Minutes of the September 1, 1994, Meeting

  1. The meeting was called to order by Dale Newman at 1:35 p.m.
  2. Present: Dale Newman, Penny Jarecke, Dudley Foster, Gerald Scheib, Allan Mundsack, Mark Pracher, Paul Kubicki, Julie Ruelas, Janice Silver, Gwen Walker, Stan Levine, Vangie Ruiz, Sally Silvers, Alex Yguado, Mari Rettke, John Cantley, Sandi Lampert.

    Guests: Ed Raskin, Louie Zandalasini, Melody Stevenson, Sonia Soto-Bair, David Jones, Joanne Kalter-Flink, Enrique Gonzalez, Del Peterson, Chuck Ackernecht, Susan Polk, Rayma Greenberg.

  3. The minutes of May 5, 1994, were approved.
  4. Treasurer's Report--Ben Lopez (absent, but provided report)
     Faculty Association $605.91
     Faculty Scholarship 332.58
     William Gallagher 11.61
     Moss Scholarship 3,153.52
     Carla Bowman 3,565.96
  5. President's Report--Dale Newman
    1. Nine classes were reinstated as a result of a meeting with Administration, AFT, and Faculty Senate. It was agreed upon to wait until the second Friday of the semester before canceling classes due to low enrollment.
    2. District Executive Meeting--Trustee Althea Baker has proposed the establishment of a Risk Management Legal Services Program, requiring new staff and para- legal support. Faculty are invited to share their concerns regarding this proposal with Dale. Dale Newman also asked for input concerning Trustee Connor's proposed Board rule on the retention of student materials for a period of one year.
    3. Dale listed a variety of conference opportunities for faculty; those interested in conference information can contact Dale.
    4. Enrique Gonzalez has been appointed as the Mission College representative to EPAC.
    5. Dale will be attending the District Academic Senate Leadership Workshop on September 10. Interested faculty and members of the Academic Senate are invited to participate.
    6. Dale read the report from Vicky Richart on the Student Equity Plan. The report states that Mission College needs improvement in several areas.
    7. Sandy Mayo was appointed as the Math and Science Cluster representative to the Academic Exception Petition Committee.
    8. Dale asked for volunteers for District Discipline Committees and the campus Student Discipline and Student Grievance Panels.
    9. There is a budget for conference attendance. Faculty members may apply for up to $100 per year from that budget. Staff Development also has money available for conference attendance. Both budgets are utilized on a first-come/first-served basis.
    10. Flex Day Activities--Gwen Walker
      1. Anwar Shah has been reassigned to cover Steve Levine's position in Audio Visual.
      2. Feedback from Flex Day Forums resulted in Administration, Academic Senate, and AFT negotiating to reopen some of the classes which had been canceled before the Fall semester started. There must be 14 or more students in a class by the end of the second week or it will be cut.
      3. Faculty indicated a need for a strong Governance Policy on this campus to be developed by faculty and President Fujimoto.
      4. Faculty have indicated a need to continue to share ideas and discuss direction so that this campus can become stronger and more productive. This can be accomplished by the scheduling of Faculty Forums in the future.
    11. Dale announced that, unless else is interested in the position, Mark Pracher will continue as the Flex co-ordinator with .2 release time. Mark was commended on the excellent job he has done coordinating these activities.
    12. A ground-breaking ceremony for the new library building has been planned for September 29 at 10:00 a.m. Anyone interested in participating is invited to call Shari Borchetta.
    13. Dale reported on her meeting with President Fujimoto. The relocation of the Senate office was discussed; among the suggestions made was the locksmith's office, due to be vacated sometime in October when the new Facilities building opens. Dr. Fujimoto has agreed to help the Senate secure that location. Dr. Fujimoto would like the Faculty Senate to work more closely with the Mission College Foundation and its new president, Jeannie Row. Dr. Fujimoto has agreed to negotiate personally with the Senate on the Governance Agreement. David Ching will be Acting President during Dr. Fujimoto's absence in September. Dr. Fujimoto has requested that the Senate suggest ways to flatten administration.
    14. Dale requested faculty to provide any resolutions or agenda items to Dale, Gwen, or the secretary no later than the Tuesday of the week preceding the Senate meeting.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Curriculum--Enrique Gonzalez no report. The first meeting will be on September 8.
    2. Constitution/Election--Julie Ruelas. The vote on the new Constitution will take place on Wednesday, September 14, and Thursday, September 15. Paul Kubicki volunteered to pay for 50 copies of the old and new Constitutions to be distributed to full-time faculty.
    3. Hiring Committee--Allan Mundsack. No report.
    4. District Academic Senate--Julie Ruelas. No report.
    5. Budget Committee--Mark Pracher. The Budget Committee met twice during the summer and will be meeting next week to elect a chairperson for 1994-1995. According to Dr. Fujimoto, we anticipate a possible final deficit of $350,000 for 1993-1994. In addition, we are anticipating a deficit of $2.2 million for 1994-1995. Mark brought up the following concerns: thirty-nine unfunded positions, specially funded programs possibly costing the college money, and issues regarding our connection with the Pacoima Empowerment Zone.
    6. Dale requested that Committee Chairs submit reports in writing prior to Senate meetings.
  7. Old Business
    1. Shared Governance. A copy of the current document was distributed. Alex Yguado moved that the Senate accept the Governance document; and any addendum and/or deletion be the charge of the subcommittee as a result of input from faculty. Paul Kubicki offered a friendly amendment stating that before Dale signs this document it be brought back to the full Senate for final approval. Amendment accepted. MSP.
  8. New Business
    1. Graduation--Sandy Lampert felt that the faculty should be more involved in the planning of graduation. Sandy and Joanne Kalter-Flink expressed a desire to work on a committee for next year's graduation.
    2. ICAN--Previously a brief description of a committee entitled "ICAN" was made available to the faculty. Mark Pracher explained that the ICAN council proposal evolved as a result of an idea to take the Master Plan committee, add to it, and repopulate it in order to provide coordination between different sections of the college in regard to issues such as Accreditation and Student Equity. A Resolution to endorse the ICAN document was presented to the Senate. Ten minutes of discussion followed. Allan Mundsack moved that a Faculty Forum be held prior to the next Senate meeting for further discussion of this proposal. MSP. A vote on the Resolution will take place at the October Academic Senate meeting.
    3. Entertainment Books--Gerald Scheib spoke for Alex Yguado. Alex will be selling Entertainment Books as a fund raiser for the Mission College Foundation.
    4. Cluster Reorganization--Allan Mundsack introduced a Resolution to reorganize faculty from the cluster system to divisions during the 1994-95 academic year. This Resolution will be voted on at the October Academic Senate meeting. Paul Kubicki moved to include discussion of this Resolution during the upcoming Faculty Forum. MSP.
    5. Permanent Vice President--Penny Jarecke expressed an interest in writing a resolution to begin the process of searching for a permanent Vice President; she read an extensive list of qualifications for prospective candidates. It was also suggested that faculty members look into the possibility of restructuring Administration in general. Dale Newman, Penny Jarecke, and Mark Pracher will form a subcommittee to discuss these issues; other interested faculty members are welcome to attend.
    6. Rewarding Faculty Merit--Dale Newman suggested that the Senate look into ways in which it can recognize faculty excellence. She requested that suggestions and ideas be sent to her.
    7. Holiday Party--Dale announced that Eloise Cantrell has reserved the Campus Center for Saturday, December 10, for a campus-wide holiday party. A temporary liquor license can be obtained. Anyone interested in working on the committee for this function should see Eloise.
  9. Closing Comments
    1. David Jones suggested that the Senate consider meeting more often. He feels that ten hours of meetings a year is not enough to conduct Senate business.
    2. Dale Newman will look into September 22 as a tentative date for the Faculty Forum.
    3. Gwen Walker made these closing remarks: "I hope this year that the Senate will not be used as a forum to ventilate hostility, cliques, or personal vendettas, but a place for faculty to work toward a common goal for this college to survive. We don't have to agree on issues, but it is important that we work collectively in a civil manner and look at the larger picture of what affects the college."

    Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.