Attending: Mark Pracher, Paul Kubicki, Sonia Soto-Bair, Dudley Foster, Yolanda Ramil, Gerald Scheib, Alex Yguado, Julie Ruelas, Marie Fenyes, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Dale Newman, Gwen Walker, David Jones, Rick Scuderi, John Klitsner, Joyce Woodmansee, Jesus Ochoa (ASO), Janice Silver, Ralph LaRosa, Mari Rettke, Gina Lamonica, Larry Andre, Edgardo Zayas.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 1:35pm by President Dale Newman.
  2. Due to the lack of a quorum at the October Academic Senate meeting, both the September and October minutes were examined at the November meeting. MSP (unanimous) to accept the September minutes. Concerning the October minutes, 7c is corrected to read, "The DAS meeting and upcoming retreat is briefly described by Julie Ruelas"; 8c is corrected to read, "Study of the incomplete policy process is dropped due to language adequately covering the subject already existing in Title 5". MSP (unanimous) to accept the October minutes as corrected.

    Also due to the lack of a quorum at the October meeting, the motions passed at that meeting must be approved at the November meeting. MSP (unanimous) to approve items 6a of the October minutes (money for DAS refreshments), 7a (Honors program), and 9b (Student Equity Committee as an AS standing committee).

  3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:
        Faculty Scholarship    0322-5350-89 (sav)    $   488.83
        Faculty Association    0311-0030-16 (Ck)     $   969.55
        Gallagher Scholarship  0322-5500-13          $   272.61
        Moss Scholarship       0311-5101-43 (Ck)     $ 2,906.36
        Bowman Scholarship     0322-0001-26          $16,562.83
        Checks written:  10/17/96 LAMC Culinary Arts. . .$50.00
                                  (Faculty Forum, refreshments)

    MSP (unanimous) for the AS to continue to provide refreshments for faculty forums.

    It is also noted that better methods are needed to distribute information regarding student scholarship availability to the students themselves.

