Minutes of the May 4th, 1995 Meeting

Attending: Richard Close, Ed Raskin, Gerald Scheib, Ben Lopez, Mark Pracher, David Jones, Janice Silver, Louie Zandalisini, Yolanda Ramil, Sandra Lanpert, Julie Ruelas, Sally Silvers, Sonia Soto Bair, Rick Scuderi, Dale Newman.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:40 pm by President Dale Newman.
  2. MSP (Lampert, Ramil - Unanimous) to approve minutes of 4/6/95.
  3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances: Faculty Association $ 856.38
     Faculty Scholarship $ 710.17
     Gallagher Scholarship $ 512.01
     Moss Scholarship $3,169.56
     Bowman Scholarship $6,161.39
  4. Leslie Koritzke presented a page 0f policy statements by the District Matriculation Committee for the group's consideration.
    1. Policy A - Priority registration for new, non-exempt matriculation students who go through assessment, orientation, and/or advisement. MSP (Lampert, Silver - unanimous) to apprive Policy A.
    2. Registration delayed for probation students who fail to complete mandatory counseling. Comments taken from the floor. Ms. Koritzke will return for further discussions on Policy B.
    3. Announcements make regarding prerequisite validation training, validation enforcement, and telephone registration. Pre-requisites for English, Math and ESL will be enforced by the District computer system, but permits must be submitted as back-up to the computer system. New and continuing students will use the telephone registration system for Fall, '95.
  5. President's Report
    1. Dale Newman and Gwen Walker are meeting often with President Norlund to discuss campus climate issues. An outside mediator was discussed regarding campus tensions. Flattening versus a hierarchy of administration, and the Victor Valley Community College visit was also discussed. Positive feedback from Victor Valley Staff's involvement with an outside mediator, need for our own campus climate surveys, and current acting administrators were also discussed.
    2. A draft of the DAS Governance Agreement was distributed. Voting on this issue will probably not occur until November, 1995.
    3. The interim Accreditation document lists 8 recommendations. Discussion about these 8 recommendations will occur when the Final Accreditation Report is distributed.
    4. Five faculty members are retiring: Rayma Greenberg, Ben Lopez, Nino Eliseo, Andres Torres, and Del Peterson. Julie Ruelas, Dale Newman, Louise Zandalasini, and Yolanda Ramil will plan the retirement party at the Oddysee.
    5. Faculty volunteers are needed for the Student Equity Committee. Mark Pracher explained that the committee will study and report on the relation between access (gender, age, etc.) to programs at the college and what is the ratio of success in completing courses and programs in relation to the population of the service area. It is important for faculty to be involved in developing strategies to address both access and success for various student populations.
    6. A faculty volunteer is needed to be a student advocate. Dale Newman will supply more information on the duties of this position at the next meeting.
    7. Dale reports that in the very near future we will have a Faculty Senate Office probably located in the North Atrium.
    8. Conference monies are still available. Send evidence of the amount of monies you think are due to you to Dale Newman.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum
    2. Constitution - the new Constituion was approved.
    3. Hiring Committee - the Hiring Committee will meet next week.
    4. DAS - Julie Ruelas reports that the officers are the same with the exception of Ron Smetzer, who is now the Vice President of DAS. The Governance Agreement was mentioned and Interior Design and Food Service are now approved at LAMC as disciplines.
    5. ICAN - David Jones reported that a Program Review list is being distributed college wide. The outcome of these reviews will drive the Master Plan and Accreditation Report.
  7. Old Business
    1. Ethics Statement - David Jones will present an ethics statement during the first meeting of the Academic Senate in Fall, '95. It is expected that an ethics statement will be approved during the second meeting of the Academic Senate in Fall, '95.
    2. Graduation - Sandi Lampert would like to see more faculty involved. A questionnairre might be developed to determine what reasons cause faculty not to attend graduation ceremonies. Perhaps Flex day credit should be given. An Academic Senate memo might be composed exhorting faculty to attend.
    3. Sandi Lampert encourages Academic Senate members to support Culinary Arts students selected to attend a national contest. Monies are needed for the selected students to attend.
    4. Scrip - Julie Ruelas inquired that if monies are lent from an outside source to the Academic Senate can it be accepted. If so, monies can be barrowed to reap limited benefits regarding scrip. Currently less than $200 is available.
  8. New Business
    1. Julie Ruelas will investigate new recycling strategies.
    2. Sandi Lampert reports that Dean Carlos Nava wants to put food machines in the atriums. It was determined that this matter should be referred to Campus Development.

    Motion to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:19 pm.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Rick Scuderi, PhD
    Academic Senate Secretary