Attending: Sandy Thomson, Mark Pracher, Joanne Kalter Flink, Larry Andre, Gina Lamonica, Leslie Milke, John Klitsner, Julie Ruelas, Jose Luis Ramirez, Sonia Soto Bair, Harlan Goldberg, Alex Aguado, Rudy Garcia, Louie Zandalasini, Maria Fenyes, David Jones, Ed Raskin, Yolanda Ramil, Margie Long, Leon Risemberg, Rick Scuderi

Special note: because of the lack of a quorum the Academic Senate met as a committee of the whole. All decisions of the group are thus not final until approved by the next Academic Senate meeting which achieves a quorum. Gwen Walker chairs the meeting in President Newman's absence.

  1. The committee of the whole was called to order at 1:55 by Gwen Walker.
  2. Minutes of 9/5/96 were examined. MSP (unanimous) to accept the minutes.
  3. Treasurer's Report. Currently the Senate accounts have the following balances:
        Faculty Scholarship      0322-5350-89 (Sav)    $   488.83
        Faculty Association      0311-0030-16 (Ck)     $ 1,305.04
        Gallagher Scholarship    0322-5500-13 (Sav)    $   570.01 
        Moss Scholarship         0311-5101-43 (Ck)     $ 2,903.21
        Bowman Scholarship       0322-0001-26 (Sav)    $16,444.61 
  4. New faculty Rudy Garcia, Culinary Arts, and Margie Long, Speech, were introduced.
  5. Public Address - no report. This agenda item required by the Brown Act.
  6. President's Report
    1. DAS meeting will be here on November 14th. MSP that refreshments will be provided by our AS and DAS will transfer money to our account, contingent upon approval by DAS.
    2. The State Academic Senate Conference will be held during Wednesday and Thursday of the last week in October. For details, pick up written information in the Faculty Senate office.
    3. The effectiveness of the faculty forums is evident. The faculty expresses much satisfaction with being able to discuss issues in such a free format. Our next faculty forum will be mid-October, Campus Center, Room 4.
    4. Regarding the Campus Development Committee, Alex Aguado reports that a motion was passed that the space our library presently occupies be reserved for added classrooms once the move to the new library/LRC is made. Alex also announced that scheduled walk through tours of the new library/LRC are slated to begin in December.
    5. Yolanda Ramil reports on the Presidential Selection Committee. The effort now is, once the second round of interviews are completed, to submit at least 3 names for final selection. Final selection may not be till early spring, '97.
    6. Concerning the Acting Dean of Instruction position, the deadline to apply to be on the Acting Dean Selection Committee is this coming Monday. A lengthy discussion follows this announcement with several faculty members in favor of extending the deadline and holding an election of those candidates who submit their names as to who finally would represent the faculty on the Acting Dean Selection Committee. Discussion also included establishing criteria for an effective Acting Dean of Instruction. Some faculty voiced concern that if this were done, it would have to be done quickly because the time-line to select the acting dean is fast approaching. It is also noted that the AS president has the legal power to appoint faculty representatives. An emergency meeting of the AS is considered. Some discussion also included the Acting Dean of Academic Affairs' right to just appoint the Acting Dean of Instruction versus any other procedure.
  7. Committee Reports
    1. Regarding Honors, David Jones moves that we accept the Honors program on campus with a .2 release time for the advisor of the program. MSP. Feedback is needed on what the application for the advisor position should look like and what the criteria we should be looking for in such a person. Larry Andre offers to participate on the Honors Committee.
    2. Regarding curriculum, the General Education Committee's draft copy of prerequisite validations are in the faculty lounge. No further report on curriculum developments.
    3. The DAS meeting and retreat is briefly described by Julie Ruelas.
    4. Changes in our Faculty Senate constitution are noticed by Alex Aguado. A copy of the proposed changes can be found in the Faculty Senate office and the faculty lounge.
  8. Old Business
    1. Our hiring policy is noticed for action at our next meeting. A copy of our hiring policy can be found in our faculty lounge. Currently Alex Aguado, Geri Shieb, Lee Risemberg, Mark Pracher and Marie Fenyes are on the committee.
    2. Our Mission Governance Document is noticed for action at our next meeting in November. A copy of the document is in the faculty lounge.
    3. Marie Fenyes and Paul kubicki will continue to study the incomplete policy and offer some suggestions and possible action and/or resolution at a later date.
    4. David Jones announced that the Noel Levitz research team will be on campus for two days during the latter part of October for interviews with various faculty, staff and administrators regarding differing views on how to increase retention of students.
  9. New Business
    1. David Jones announced that overlapping classes that sometimes a student needs to take simultaneously is a problem that needs resolution. David will give a list of such classes to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs.
    2. Joanne Kalter Flink requested that the Student Equity Committee be made a standing committee of the Senate. MSP to do so.
    3. Jose Luis Ramirez requested a P.E. waiver for vets on behalf of Lawrence Estaville. Jose distributed the waiver form. This issue is noticed for action at the next meeting.
    4. It is decided that the holiday party this year will be a luncheon. Louie Zandalasini and Sandi Lampert are spearheading this effort.

There being no other new business, the committee of the whole adjourns at 3:25pm

Respectfully Submitted by Dr. Rick Scuderi, PhD
Secretary, LAMC Academic Senate