Attending: John Klitsner, Ralph LaRosa, John Orozco, Robert Smazenka, Mike Reynolds, Vickie Oddino, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Sonia Soto-Bair, Margie Long, Julie Ruelas, Janice Silver, Lorraine Manoogian, Louise Barbato, P. Rivera, Paul Kubicki, Jose Luis Ramirez, Yolanda Ramil, Gerald Sheib, Gwen Walker, Leslie Milke, Rick Scuderi, David Jordan, Dale Newman, Alex Yguado, Rudolph DeLaTorre


1. The meeting was called to order at 1:40pm by President Milke.


2. MSP (Kubicki/Walker - unanimous) to approve the minutes of 4/2/98.


3. Treasurer's report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:


Faculty Scholarship 0322-5350-89(sav). . . . $ 14.96

Faculty Association 0311-0030-16(ck) . . . . $ 394.55

Gallagher Scholarship 0322-5500-13(sav). . . . $ 12.88

Moss Scholarship 0311-5101-43(ck) . . . . $ 2,437.06

Bowman Scholarship 0322-0001-26 . . . . . . $17,286.16


MSP (Kubicki/Orozco - unanimous) for AS to contribute $250 for upcoming scholarship and awards breakfast.


4. No public address.


5. President's Report


Leslie Milke presents Dale Newman with a plaque of appreciation for her work as the previous AS president and anounces that the plaque with the names of the past presidents now is inscribed with her name.


A. Continuing consultation with the president involves, among other issues, making permanent the Dean of Academic Affairs position. President once again affirms his commitment to this, but does not set a timeline. This effort may be complicated by the uncertainty of what decentralization will bring. Other campuses have already gotten task forces and committees together concerning the decentralization's effect. However, not much is actually happening yet. Apparently what is being proposed is that each campus will get $15 million. Discussion centers around this figure and how it was determined. Further discussion is held regarding the district's imposed 5 day furlough and the statement concerning D base assignments not being part of the tenure contract.


B. The copy machine in the faculty offices is in danger of being permanently damaged due to abuse, particularly by a few faculty members who xerox excessive amounts at one time. A discussion is held about moving the xerox machine to a less conspicuous area. No conclusion is reached. It was suggested that those few faculty members be contacted and told to cease this activity. Leslie said that she would look further into the matter.


C. Leslie distributes copies of the Board of Trustees motion for reform and decentralization, passed on 5/4/98, to the general membership. Leslie gives background on the controversy regarding how the motion was passed so quickly. Among other questionable procedures, the discussion and vote was moved up on the agenda by about 3 hours. Despite the AFT pushing for speed on this crucial issue, Leslie reports that Ed Raskin made a presentation defending Althea Baker's caution and opposed the "rush vote" on the matter.


D. Regarding faculty organization, a discussion is held about when the faculty will be able to dialogue with each other about the pending results of the restructuring survey composed by Richard Rains.


MSP (Kubicki/LaRosa - unanimous) that a faculty forum be held before the end of the semester to examine the results of the restructuring survey.


E. The graduation breakfast and scholarship presentations was announced for May 21st, '98.


F. The LAMC Technology Fair was announced for May 8th, from 1 to 5pm.


Committee Reports


A. Curriculum - No report.


B. Sonia Soto-Bair reports that EPAC continues to be involved with approving course curriculum and finalizing new disciplines.


C. Honors - Joanne Kalter-Flink reports that the search is still on for a chairperson of this committee next year.


D. Regarding the President's Coordinating Council, Paul Kubicki reports that $8.4 million are available for classes, but that more is needed. Also, a handout was distributed regarding the elimination of ICAN reconstitution of this committee as 3 individual committees, the Master Planning Committee, the College Evaluation Committee, and the Institutional Accreditation Committee. Some discussion is held on the feasibility of this change, with no conclusion being reached.

E. Regarding the Campus Development Committee, Dale Newman reports that the Health Services Trailer will be constructed soon, the Information Office will be converted back again, and conversations are taking place involving moving the Mac Lab into the graphics office in the Library/LRC area. Maria Fenyes leads a discussion regarding more automatic door openers, especially for the Instruction Building. This is a college and district responsibility involving the Americans with Disabilities Act and our disabled student and faculty population. Phil Pearson is also involved in this issue.


F. Hiring Committee - it is announced that a full-time position in Microbiology has been filled.



7. Old Business


MSP (Yguado, LaRosa - unanimous) to include under Old Business a follow-up on the English Department's evaluation check list.


A. A revised checklist is presented to the membership. The checklist is for supplemental information in addition to the student evaluation to determine if the discipline is being taught as planned.


MSP (Kubicki, Ygaudo - unanimous) to approve the checklist.


B. Leslie reports that all the audio Visual equipment has arrived.


C. Dale Newman reports that flex credit will be given for those who attend the up-coming Cal Virtual University workshop.

8. New Business


A. David Jordan reports that the paralegal graduation service will be held on May 9th at 11 am in front of the Library/LRC.


B. Although there is no resolution brought forth, a discussion is held concerning the appropriateness of some letters being put in faculty mailboxes. Apparently, with the Dean of Students approval, letters were placed in faculty mailboxes and later other letters responding to the original letters also placed in faculty mailboxes. These letters were contentious and political in nature. The discussion revolves around their appropriateness in maintaining a professional environment and whether such types of letters should be placed in faculty mailboxes. A question is also raised as to who paid for the letters. Leslie states that the AS needs to research these questions.


C. Gwen Walker announces that conference attendance monies, originally at $6000 for '97-'98, are now at $1700. Contact Leslie or Gwen ASAP if you wish to have an up-coming conference paid for through these funds. The conference must be held by 6/30/98.


D. Leslie announces that a faculty party will be held after graduation ceremonies.



MSP (Reynolds, LaRosa - unanimous) to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 3:20pm.



Minutes Respectfully Submitted by

Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of the Academic Senate