Minutes of the Academic Senate Meeting

    October 6, 2005

Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers ,Leslie Foster, Stan Levine, John Orozco, Janice Silver,  Gary Prostak, Terri English, Clive Gordon, Ralph LaRosa, Said Pazirandeh, Phoebe Rivera, Joyce Woodmanse, Paul Kubicki, Charles Dirks, Ruthie Grant

 (Exec. Members) Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Eloise Cantrell, Gary Prostak, Mark Pursley, Gwen Walker, Michael Climo, Vickie Oddino

Faculty Present: Maria Bates, Jeanne Cassare, Cecilia Chan, Cindy Cooper, Pat Flood, Lilamani DeSilva, Patricia Johnson, Ludi Villegas, Jose Luis Ramirez, John Glavan, David Jordan ,Margie Long, Lorraine Manoogian, Marian Manalo, David Pardess ,Robert Payne, Suzzane Ritcheson, Richard Rains, Debby Wong, Alex Yguado, Sandi Lampert, Joanne Kalter-Flink, John Klitzner, Maldonado, Myriam Mekelburg, Sonia Soto-Bair, Geri Shapiro, , Sandy Thomsen, Harlan Goldberg, Susan Polk, Gloria Estrada, , Guadalupe Jara, Monica Moreno ,Ed Raskin, Bonnie Sherman, Louis Zandalasini

I.   Visitors/Guests Present, Hanh Tran, Simon Rodriguez, ASO President, Emmanuel Barragan, David Miler ASO, Macias Eskandari, ASO, Mariano Rolla ASO, Garni Eskandari ASO,.

Voting Members Absent: Leslie Milke,

  Parliamentarian Gwen Walker called the meeting to order at 1:45 p.m.

President Angela Echeverri introduced special guest Hanh Tran .from the LAMC Technology Unit.  Hanh asked for questions and gave the following information:

 II.    Approval of Minutes: (Yguado/Jordon) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF 9-15- 2005

         Correction were made removing Pat Flood as a voting member

         Correction: page 3 item III B (replace the word change with chance).








 Officers’ Reports

 A.  President (Angela Echeverri)

1. Administrative Changes

President Barrera may leave LAMC as early as November 1st, 2005. She has informed me that there are three candidates that are applying for the interim president position. Chancellor Young should be contacting campus constituent groups shortly to form a selection committee.

2. LAMC Budget Update

LAMC summer session enrollment is projected to be 464 FTES and will be counted towards the 2004-05 year (Last summer was 347 FTES). This allowed the college to capture additional state apportionment for 04-05 and increase its funded base.

LAMC also received $134,846 in on-going block grant funds this year (Fund 10149).

3. LAMC Construction Update

The Board of Trustees will approve the contract for the construction of the student parking lot on December 8th, 2005. The earliest construction could begin would be December 9th of 2005, although it is possible that it may not occur until after the Fall semester is over. Faculty are encouraged to speak to their students about the changes that will take place and to let them know that we will be as flexible as possible during the construction period.

4. Enrollment Management Committee: Committee met Wednesday, October 5th, 2005.

Course Outlines: Each department chair was given a list of course outlines that need to be updated in their department (i.e.: outlines older than 6 years). Vice President Maria Fenyes will propose stipends for adjunct faculty to update course outlines in disciplines where there are no Full-time faculty (Philosophy, Administration of Justice, etc.).

The updating of all other course outlines is the responsibility of the full time faculty members teaching those disciplines and will not be eligible for additional compensation.

Inactive courses can be archived. Contact curriculum chair Said Pazirandeh for more information.

Fall Intrasession: Classes started Monday, October 3rd, 2005. Last day to add is Friday, October 14th. By 10/04/05, 398 students had enrolled in 20 sections.

5. Hiring Policy

The LAMC faculty hiring policy draft has been revised after receiving input from the administration and faculty members.

6. Student Equity Plan

The original Student Equity Plan was revised and submitted on 9/30/05. I added two objectives to increase transfers and number of degrees awarded. I also introduced language for the strengthening of tutoring services and the establishment of an ESL/English laboratory.

7. District Academic Senate & LACCD Leadership Summit

Took place on September 23, 2005 in Marina del Rey. LAMC faculty attending included Leslie Foster, Louise Barbato, Gary Prostak, Mike Climo, Vickie Oddino, and Angela Echeverri. The focus of the summit was on student success. Workshops topics covered Supplemental Instruction, Trends in Basic Skills, Action Research in Math, Strategic Learning, and Characteristics of our Students. A discussion session was held on skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed for student success.

8. Accreditation Update

Last met on October 4th, 2005. Next general meeting will be November 8th at 1:30 PM. Committees are being formed for the four standards. Standard committees will meet separately.

Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness (Ed Zayas Co-Chair)

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services (Joe Ramirez Co-Chair)

Standard III: Resources: Human, Physical, Technological, and Financial (Karen Hoefel Co-Chair)

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance (Maury Pearl Co-Chair)

Faculty need to sign up for one standard. If they do not, they will be assigned to one.

Faculty co-chairs will be elected by each committee by 10/18/05 and will be eligible for a stipend.

For information on LAMC accreditation go to www.lamission.edu/accreditation.

9. Committee Changes

The new AFT contract was signed yesterday at the Board of Trustees meeting. Article 32 of this contract contains specific language on campus committees (see below).

Required committees include the following:

A. Budget Committee (required).  Each college shall establish a budget committee, which includes representation from the faculty. The number of AFT faculty representatives in such budget committee shall be equal to the number of Academic Senate faculty representatives.

B.  Calendar Committee (required).  (See Article 10)

C.     Curriculum Committee (required). Each college shall establish a curriculum committee under the auspices of the Academic Senate.  The majority of the committee’s members are faculty members selected by the faculty. At least one member of this committee shall be chosen by the AFT to represent the AFT. The Chair of this committee shall be a faculty member.

D.  Educational Planning Committee or equivalent (required).  A college should establish an educational planning committee or equivalent under the auspices of the Academic Senate as defined in Title 5 (academic and professional matters) to address issues related to its educational program, including academic programs and enrollment issues, such as strategies to manage enrollment during active enrollment periods.  When such a committee exists, AFT representation shall be included.

E.   Faculty Position Hiring Prioritization Committee or equivalent (required):  A college shall establish a faculty position hiring prioritization committee or equivalent under: 1) the auspices of its Academic Senate; or 2) its shared governance Committee with the consent of its Academic Senate to recommend hiring prioritization for tenure track faculty positions and temporary replacement faculty positions. When such a committee exists, AFT representation shall be included. (See also Article 33.)

F.   Intersession Committees (required).  (See Article 15 D)

G.  Peer Evaluation Committees (required) Faculty performance is evaluated by a peer review process, which generally entails the formation of a peer review committee.  (See Art. 19 & 42.)

H.   Professional Growth Committee (required).  (See Article 23.)

I.  Shared Governance Committee (required). A college shall establish a shared governance committee to address issues regarding the college’s shared governance activities. Equal AFT and Academic Senate faculty representation shall be included on this committee.              

J.  Work Environment Committee (required): (See Article 9)

Recommended committees include the following:

A.  Facilities Planning Committee (recommended).  A college may establish a facilities planning committee to address issues regarding the colleges facilities planning. When such a committee exists, equal AFT and Academic Senate faculty representation shall be included.

B.   Information Technology Committee (recommended):  A college should establish an information technology committee to address issues regarding the college’s use of technology. Equal AFT and Academic Senate faculty representation should be included on this committee.

C.     Satellite Oversight Committee (recommended). A college may establish a satellite oversight committee to address issues regarding the operation of college satellite locations. When such a committee exists, equal AFT and Academic Senate faculty representation shall be included.

D.   Distributive/Distance Learning (D/DL) Committee (recommended).  (See Article 40.)

Compensation for Committee Chairs.  If a faculty committee chair (other than the Work Environment Committee--see Article 9) is to be compensated, the terms and conditions of that compensation shall be determined by the College President in consultation with the AFT Chapter President, and the Academic Senate President at the beginning of each academic year.

The next college Council Meeting will discuss how to implement these changes in our governance structure.

District Committees will include the District Budget Committee (DBC), Joint Labor Management Benefits Committee (JLMBC), and Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee.



Treasurer (Mark Pursley)                              

1.         Report on account at the First American Bank:

            a.   Faculty Senate Checking Account                       $1,757.87 

            b.   Carla Bowman Scholarship                                  $3,354.93

            c    David Lee Moss Scholarship                                  $655.08


 2.         Faculty Dues of $25 are due now.  Please pay Mark as soon as possible.


            Parliamentarian (Gwen Walker)

1.         All visitors must be introduced by a senator if they desire to speak.

2.         Any items desired on the agenda must be received 10 working days (2 full weeks) prior to the Senate meeting.

3.         Public Address- deals with items on the agenda.  Announcements and Open forum (which is new to the agenda) are for items not listed on the agenda.  The desire to speak must be acknowledged at the beginning of the senate meeting and noted by the parliamentarian who will make a list of speakers.

4.         Call for speakers: 

 III. Public Address:

A.  Mike Climo withdrew motion #2. Lupe Jara commented that all computers in the LRC have the same log in procedure. Mike Climo reminded faculty that we need to get all committees established.

