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Updates from 9/30/01 to 2/27/01

Date: 2001, Feb 27
From: <Anonymous>

Update on Staff Development 2/27/01

1. here is the proposed Staff Development Charter, please review and provide any comments

1a. on 3/06/01 Geri Shapiro will have a presentation on Internships in CC 4, Tuesday, 12:30, flex and lunch provided.

1 b. There is a District Staff Development meeting on 3/05/01 at LA City College which David Jordan will attend and he will report back to our committee re the ISW workshop which will be planned and implemented to train our faculty. ISW workshops are fantastic, and are wonderful. for those materials please see, (the Chancellor is matching funds with the ISW workshops because he believes so strongly in the goals and objectives, and accomplishments of these workshops)- the fist Mission College ISW should either be in June or in August, more information on these workshops to follow.

1 c. In our last meeting, we discussed the position of a "Help Desk", and hiring a part time, student worker, who would report to Staff Development, and who would assist faculty, staff, classified,, with both software, hardware problems, and who would coordinate with John Beck in his/her work to make him/her effective. We are in the process of contacting a few student workers to see if we could set them up as a Help Desk person. Once we locate a person, we will work out the hiring details, and present it to the Committee for approval, etc.

1 d. There are a number of faculty who want to go to the Tech Ed in Ontario, we will need to use Tech 2 funds, this is a new procedure, and we will submit them through the new procedure process established which is to first submit them in the format at TTIP Request for Funds, then the request goes to Assessment and Planning, and from their to Resources for approval. This is a new process. We have to do the same process to approve moneys for the conference funds for the 4csd, Lake Tahoe attendance in April for David Jordan, and Vickie Hansen at the Spring Regional Staff Development Conference which David and Sandi Lampert attended last April. (here are the notes from that last conference - it was very successful by the way- and generated for example the Kudos program this year - amongst other things

2. The Diversity Committee is now developing, and its Chair is Vickie Oddino, it had two primary activities, one to train affirmative action persons for our hiring committees. In the Spring we will hire probably five new faculty, and some new classified, and we need to have persons trained to participate in these committees. Kaye Divine who was our part time Affirmative Action Officer will be leaving to go over to Valley full time after the Srping Break. The Diversity Committee, by the way should come under the purvue of the Staff Development Committee. The second acitivity is to coordinate or collaborate with college diversity activities.

Gary Prostak is on the Committee, and Gary also is the Faculty Advisor for the International Students Club. Gary suggested a bus trip to LACMA for students to see the "Made in California Now" exhibit at LACMA, . The Diversity Commitee has a budget for such activities.

3. Also it would be fun for Staff Development to take a field trip. a few years ago Margie Long organized a trip to the Getty Museum. it has been suggested we take a trip this semester to the Museum of Tolerance.

We do have funds to pay for a bus. we could do this on a Saturday or Sunday and invite faculty and students to fill up the bus. Let me know if anyone wants to spearhead these efforts. not much time left in the semester. we are at week 7 out of 18, almost half way through the semester.

4. Chaffey College has a College Book Program. Sandy Lampert and I learned about this when we went to the Regional Staff Development Program last year. Chaffey's current college book is Slaughter House Five, they do a whole college promotion, games, etc. around the book. I think we should do that for Mission. I talked with Roxanne Dalyrymple our new English hire, and she is going to look for a possible book. also John Orozco, has a PFE proposal where the English Dept. is going to take a common theme and work with it and that would be nice for Staff Development to promote also in some of our Food for Thought Forums, etc. maybe next semester.

read how was the college book program established at Chaffey:

5. Classified Staff Development is going to have a special workshop on this Friday from 1- 3pm in CC 1 on "Our Mission is Student Success"

6. John Morales will do a Food for Thought Forum on 3/28/01 on "Chicano Activism and Cesar Chavez".

7. Bob Smazenka will do a Food for Thought Forum on 4/19/01 on "Catastrophe Theory"

8. Louise Barbato will have a visiting UCLA specialist on "The Use of Accents in Radio, TV, and Media" on May 15th for our Food for Thought Forum

9. Doug McFerran has created a wonderful new website at to coordinate activities between Mission/Velley and Pierce, and their will be an a teaching workshop on 3/16/01, Friday from 8:30 to 3 pm as part of his Tech Committe, and Staff Development will provide lunch. All faculty, and interested classified are welcome to attend.

