Minutes of the October 5, 1995 Meeting

Attending: Ed Raskin, Janice Silver, Lee Musgrave, Mari Rettke, Paul Kubicki, Ben Lopez, Mark Pracher, Leon Risenberg, Sandra Lampert, Chuck Ackerknecht, David Jones, Dudley Foster, Yolanda Ramil, Dale Newman,~Louie Zandalasini, John Cantley, Gwen Walker, Sonia Soto-Bair, Alex Yguado, Harlan Goldberg, Julie Ruelas.

A meeting of -the whole began at 1:45 p.m. with guest, Leon Marzillier, AFT Guild President speaking on the cluster system and answering general questions from the senate.

The meeting was officially called to order at 1:53 p.m. by President Dale Newman.

Treasurer's Report: Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:

Faculty Scholarship       478.75
Faculty Association       771.69
Gallagher Scholarship              14.97
Moss Scholarship         3084.12
Bowman Scholarship         16098.45

It was announced that Mr. Frank Bowman has donated Mission College. An appreciation letter will be sent by Dale Newman on behalf of the Academic Senate.

MSP That time be set aside in the agenda of the next Senate meeting for the discussion of establishing a commemorative for deceased and retired faculty.

MSP To approve treasure's report.

Other issues brought before AFT Guild President Marzillier were the possibility of a trimester system and issues related to computer/EMail access for faculty as well as copyright issues.

MSP To accept minutes of September 7, 1995.

President's Report: It was announced the E-Mail access for faculty will be available in the near future. A mini workshop will be scheduled for faculty to prepare for use of the five machines which will be available.

President Newman brought it to the attention of the Senate regarding unauthorized release of student records that:

"Release of student records by faculty members to their parties, which includes parents or other family members, without a student's written permission or absent judicial order is prohibited by the California; Constitution and the Educators Code."

Committee Reports:

Constitution: MSP that it be removed from the agenda due to the fact that no action was taken.

Hiring: a hiring list was presented for approval positions on the first part of the list needed to be dealt with immediately.

Administration of Justice
Culinary Arts
Developmental Communications

Those on the followinq list would then be considered:

Cooperative Education
Child Development
English as a Second Language
Geography/Environmental Science
Physical Science/Astronomy

Much discussion followed regarding the creation and prioritization of such a list. It was generally acknowledged that the task described above was a difficult one.

MSP that the Senate accept the recommendation of the Senate Hiring; Committee.

DAS: A brief DAS report was presented bs President Newman.

Old Business:

Ethics Resolution: The proposed code of ethics was reviewed by the Senate. David Jones spoke in reference to it particularly regarding the topic of academic honesty.

Academic Senate Logo: MSP That the "gavel" image be chosen as the official Academic Senate logo.

Mari suggested that $1000 from the DAS be used to purchase hard drive and additional memory for computer. It was recommended that Mari obtain prices to discussed at next Academic Senate meeting.

Elections: Will occur sometime after November's meeting.

Cluster Chair Resolution: The Cluster Chair Resolution will appear as noticed motion at the next Academic Senate meeting. It was pointed out that the 5th rationale for this further explanation.

Title Five Compliance: It was brought out by David Jones that LAMC has no policy in regards to Title Five compliance of conforming course content.

An article was read describing an agreement between Van Nuys School and Valley College. The agreement involved offering school seniors college credit for some coursework.

Holiday Party: Senator Julie Ruelas volunteered to serve on the Holiday Party Committee-.

Upcoming contract negotiations: Paul Kubicki passed out negotiations bulletin #1 and encouraged faculty to send letters to the Guild office c/o Tom Kramer.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by

Rick Scuderi, PhD
Academic Senate Secretary

With special thanks to Julie Ruelas and Margarite for their help.