 Paul Kubicki clarified the first two committees that a faculty are on are part of their contract.

Angela Echeverri passed out sign u p sheets needed for accreditation.  Each faculty should put their first and second choice.

B. Louise Barbato presented Motion #1. She spoke to a variety of faculty about the motion and input was given and as a result it was revised. Louise Barbato stated that:




 IV. Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

         A.   Curriculum: (Said Pazirandeh)

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month.

A presentation was made by Said Pazirandeh, Cindy Cooper, and Pat Flood to acknowledge Leslie Foster as curriculum chair for 6 years of service.  Pat Flood stated, “Leslie you have been a model of professionalism “and presented her with a scroll of distinction.

Deadline for course outlines is November 4, 2005.


 B.  District Academic Senate (Mike Climo)

·        The 9/23 Summit was great. Basic skills is a big issue for all levels of students in higher education.

·        Many informative workshops were given.

·        October 27, 2005 next DAS meeting to be held at Trade-Tech. Everyone is invited.


C.  EPAC  (Sonia Soto-Bair) Summary of 9-20-05 meeting)

·        E100 – Serving Students with Disabilities-consolidates all regulations.

Issue: Should a disabled student skip our Mathematics class? Discussion will be continued.

·        Equivalency/Eminence Petitions:

a) Media Arts

b) Dance

c) Foreign Language

d) English-As-A-Second Language

·        Flow Chart for Equivalency/Eminence Postponed.

·        Meaning of “D” Grade Postponed

·        Names of campus Discipline Representatives needed. Please submit to Sonia ASAP.

·        Next meeting October 18, 2005

Angela Echeverri reminded the senate that EPAC has extremely important functions for the colleges. They look at

 1) Equivalency policies

 2) Educational policies

There is a motion now at the DAS to split the two above issues.



V.. Old Business

Motion #1: Unanimously approved by the LAMC Academic Senate on October 6, 2005



Chancellor Young, in his fall 2005 welcome back email states:

"Beyond embracing new student populations, I want to be sure we are offering our
current students the best education we can provide by giving them the courses
and the tools they need to succeed.  We must constantly strive to do everything
we can to retain students while simultaneously assuring that we maintain the
necessary educational quality to meet our desired student learning outcomes."


And whereas

The disciplines of ESL, English and Developmental Communications currently and consistently serve over 3,500 students (assuming a standard three unit course) and that the mastering of English language skills is a necessity for student success in all college disciplines,

And whereas

There is a scarcity of tutorial services for all disciplines,

And whereas

Students who are most in need of tutorial services and supplemental instruction are usually minorities and from under-privileged backgrounds and that we have an ethical duty to serve these and all students properly,

And whereas

Faculty from each discipline have the academic preparation and knowledge of course content and methods to best make decisions regarding supplemental instruction,

And whereas

Mission College claims state apportionment for non-credit and tutoring and the money allotted is intended for the support of non-credit and tutorial services,


The LAMC Academic Senate moves to:






Ø      the planning and implementation of services and courses,

Ø      the hiring and training of tutors,

Ø      processes for the selection and hiring of faculty of the Learning Center, including the development of qualifications.


Furthermore, it will be the goal of said committee to examine best practice in the state of California and to solicit the guidance of the State Academic Senate when necessary.



Request a response in writing from President Barrera to this motion by October 13, 2005.


Respectfully submitted by: Louise Barbato, Mike Climo, Terri English, Ruthie Grant, Ralph La Rosa, Vickie Oddino, John Orozco, Gary Prostak and Phoebe Rivera.




VI    New Business-None


VII. Announcements and Open Forum (Visitors and senators for matters not currently on the agenda)

Next meeting October 19 in the faculty lounge – everyone is welcome to participate.

All proposals are welcome. The committee is proposing some culturally sensitive training for the college.

Help “Support our Troops” by donating items for the box in the faculty offices.


The ASO would like to host a 30th anniversary recognition dinner. He suggested there be a committee to plan and host the event.  He received applause and thanks from the faculty senate.


Thanked everyone for their support.

Addressed the constitution of the Senate and stated that EOPS is missing as a department and asked to be included for representation. (Senate president acknowledged that the constitution needs revision.)

Stated issues in English are not resolved and the AFT did not represent her as she wanted.  She spoke on her distain for the way departments have been set-up.

He stated there was a shell game done by the AFT and the Academic Senate. He disliked the way academic departments were organized.

A presentation was made with documentation that was passed out that confirms that the re-organization of departments and departmental chair elections were done according to district policy and AFT contact.

John received a standing ovation at the conclusion of his presentation...





                          The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

                          Submitted by Eloise Cantrell, Secretary