  4. Academic Senate guest President Norlund explains the appointment to the Acing Dean of Instruction position. He made the appointment primarily because confidentiality was seriously breached with the public revelation and discussion of the candidates running for the position. Thus the process was tainted and the potentiality for litigation was significant. Dr. Norlund states that he made the appointment in the best interests of the college and tried to chose a person who would command strong faculty support. A brief discussion and question and answer period follows Dr. Norlund's explanation, mostly dealing with an elaboration of the breach of confidentiality. It is emphasized by several in attendance that lessons learned from this should be applied to future selection procedures.
  5. Public Address - no report. This agenda item required by the Brown Act.
  6. President's Report
    1. The DAS meeting is to be held November 14th, from 1:30pm to 4:00pmapproximetly in the main auditorium of the campus center. Free lunch will be served at 1:30pm. See, there really is a free lunch!
    2. The DAS is donating $2500 to each campus academic senate because of an excess of funds. Talk to your constituents regarding how you would like to spend the funds and let Dale or Gwen know so these suggestions can be presented at our next AS meeting. The monies go from the District Office to the appropriate accounts as soon as we are able to inform the District specifically how we want to spend it.
    3. Dale attended the State Academic Senate Conference and reports that a committee representing UC's, CSU's and CC's drafted a document delineating the English and Math skill high school graduates should possess before entering post- secondary education. This document was distributed at the conference and passed around at our November AS meeting. Let Dale or Gwen know if you want to study it or have it copied for you. A resolution was passed recognizing the contributions of Learning Assistance Centers. The State AS Executive Board will encourage the Board of Governors to encourage district compliance with the 75% - 25% full-time to part-time faculty ratio. A resolution was passed that faculty development funds expenditures be placed more in control of the faculty themselves. Support for categorical funding for libraries was approved. It was also noted that an influx of post-secondary students will soon be coming to our campuses according to state and national statistics.
    4. Regarding the Presidential Selection Committee, the interviews will probably begin in December. One or Two finalists are to be presented to the Board along with the Two finalists from the previous selection committee. The composition of the present committee is different from the previous committee. Student and some faculty reps are different. Yolanda Ramil and Dale Newman remain the same, with Dudley Foster taking Chuck Ackernecht's place (Chuck resigned) as AS rep, and Marie Panic taking Sherill Frank's place (Sherill resigned) as Union rep.
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Regarding the Honors Program, Larry Andre indicates that courses are to begin in the spring of '97. Courses designated as Honors are Astronomy 1, English 101, Humanities 1, Psychology 1 and Music 111. Under certain conditions, these honors classes do not have to go through campus curriculum and articulation processes to be designated as honors classes. The Honors Program is articulating with UCLA's Transfer Alliance Program. The Honors coordinator position is still opened. The position carries .2 release time, the coordinator must be a permanent employee, and the position begins in the spring semester. It is yet to be determined whether or not office help or a place for honors students to congregate will be available.
    2. Regarding the Curriculum Committee, Enrique Gonzales reports that the District Curriculum Committee has approved all courses submitted by LAMC - namely Spanish 65 and Computer Science 406. A draft of procedures and an interim form to approve internet courses are being examined to insure that these courses follow standard criteria regarding methodology, content, contact hours, etc. The procedures and forms should be finalized within this fiscal year. By next meeting a final draft of procedures may be available for our perusal. Our LAMC English 101 Online course may be approved on campus for the spring, but probably not at District because these procedures are not yet in place. Pre-requisite validation and the revising of general education requirements continue to be on-going endeavors.
    3. David Jones reports that The District Academic Senate held a retreat for the purpose of drafting district goals regarding shared governance, stronger direct communication with the Board of Trustees, technology symposiums, consultation policies, and the support of the AFT position for faculty salary increases. At the last DAS meeting several issues were discussed including approval of goals for '96 -'97, shared governance, support of the Pierce resolution for prerequisite checking at the District level. A motion supporting Acting President Norlund to continue on at LAMC was set aside to the DAS Executive Board.
  8. Old Business
    1. Regarding the proposed changes to the Constitution, MSP (unanimous) to pass on all 5 options for faculty vote. MSP (unanimous) to strike the phrase ". . .including three cluster chairpersons" in 16d of proposed changes to the Standing Rules. Under 18, Curriculum Committee, MSP (unanimous)to strike the phrase ". . . three representatives, one for each cluster". Also, MSP (unanimous) to strike 1a and 2a, the vice president of the Senate as committee chair. MSP (unanimous) to vote on option 1 or 2 after the faculty decides on which of the above 5 options to adopt. It is noted that the membership had voted to make the Student Equity Committee a standing committee of the body. Thus this must also be included in the standing rules ASAP. Regarding the faculty make-up of the Budget Committee and MPAC it is decided to wait for the faculty vote on the 5 options mentioned above.
    2. Regarding page 13 of the proposed new Hiring Policy, MSP to omit required approval of ICAN. However, alliances to increase our strength in the form of consulting with and requesting the endorsement of ICAN and other groups and committees is emphasized. On page 21, #3, MSP to change the phrase ". . .cluster chair and one or more faculty members" to ". . .cluster/department chair and one or more faculty members". The need for a fair policy for long term subs via a Senate resolution is mentioned. MSP that Senate directs the Hiring Committee to convene and complete the hiring policy with regard to long term subs.
    3. Discussion on the Mission Governance Document is placed on hold.
    4. Documentation from Title 5 and Board rules adequately covers the Incomplete policy.
    5. David Jones reports that information regarding overlapping classes is passed on to the V.P. of Academic Affairs. Nothing has been done about it to this point.
    6. A lengthy discussion took place concerning P.E. waivers for veterans. No decision is reached due to a lack of a quorum at this point in the meeting.

Due to the length of the meeting and the lack of a quorum at this point in the meeting, the rest of the agenda's items are placed on hold for the next meeting. Handouts regarding agenda items 8g, and under New Business, 9a and 9b are attached to the November meeting's agenda. Meeting adjourned at 3:35pm.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by
Dr. Rick Scuderi, Secretary of Academic Senate