Attending: Dale Newman, Rick Scuderi, Julie Ruelas, Jan Silver, Leslie Milke, Sonia Soto-Bair, Mark Pracher, Paul Kubicki, Mari Rettke, Larry Andres, Ralph La Rosa, Larry Andres, John Kliztner, Chuch Dirks, Joyce Woodmansee, Gerald Scheib, Dudley Foster, Yolanda Ramil


1. The meeting was called to order at 1:50pm by President Dale Newman.


2. MSP (Kubicki, Rettke - unanimous) to accept the April 10th, '97 minutes.


3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the senate accounts have the following balances:



4. There is no public address. This item is required by the Brown Act.


5. President's Report


A. Regarding technology for the faculty, the AS had voted to use available monies to make the faculty offices wider and install computers. However, the monies were left in the college budget to help go towards paying off the college debt. A promise was made that there would be progress on this issue during the next fiscal year (Instructional Building wired, computers installed, etc.). Dale will be very vigilant on this issue during the next fiscal year.


Regarding faculty hiring, the president states that there are no more funds to do permanent hiring. Dale will pursue this issue. LAMC has the lowest ratio of full-time to part-time and hourly in the district, and the recommendation of the AS to significantly increase this ratio in favor of full-time faculty positions seems to be unheeded.


Several distressing signals include our president's apparent emphasis on making money over the quality and integrity of education. The major concern seems to be the number of students in a class and not the quality of what is being taught. Our district was recently fined 1.25 million dollars because of not meeting the proper ratio discussed above. The monies that would have been saved had the district done what it was supposed to do could have gone to hire new instructors instead of being sent back to the state. At L.A. West College the counselors were placed on a C basis until the union's effort reversed the unilateral decision. David Jones mentioned, on the other hand, that the district wants signs that the faculty is sincere about reducing the deficit. There is discussion over balancing faculty concerns about the ratio of full-time faculty to part-time and hourly instruction and the need to reduce the deficit. The AFT and DAS are working on resolving this issue on a district-wide basis while Dale will continue to press our president to get on with the hiring.


Dale announces that the vice-president of academic affair's hiring committee met last Tuesday and the process is proceeding. The vice-president of administrative services position is also coming up and Dale announced her desire to be the faculty representative on that selection committee. Also the dean of academic affairs position is coming up. If we have to make a recommendation over the summer and anyone is interested in being on this committee, please let Dale know. Dale does not know how many faculty positions we will get on this committee. Yguado interjected by asserting the need to continue discussion concerning the process of selecting faculty for hiring committees.


Chuck Dirks announces an exchange program with China's leading language university. As a result we will have a teacher who is ranked number 1 as the best Mandarin language professor in China to take the place of Dr. Fujimoto.


B. Regarding the State DAS Conference, an added distressing signal is State Chancellor Nussbaum's apparent reluctance to fully buy into shared governance. This is Dale's overall impression having attended the State DAS Conference in Sacramento and having listened to the State Chancellor's presentation. Dale states her concern about all these problems and her desire to lead a unified effort in overcoming them.


C. Dale announces that June 19th through the 22nd is the State Leadership Conference. The district is paying for this excellent opportunity. Let Dale know if you are interested and she will give you more information.


D. The Grand Marshals for this year's graduation ceremonies are Rachel Leeds and Maria Fences. Faculty are encouraged to attend the graduation ceremonies. The graduation breakfast is May 21st. Scholarships will be given out during presentations.


E. The Circle K no longer has a sponsor because Sandy Mayo transferred to Valley College. If anyone is interested please let Dale Newman know.


F. There is $500 left in additional Conference Compensation. As far as efficiency in distributing these funds, it seems that the $200 distribution is better than previous years where the individual distributions were $150.


6. Committee Reports


A. Regarding the Curriculum Committee, the minutes of the last 2 meetings are included with the agenda. Enrique cannot be present today because of the district-wide counselor's conference.


B. Sonia Soto-Bair has no report on EPAC.


C. Julie Ruelas reports the election of new DAS officers: Winston Butler, President; Beverly Shue, the new Vice- president; Dale Newman, Secretary; Luther Henderson, Treasurer. The ballot was conducted in an open manner. The votes were taken on numbered pieces of paper so the vote could be traced to a particular voter.


Modularization of courses is done through the approval of the local curriculum committee with the appropriate Title 5 review by the Title 5 Educational Services.


Handouts are made available to the membership, including handouts of previous DAS resolutions dating back to 1995.


D. Mark Pracher has no report on the Hiring Committee.


E. Regarding the Honors Committee, Larry Andres reports that the Transfer Alliance is accepted at UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Irvine, and UC Riverside. Acceptance at USC is still pending. So far, acceptance at UC Berkeley seems most challenging to obtain. The members at large acknowledge Larry's effort and the progress that has been made.


F. Joanne Kalter-Flink has no Student Equity report.


G. Paul Kubicki reports that the President's Coordinating Council is still working on its charter.


F. Yolanda Ramil announces the May 21st graduation breakfast beginning at 8:30am. The students value their instructors and want them to attend. The Scholarship Committee will soon decide who gets various scholarships to be handed out at the breakfast.


7. Old Business


A. The faculty copier is here and we are waiting for the Work Environment Committee to decide on its location. The faculty has two reams of paper available to each member and each member may take both reams together or one at a time. Every faculty member will have a code or card key to use the machine. Only faculty who have codes can use the machine. The Work Environment Committee will work on monitoring the number of copies for each faculty.


B. Leslie Milke announces the graduation date and time as May 22nd, at 5pm. She gives a reminder about the availability of caps and gowns and indicates that the Graduation Committee is developing a strategy for faculty recruitment.


8. New Business


A. Regarding the Faculty Recruiter position, the position would be in charge of diversifying hiring pools. It would be a 3-hour assignment. A discussion is held and the general conclusion reached that this is a district responsibility, especially since monies are too scarce to be duplicating this responsibility.


MSP (Kubicki/La Rosa - unanimous) to reject the position of the Faculty Recruiter.


B. Regarding other new business, a discussion is held concerning the establishment of a federal halfway house in this community. The danger this may present to the community is emphasized and adequate community discussions have not yet been held.


MSP (Dirks/Rettke - unanimous) to oppose the establishment of a federal halfway house in this community as a danger to our community and that we send the motion to the City Planning Commission.


A discussion is also held regarding the need for further discussions on the organization of the selection committees for campus hiring and the accuracy of the senate minutes.


MSP (Yguado/La Rosa - Y6, N5, Abst.1) that the discussion on the organization of the selection committees be brought back to the senate and that the minutes accurately reflect what transpires at the meetings and that we have an emergency meeting on May 21st to further discuss these issues.



There being no other new business, MSP (unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 2:55pm.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate







Attending: Rick Scuderi, Dale Newman, Ed Raskin, Gwen Walker, David Jones, Maria Fenyes, Ralph La Rosa, Larry Andres, Joyce Woodmansee, Ed Casson, Mark Pracher, Harlan Goldberg, Joanne Kalter-Flink, P.J. Haring, Alex Yguado, Gerald Scheib, Yolanda Ramil, Patricia Siever (guest).


1. The meeting was called to order at 3:15pm by Dale Newman.


2. Minutes from the previous emergency meeting of 4/21/97 reviewed. Jones and La Rosa note a correction to verb usage (criteria are, not criteria is).


MSP (Ramil, Jones - unanimous) to accept the minutes.


3. Regarding the accuracy of the AS minutes, Yguado states that the minutes do not reflect the debate which occurred when Vice President Walker was chairing the meeting of 4/10/97. Yguado emphasizes that the Academic Senate voted to reorganize the selection committee for the vice president of academic affairs and Ed Raskin said "Yes" when specifically asked if he would go along with the decision of the senate. Yguado would like the minutes to reflect the heated nature of the discussion and include Raskin's comment since the minutes of the 4/10/97 meeting are not yet approved and the tape of the meeting confirms Raskin's comment.


Scuderi emphasizes that it is the responsibility of the members at large to correct the previous meetings minutes when the review of those minutes takes place at the beginning of each meeting. There is discussion about whether or not the 4/10/97 minutes were indeed approved. The minutes of 4/10/97 were approved at the beginning of the 5/1/97 AS meeting before Yguado arrived at that meeting. Ed Raskin denies making the comment in response to Yguado's above-mentioned question. It is noted that during heated discussion comments are flying in many different directions and what is said and the meaning of what is said or not said is not always clear. Some at the current emergency meeting state they heard Raskin say the comment. Some others do not remember. Scuderi reviewed the tape and did not find evidence that Raskin said comment described by yguado. In addition, it is noted that many at the current emergency meeting were not at the April meeting in question. Yguado reiterates that the tone and meat of the April discussion should be reflected in those minutes.


MS (Yguado, La Rosa) that item 6C of the April 10th minutes include in this section that Ed Raskin agrees to go along with the recommendation of the senate.


Y3, N3, Abst3 - Motion fails.


2. Dale announces the second issue, namely determining a process of chosing members for selection committees that the membership would feel comfortable with. However at this time some members leave the emergency meeting with the result that there is no longer a quorum. Nonetheless an informal discussion is held centering around Maria Fenyes' suggestion that Dale create a memo asking for volunteers to form a committee. The committee would recommend to the general body a method for choosing members to sit on hiring committees. In September we would vote on who we would like to be on that committee and then the committee would begin its work.


3. Another informal discussion is held regarding President Norlund's response to the AS sending him a list of steps toward increasing full-time permanent faculty beginning next semester.

The administration's delay in responding is noted along with the faculty's wasted effort and time in doing there own difficult work in a timely fashion. It is also noted that the administration ignored the recommendation of the AS not to hire in proposed the 3 hour diversity position. That it is too late to start selection processes now is due to the administration's delay, not the faculty's delay. Also, secondary effects of Dr. Norlund's response would have negative effects on program review and the development of new courses. Also, the accreditation commission has recommended that this college increase the ratio for full-time to part-time faculty. The commission team is due back this coming year and we should remind them of the lack of progress in this area. A suggestion is made that the executive board should remain on call to deal with this matter and related matters during the summer.

The discussion finished at 4:30pm

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate