Minutes of the Academic Senate Meeting

                                                               September 15, 2005

Voting Members Present: (Senators) Donna Ayers ,Leslie Foster, Stan Levine, , Rick Scuderi ,John Orozco, Janice Silver,  Gary Prostak, Terri English, Clive Gordon, Ralph LaRosa, , Phoebe Rivera, Joyce Woodmanse

(Exec. Members) Angela Echeverri, Louise Barbato, Eloise Cantrell, Gary Prostak, Mark Pursley, Gwen Walker, Michael Climo, Vickie Oddino

Faculty Present: Cecilia Chan, Cindy Cooper, Lilamani DeSilva, Patricia Johnson, Ludi Villegas, Jose Luis, Ramirez, John Glavan, Lorraine Manoogian, Jeanne Cassare, Suzzane Ritcheson, Richard Rains, Debby Wong, Alex Yguado, Ruthie Grant, , Sandi Lampert, Joanne Kalter-Flink, John Klitzner, Myriam Mekelburg, Said Pazirandeh , Sonia Soto-Bair, Geri Shapiro, Bonnie Sherman, Sandy Thomsen, Harlan Goldberg, Susan Polk, Gloria Estrada, , Guadalupe Jara

I.   Visitors/Guests Present, Monica Moreno

Voting Members Absent: Leslie Milke, Pat Flood, Charles Dirks, Paul Kubicki,

  Parliamentarian Gwen Walker called the meeting to order at 1:40 p.m.

 II.    Approval of Minutes: (Yguado/Prostak) TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF June 2, 2005

         Correction were made adding Patricia Johnson, Alex Yguado, and Lorraine Manoogian as

         Present.   Correction: page 3 item #8 Dale served as President from 1994-1997.


 Officers’ Reports


 A.  President (Angela Echeverri)

1. Administrative Changes


2. LAMC Budget Update

LAMC originally projected a large budget deficit between $1.4 and $1.9 Million for fiscal year 2004-05. The fiscal picture shifted dramatically in the last few months as a result of several factors. As a result of declining enrollments statewide, colleges and districts that posted enrollment growths were able to capture additional revenue. LAMC offered a very large summer session and counted the enrollment towards the 2004-05 year. This strategy allowed the college to capture additional state apportionment for 04-05 and increase its funded base. Other modest savings were reached through retirements and transfers of classified personnel. The net outcome is that LAMC finished the 2004-05 fiscal years with a positive balance of about $895,000.

3. LAMC Construction Update

Construction of the student parking lot is now scheduled to begin in November or December of 2005. Construction of the temporary parking lot at Hubbard and the 118 freeway (behind Denny’s) is underway.


4. Enrollment Management Committee

LAMC recently established an Enrollment Management Committee (EMC), to try to improve our long-term planning and increase enrollment and average class size. The committee started meeting regularly in August 2005, to develop strategies to work towards these goals.

Members include: Louise Barbato, Angela Echeverri, Maria Fenyes, Karen Hoeffel, Nery Ocasio, Maury Pearl, Gary Prostak, Mark Pursley, Joe Ramirez, Connie Reyes, Mike Reynolds, Gwen Walker, and Ed Zayas.

Meetings are open to all faculty and will take place on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 1:30 PM in CC-4. Recent agenda items include identification of high demand classes, short term/late start classes, standby list size, adjustments to the Spring 06 schedule, and class size limits.

Late Start 12-week classes (Fall Intersession)

According to data provided by Maury Pearl, the highest unmet demand for classes is in the following areas: Math, English, Developmental Communications, and Science.

As a result of these findings, LAMC will be offering a series of late start 12-week classes, starting on October 3rdand ending with the fall regular semester. EMC members in collaboration with department chairs developed and posted a schedule on the LAMC website and throughout campus on 9/12/05 (See postings throughout the campus and please notify your students).

By 9/14/05, 168 students had enrolled in 20 sections. Fall enrollment is up by 3%, partly as a result of the new offerings.

5. Hiring Policy

The LAMC faculty hiring policy is outdated and has not been revised for many years. The Senate Executive Committee, with collaboration from various parties, has developed a hiring policy draft, which takes into account Board Rule changes that were approved on 2/14/2001. The draft is being distributed today for comments and will also be posted on the LAMC Senate website. I will meet with President Barrera to discuss the policy. Any changes/suggestions need to be made by 9/26/2005. We will distribute and present the revised hiring policy for approval at the October meeting.

6. Faculty Hiring Update

Please welcome our newest tenure track faculty member in the Math department, Yoon Yun. Yoon obtained her M.S. degree in mathematics from CSUN, where she worked as a teaching assistant. She is currently teaching calculus, pre-algebra, and other classes.

7. Student Equity Plan

President Barrera notified me that the Student Equity Plan has to be submitted by 9/30/05. I did not sing the plan in January, because some faculty expressed concern about the lack of provisions for language support services. I have not received any specific recommendations, even though I requested input several times. If you would like to make any changes, please notify me ASAP.

