc committee will be formed with Paul Kubicki in charge regarding how to proceed from here.
    5. Limited Eligibility Assignment Restriction
    6. - MSP unanimous) to approve this motion. This item will now be sent on to the President.
    7. Faculty Awards
    8. - Yolanda Ramil handed out the stated criteria for the NISOD Medallion. Applications for The Howard Award were also announced. Yolanda handed out the criteria for this award and emphasized that it was a monetary award as well. February 16th is the deadline for this award.
  10. New Business
    1. Secondary Effects of Move to New LRC; Use of Space in Campus Center - It was decided that these decisions are more properly the purview of the Work Environment Committee and the Campus Development Committee. However, a broadly worded formal motion will be brought to the AS meeting in March.
    2. Rethinking Matriculation - Gwen Walker announced the vacancy of the Matriculation Coordinator position and the need to review the Coordinator's responsibilities and need for the position. An Ad Hoc task force to look into the matter was considered.
    3. 40% Research & Development Fellow - Mark Pracher presented a resolution to establish 4 research and development fellows. The positions will be used to encourage all areas of the college. MSP (13y/2n/no absts.) to support the concept of the resolution without committing to funding level or number of positions.
    4. Process for Filling All Vacant Positions - Discussion tabled.
    5. Vote Tabulation in Close (within two votes) Cases - Rick Scuderi announced that a written roll call vote would be taken in cases when the voting is close (yea's and nea's within two votes of each other).
    6. There being no new business, MSP ( Kubicki, M. Rettke - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Rick Scuderi, PhD
      Academic Senate Secretary