Attending: Rick Scuderi, J. Michael Reynolds, Larry Andres, Ralph La Rosa, John Orozco, Vickie Oddino, Ed Casson, Jose Luis Ramirez, Sonia Soto-Bair, Louie Zandalasini, David Jordan, John Morales, Gerald Scheib, Yolanda Ramil, Sandi Lampert, Janice Silver, Dale Newman, Gina LaMonica, Shelly Jefferis, Maria Fenyes, Gwen Walker, Leslie Milke, Rudolph Delatorre, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Alex Yguado, Julie Ruelas, Mark Pracher, Lori Bolin, Bob smazanka, Rachel Leeds, Margie Long, Paul Kubicki, Andres Torres, John Klitsner, David Jones, Ed Raskin


1. The meeting was called to order at 1:35pm by President Leslie Milke.


2. MSP (Kubicki, Orozco - unanimous) to accept the December 4th, '97 minutes.


3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:


Faculty Scholarship. . . . . . . . . . . . $24.62

Faculty Association, (ck). . . . . . . . .$429.00

Gallagher Scholarship. . . . . . . . . . . $29.47

David Lee Moss Scholarship. . . . . . . $2,914.27

Carla Bowman Scholarship. . . . . . . .$16,562.83


4. Public address. David Jones reports on a recent Accreditation Commission visit. A formal report on selected issues will be due on their next visit in November, '98. David cannot remember the last time such frequent visits and reports were required. The following needs to be addressed: 1.) a strategic, comprehensive plan of action adapted by the college, including program review and how the college will address all that needs to be required for a fully functioning Library/LRC as well as how it will address similar major college functions in the future 2.) a long term discipline and college fiscal plan to properly provide for college and discipline reserves 3.) Wide spread public dissemination of this important information 4.) the definition of the college's governance groups, their function, purpose, authority and goals and the wide dissemination of this information.


The District is working on a fiscal plan, so by November something concrete will be in place as a model to follow. The strategic plan and governance review has begun as well. The full accreditation report is due 2 years from now. Outcomes assessment is an important part of the report, so develop outcomes assessment meaningful to your discipline, specific competencies for every course including prerequisites and validations. Some discussion is held as to the number of competencies needed per course. Leslie states that LACCD colleges that are being accredited this year are uneasy due to the LACCD fiscal problems.


5. The membership welcomes new full-time faculty members John Morales, Chicano Studies, and Vicki Oddino, English. The membership introduce themselves one by one to John and Vicki.


6. President's Report


President Milke makes 2 preliminary comments. She thanks the Executive Board, particularly Gwen and Dale, for their guidance to her and announces that the DAS issues to be discussed later in the meeting were mistakenly not placed on the agenda.


A. Leslie and Gwen met with the president. Proper procedures need to be established to avoid conflicting administrative decisions. Unfortunately, expediency resulting in quick decisions sometimes hinders the forming of these proper procedures. Also discussed was the concern that the Academic Affairs Dean position is not yet permanent. The AS has a high priority to make this position permanent.


MSP (Newman, Kubicki - unanimous) that the administration proceed with the hiring of the permanent Dean of Academic Affairs and that a time line be established by the administration for this hiring to take place.


B. Results of G.E. proposed revisions - no report.


C. Permanent Dean of Academic Affairs issue - see 6A.


D. Leslie reports that Tom Oliver would like to come to the AS to present his plan for faculty restructuring related to the Accreditation Commission's recommendation. A discussion takes place regarding authority lines and impetus for faculty reorganization. Andres Torres emphasizes that administration has rights in this area and that we should seek cooperation with them. It is decided that Vice President Oliver will be invited to present his plan at our next meeting.


Although not formally on the agenda, Leslie speaks about important DAS issues. DAS had an emergency meeting yesterday regarding the District's financial problems. The new chancellor, at a previous presidents' meeting stated that the District needs to come up with $10 million more by the end of June. The District is already talking about March 15th slips. The restructuring of the District is also a high priority of the Board of Trustees. A recent Trustee motion is that the LACCD initiate a process of feedback from students, faculty, staff and community on the issues facing the District. In reaction to this motion, the DAS president is writing a letter to the Trustees requesting that the following information be provided by February 11th: 1.) what are the time limits for this feedback 2.) what is the process for procuring this feedback 3.) what kind of input are you seeking 4.) what will you do with the feedback. The DAS has come up with its own plan of restructuring the District involving the deletion of all but one vice-chancellor. Next Tuesday there will be an emergency meeting of DAS and the AFT so any dissention between the two groups can be avoided before it might begin. David Jones mentions our right to see the January 13th letter to Bill Segura from the Accreditation Commission. Alex mentions the District's need to form a plan quickly. Andres Torres states that the District cannot sell its vacant building downtown because it is liable for $24 million on the building and cannot sell it for that much. Torres also wishes to find out from the District exactly what receivership entails.


E. Janice Silver, Sandi Lampert and Richard Rains are recommended by the board as among the candidates for the Hayward Award for "Excellence in Education". An election for one LAMC choice will follow with write-in candidates included.


7. Committee Reports


A. There is no Curriculum Committee report.


B. Sonia Soto-Bair reports that all course curriculums were approved at the January EPAC meeting with the exception of one.


C. Larry Andres reports that lots of applications are coming in regarding the Honors Society. Two honors students have been accepted at UCLA. Thirty-eight students completed their contracts last fall. Larry does not yet know the total number of students that will do contracts this spring. Among the Universities connected with our Honor Society are UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, Pamona, and Northridge. Berkeley continues in the works, and a special inquiry with the art program at UCLA is being made.


D. Regarding student equity, Joanne Kalter-Flink is still awaiting information on grants. Student equity projects proceed under that umbrella.


E. Paul Kubicki reports on issues brought before the President's Coordinating Council. Issues regarding identifying standing committees continue, and well as the LAMC deficit which stands at $250,000 now. Also discussed was the accreditation report due in November regarding strategic planning, a campus fiscal plan, and defining governance groups.


F. The Campus Development Committee is currently involved with the renovation of the old library area on the 1st floor of the campus center. Various plans, costing $15,000, are discussed and a handout distributed for perusal. The committee is leaning toward Plan A because it allows more classroom space. The committee will vote on the three plans tomorrow. Maria Fenyes raises the issue of why the committee is involved in some campus changes, but not others, i.e. what is the extent of authority of the Campus Development Committee. Maria feels their authority should extend to the entire campus. Dale will bring up this point at the next Campus Development Committee meeting.


8. Old Business


A. No report concerning student conduct.


B. Committee membership needs to be determined. A blue form calling for volunteers is being distributed to all full-time faculty. Leslie asks the membership how the situation should be handled if there are more volunteers than positions available for a particular committee. In the case that a particular group of faculty needs to be represented on a certain committee, then that particular faculty group may pick their representative(s). In this case the faculty vote would be in place of an at-large vote.


9. New Business


Regarding a new Title 111 grant, Mark Pracher reports that $350,000 is available for each of the 5 following years regarding research on projects that would increase academic excellence by way of student success. Forty-eight of these grants are available nation-wide. Among other factors we are looking at are ways to increase the chances of students achieving their goals, defining more clearly their goals, achieving AA degrees, certificates, etc. Mark has a draft of the proposal, an 18 page concept paper, he would like to share with all who may be interested. Mark needs our input and help in forming the proposal and emphasizes its importance.



There being no further new business, MSP (Newman, Orozco - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting at 3:00pm.



Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate