Minutes of the October, 1994 Meeting

  1. The meeting was called to order by President Dale Newman.
  2. MSP (Ruelas, Silver - Unanimous) to approve minutes of 3/1/95.
  3. Treasurer's Report--Ben Lopez said he did not have his report for the meeting but asked that it be included in the minutes.
  4.  Faculty Scholarship Fund     $ 335.15
     Faculty Association            605.91
     Gallagher Scholarship           11.85
     Moss Scholarship             3,156.13
     Carla Bowman Scholarship     3,592.27
  5. Dale Newman introduced Jeanne Rowe, President of the Mission College Foundation. She spoke about instituting a 550 Program, a payroll deduction program to raise seed money for the Foundation and improve its ability to reach out into the community and help Mission College.

    Dale also introduced Ed Casson, the new librarian.
  6. President's Report
    1. Dale Newman reported on her meeting with Dr. Fujimoto. She and Gwen Walker are planning to meet with him once a week whenever possible. She and Gwen present the Governance Agreement, which incorporated suggestions presented by faculty members. Dr. Fujimoto requested some minor clarifications and changes. The agreement will be revised and resubmitted to him as soon as possible. Upon his approval, the Agreement will be brought back to the Academic Senate before Dale will sign it. Also discussed during this meeting was the Academic Senate office. Dr. Fujimoto approved the use of the locksmith's office on a temporary basis; the Senate office will move to a more appropriate location after the new library building opens. All faculty will have access to this office. Dr. Fujimoto also requested the initiation of the process of selecting a permanent Vice President.
    2. District Academic Executive Meeting--Chancellor Neil Yoneji was a guest at this meeting. He spoke on the following topics: restructuring of administration, diversity of faculty, and student access and success. When asked, he stated that he was in favor of faculty evaluation of administrators. The DAS also discussed two Board Rules. The first, Trustee Baker's Risk Management proposal, has been split into two parts: the hiring of additional counsel and the creation of a risk management department. The Board voted to hire one additional attorney and to sent the the Risk Management part of the proposal back to the Budget Committee. Anyone with ideas about the proposal or the kind of training that would be appropriate please contact Dale. The vote on the second Board Rule, Trustee Connor's proposal, was postponed until October 19.
    3. There will be a workshop entitled "The Ethical Classroom" at City College on Friday, October 7. Anyone interested in having such a workshop here at Mission, please see Dale.
    4. There will be a Multiple Disciplines Meeting on Friday, October 28, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Trade Tech.
    5. Dale attended a Geocluster Meeting September 30 at Southwest. Participants discussed ways of getting faculty involved in committee work. The group will meet again on November 3, 4, and 5.
    6. Dale discussed the possibility of the college creating a new classified position by hiring an athletic trainer, a full-time position, for the P. E. department. This matter will be discussed at MPAC; Dale asked for faculty input.