Minutes of the Academic Senate Meeting

 November 3, 2005



Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers, Stan Levine, Leslie Milke, Janice Silver, Terri English,  Said Pazirandeh, Phoebe Rivera, Joyce Woodmanse, Charles Dirks

     (Exec. Members) Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Eloise Cantrell, Gary Prostak, Mark Pursley, Gwen Walker, Michael Climo, Vickie Oddino

Faculty Present:, Lilamani DeSilva,  Jose Luis Ramirez,  David Jordan ,Margie Long, Lorraine Manoogian, Alex Yguado, John Klitsner,  Myriam       Mekelburg, Sonia Soto-Bair, Geri Shapiro, , Sandy Thomsen, Harlan Goldberg, , Bonnie Sherman, Rick Scuderi

     Voting Members Absent: Clive Gordon, Ralph La Rosa, John Orozco, Leslie Foster, Paul Kubicki, Ruthie Grant,


I.       Visitors/Guests: None

  Louise Barbato VP called the meeting to order at 1:50 p.m.


II.      Approval of Minutes: (Milke/Long)

         TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF October 6, 2005

 Correction were made on page 1 to the spelling of John Klitsner’s name

 Correction: page 3 item VII add EOPS in front of counseling for Jose Louis Ramirez




Officers’ Reports

 A.  President (Angela Echeverri)


PRESIDENT’S REPORT November 3, 2005

1. Interim President Search

On Friday, October 28th, three candidates were interviewed for the interim president position at LAMC. The committee members present at the interview included Chancellor Young, President Barrera, two faculty representatives (Cantrell & Echeverri), administrators (Acuna, Fenyes, Hoefel, & Ramirez), staff (Reisner), and a student (ASO President Rodriguez). Yesterday, Chancellor Young recommended and the Board of Trustees approved the selection of Dr. Jose A. Leyba for the interim position. Dr. Leyba is currently a Provost at the Maricopa County Community College District, a ten campus district in Arizona. He has also worked as Acting and Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at Maricopa.  Dr. Leyba started his academic career as a social studies teacher in the K-12 system.

His appointment will likely begin in December and continue through June, 2006. Dr. Leyba’s energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the challenges facing LAMC impressed many of the committee members. We look forward to working with him during his tenure and welcome him to LAMC.

The selection process for a permanent president will begin in the near future.





2. Response to LRC and LRC Director Motion

The President has informed me that she has decided to begin the recruitment and selection process for the LRC Director anew, to address the concerns about the lack of full time faculty applying for the position. The job description is being rewritten to address this issue.


3. Hiring Policy

The LAMC faculty hiring policy approved by the LAMC Academic Senate on 10/6/05 was signed by President Barrera and is now in effect.

The hiring policy is posted on the academic senate website at: www.lamission.edu/academicsenate.


4. Hiring update

Hiring committees for Multimedia and two Counseling probationary positions are currently interviewing candidates.  The Committee for the Administration of Justice position has not started interviewing yet.


5. Committee Changes

Article 32 of the new AFT contract contains specific language on campus committees (see 10/6/05 report). College Council members met on 10/20/05 to discuss how to best implement these changes in our governance structure. All standing committees will meet separately to discuss the following points:

1.         Statement of Purpose (Mission Charter - overall goals).

2.         Composition (should we specify the number of classified and faculty to serve?)

3.         Delineation of Responsibilities (specify the scope of responsibilities of each committee

            to eliminate duplication of effort.)

4.         Communication Between Committees (should certain committees meet jointly?  If yes,

            how frequently and which committees should do so?)

5.         Committee Title (does the committee's current title convey its intended purpose?  If no,

            what title would be more appropriate?)

6.         Proposed Organizational Structure (what organizational structure conveys any changes

            that you will be recommending to the governance committees of LAMC?)

College Council will reconvene on 11/17/05 to discuss the recommendations.




6. Accreditation Update

Next general meeting will be Tuesday, November 8th at 2:30 PM in Room INST-2014. Committees will need to select faculty co-chairs by November 14th, 2005. John Glavan will be making an accreditation report to the BOT along with Valley and Pierce Colleges, on 11/16/05.