8. District Academic Senate & LACCD Leadership Summit

Will take place on September 23, 2005 in Marina Del Rey. Each campus will send a team of up to 14 faculty and administrators. The theme of the summit will be student success. Keynote speakers will include State Chancellor Mark Drummond and ASCCC Vice President Mark Wade Lieu. Let me know if you are interested in attending.

9. Committee membership

Senate committee membership is open to interested faculty.

Curriculum committee members include:

Said Pazirandeh (Chair)                                                Leslie Foster (Math)                

Cindy Cooper (Art, Health, PE)                                    Mike Reynolds (Science)         

Myriam Mekelburg (Social Studies)                              Pat Flood (CAOT)

Carolyn Daly (English, on leave)                                    Sonia Soto-Bair (Counseling)

Madeline Hernandez (Articulation)                                Sandy Thomsen (Library)

We need an English representative to fill in for Carolyn Daly.

10. Accreditation

John Glavan, an adjunct faculty member in speech communications at LAMC, was recently selected as our accreditation/self study director. John is currently working on his Ph.D. in Community College Leadership, with an emphasis on accreditation.

11.  Treasure transactions

In the April 2005 Academic Senate election, Mark Pursley was elected


Senate Treasurer replacing Margie Long.   President Angela Echeverri and

Treasurer Mark Pursley are now authorized to sign checks, make deposits and

withdrawals from the following accounts at Pacific Western Bank (formerly,


American Bank):  #DDA-032200126; #DDA-0311003016; and DDA-0322000548. 




Treasurer (Mark Pursley)                              

1.         Report on account at the First American Bank: (8-31-05)

            a.   Faculty Senate Checking Account                       

            b.   Carla Bowman Scholarship   (6-30-05)               $3.053.85

            c    David Lee Moss Scholarship (8-31-05)               $655.00


 2.         Faculty Dues of $25 are due now.  Please pay Mark as soon as possible.


 III. Public Address:

A.  John Orozco addressed the senate and indicated that it is demoralizing that the following exist: double standards, lack of shared governance, and courses cut or blended without faculty input.

      He suggested this is an opportunity to “clean house” and show our advocacy for our students and our college.

B. Louise Barbato commented that a shared vision has been lost and accreditation is our change to redefine our vision. 

      We have been in a win/lose mode and we need to get back into a full mode of shared governance.

      C.  Gloria Estrada stated, “Rumors must stop.”

      D.  Ruthie Grant commented on the fact that if we do not listen to the rumors – then they will STOP.

 IV.  Reports of Senate Committee Meetings

         A.   Curriculum: (Said Pazirandeh)

Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month.

There is a procedural change – Faculty themselves will make all corrections.

Committee needs two at large member volunteers.

Need someone to fill in for English discipline.

Deadline for course outlines is November 4, 2005.


      B.  District Academic Senate (Mike Climo)

9/23 Summit

Student honesty is an issue

Environmental Sustainability

Angela reported on Senate issues and concerns with Compton College and LACCD involvement.

The State Chancellor’s Office has been overseeing the operation for Compton the last year.

C.  EPAC  (Sonia Soto-Bair)—No Report

IV. Old Business

.  John gave a presentation on the four standards that will be used in the accreditation process (see John’s attachments to the minutes).




               A. Human

               B. Physical

               C. Technological

               D. Financial



         Mike Climo requested follow-up on the Technology motion passed in May 2005 and the lack of administrative response.

VII. New Business

A.  Angela passed out the new hiring policy draft for review and comments.  Please get them to her ASAP

B.  President called for discussion on  motions # 1 and #2..

1.  Motion #1 addressed by Louise Barbato.  She addressed the vision of the tutorial services needed for all English acquisition and language skills development courses. Discussion followed and comments were made by the following individuals:

·        Susan Polk –asked for clarification on the issues and was affirmed by comments made by Ruthie Grant, Mike Climo, John Orozco, Alex Yguado, Ludi Villegas, and Jan Silver.  There was concern over how funding from soft monies can continue to be the only tutor support for the tutorial services that are needed in the Learning Center.

·        Alex Yguado discussed broadening the motion to include each and every discipline that commented plus be inclusive of all disciplines in the college.

·        Ludi Villegas stated that EOPS must be included in any discussion regarding tutoring since EOPS contributes $20,000.

·        Eloise Cantrell mentioned that VATEA provides $39,000 for tutoring of vocational students. 

·        Ric Scuderi expressed his concern and opinion that special tutors are needed for the special populations served by his department.

·        Jan Silver asked for clarification from Louise Barbato on the intent of the motion.

The first part of the discussion refers to the establishment of an ad hoc committee.

·        Terri English clarified the need for input from the faculty.

·        Jan Silver asked for clarification of the flow-chart for the learning center.

·        Mike Climo asked the Senate to form an Ad Hoc Committee and asked “Who should oversee the

·        Committee?”

     Motion #2 was clarified by Louise Barbato.

C. Mike Climo discussed the problem of 36 computers not being used in the LRC because of log in difficulties.  The big concern is that the computers are not available or usable by the students. Mike requested that log in procedures be the same as other computers. Mike made a motion that :

All students be able to use all computers in the Learning Center with the same log in procedures.



                          The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

                          Submitted by Eloise Cantrell, Secretary