For information on LAMC accreditation go to: www.lamission.edu/accreditation


7. Academic Senate for California Community College Fall Plenary Session

Starts today in Pasadena and ends on 11/5/05. The theme is Managing Conflict: By Balancing Principles with Pragmatism. For more information see: www.academicsenate.cc.ca.us


8. Adjunct Faculty Recognition Dinner

Adjunct faculty will be recognized for their contributions to LAMC at a dinner on Saturday, 11/5/05 from 4 to 6 PM in the atrium of the instructional building. For more information contact Eloise Cantrell or AFT E-Board members.



9. Matriculation Plan

The LAMC Matriculation Plan was submitted on 11/2/05.


10. Block Grant (Instructional Equipment) Funds

Block grant funds are in for 2005-06 (approximately $134,000). It is likely that the Senate will form a subcommittee to review requests and allocate these funds. If you are interested please sign up today or contact me directly. ( The following faculty signed up for the Block grant committee: Margie Long, Sandi Lampert, Leslie Milke, Sonia Soto Bair, Gary Prostak, Sandy Thomsen, Louise Barbato,

Mike Reynolds


Treasurer (Mark Pursley)                              

1.         Report on account at the First American Bank:

            a.   Faculty Senate Checking Account                       $1,757.87 

            b.   Carla Bowman Scholarship                                  $3,355.97

            c    David Lee Moss Scholarship                                  $655.11


 2.         Faculty Dues of $25 are due now.  14 faculty have paid.   Please pay Mark as soon as possible.


            Parliamentarian (Gwen Walker)-no report

IV.  Public Address: NONE


 V.  Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

         A.   Curriculum: (Said Pazirandeh)

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Deadline for course outlines is November 4, 2005 for Spring courses.

We are putting together a calendar for timelines.  Any course outline older than 6 years needs to be redone or it will not be able to be taught in Fall 2006.


 B.  District Academic Senate (Mike Climo)

·        Discussion of D basis coordinator position for the LACCD for the articulation process for the three colleges


C.  EPAC (Sonia Soto-Bair) –No report.


VI.   Old Business

·        Accreditation Update ( Angela Echeverri for John Glavin)

Meeting Tuesday , November 8 at 2:30 room 2014- please come so your committees can get organized.




·        LRC Status – discussion of the LRC director position and response from Dr.Barrera was discussed. The idea of hiring a full-time permanent faculty position that could be nationally recruited was suggested.  Louise Barbato called for volunteers to form a committee to work on the draft job announcement for the Learning Center director position handed out at the council of instruction and will bring it back to the senate for acceptance. The following faculty members volunteered to be on the LRC Committee:

Louise Barbato, Terri English,(Susan Polk, volunteered by Terri), David Jordan, Leslie Milke, Janice Silver, Sandy Thomsen, Jose Louis Ramirez, Michael Climo, Harlan Goldberg, Sonia Soto-Bair, Gary Prostak,.  It was also recommended that a representative from the math and culinary arts disciplines should also be involved to give input as they use tutors.


VII.    New Business- The issue of where the EOPS counselors should be placed for representation was discussed.  The counselors will meet and resolve the issues.  President Echeverri stated that the senate needs to look at the senate constitution and departments as they have re-configured since the original constitution was written. Mike Climo stated that there needs to be a motion for this EOPS representation move. Jose Louis Ramirez will hand-in a written motion to be noticed next senate meeting.


VIII.   Announcements and Open Forum

                            (Visitors and senators for matters not currently on the agenda)

·        Jan Silver announced the WALK of AGES December 4, Sunday – Contact Sandi Lampert for details.

·        Eloise Cantrell invited everyone to join in the baby shower celebration in   honor  of Angela Echeverri to be held after the December 1, 2005 senate meeting  approx. 3:00 p.m..  We will have dessert and yummies and fun with Angela.  Angela is registered at Baby R US and Toys R US.  So have fun shopping and we will see you after the Senate meeting.  Please RSVP Eloise -Gwen or Lil De Silva. We will tell you which room it will be in when we find out how many are coming. Thanks



                          The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

                          Submitted by Eloise Cantrell, Secretary