10. a number of new computers are being installed for our faculty. if you need help in getting them up and running let us know. we will try to help you.

Online Staff Develolpment Meeting 1/23/01

1. On Monday, 1/29/01 Staff Development will sponsor a Welcome Back Lunch - from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the South Atrium- there will be music/kudos awards/updates/information on Flex activities, and the President's Message, and of course, introduction of the new faculty members and staff. and Debby Wong will lead a new Faculty orientation in a short meeting after the lunch

2. Debby has been working hard on putting together binders/materials as a Faculty Orientation Guide for our new Faculty, and maybe this can be adapted also for new Staff Orientation Guide. Thanks Debby for all of the hard work.

3. Great work is being done by Sandi Lampert - she continues to hold meetings of the Kudos Committee, and already many Kudos Awards have been given. She is working with our student work Corinne Torres in documenting all of the Flex Hours, and Sandi sets up all of the food and room arrangements for all of our Staff Development activities - she also provides inspiration and leadership. many thanks Sandi for all of your great work.

Sandi is going to continue organizing the selling of seasonal flowers to faculty and classified. Pointsettas were sold over Christmas. Louis Zandalasini is now our resident source of flowers. We are considering doing a "White Carnation" day on Valentines Day. Could we reschedule the 2/21 Staff Development Meeting to have a little event on 2/14 - Weds, as part of our Staff Development meeting and hold it on 2/14 instead of 2/21 ?

4. We need to give the new faculty a little breather, but soon, contact them to see which Committees they would like to work on, and to help mentor them as new Faculty members.

5. On 1/16-1/19 - David Jordan helped to facilitate with the Chair of Staff Development at West Los Angeles. These Instructional Skills Workshop are a District Wide Staff Development Activiity. Five W. LA instructors participated in preparing and delivering 3 mini lectures and received feedback on their teaching. These ISW workshops are very successful, and will be brought to Mission College in June. Materials on the ISW is located at
We need to recruit six (6) faculty - some seasoned, and maybe some new to participate in this extensive workshop - 4 days, from 9-4:30 pm.

6. Diversity Committee - The first meeting is scheduled for 1/25/01 at 12:30 pm in Campus Room 4. It has been suggested that this Committee come under the umbrella of Staff Development, and we can discuss and vote on this in our next Staff Development Meeting.

7. Here is a list of the Staff Development Meetings for the remainder of the Semester - we will meet in the Acadmic Affairs Conference Room - at 1 pm on the 3rd Weds. of each month - they are 2/21, 3/21, 4/18, and 5/16. (2/14 on Valentines if we decide to have a White Carnation, etc. activity, and the Committee agrees to reschedule its 2/21 meeting to 2/14)

8. Diversity Roundtables - the first in this series will be " Men are from Pacoima, Women are from Northride" moderated by Jayne Thomas, Angela Echeverri, and Doug Mcferran - Jayne will discuss the psychological differences, Angela the biological differences, and Doug the philosophical differences, IF ANY, between men and women. This is scheduled for Thursday 2/22/01 at 12:30 pm, lunch provided

9. The District will provide a speaker to our Campus on issues of Sexual Harassment. Faculty are required to attend as part of the contract (I believe). The dates for these seminars are 2/6 (3-4:30), 2/8 (4-5:30), 3/13 (12:30 - 1:30), 3/14 (12:30 - 1:30)

10. We will continue our series of "Food for Thought" Forums - and here are some of the proposed topics & moderators

a. Use of Accents in Radio and Television - ( a teleconference with experts in the field ) moderated by Louise Barbato - Chair of ESL Dept.

b. Chicano Activism - moderated by John Morales, Chair of Chicano Studies Dept.

c. a Gender Hotline - moderated by Lee Riesenberg - founder of the hotline which has been running for the last 20 years

d. Tai Che - a demonstration and practice, and how you can integrate it into your busy, stressfull, day to day life.

e. "Who Moved my Cheese" - based on the book, March 8th, moderated by Sandi Lampert, and we hope to get an expert to come and motivate us on this topic. (Bring your favorite cheese - joke)

f. Bond Issue - Prop. A. - Former Congressman Marvin Dymally will come and discuss pros/cons of the Bond Issue and how it affects Mission College - February 7th, 12:30

some new ideas which we can discuss:

1. Staff Develoment along with ESL and the Languages Department, the International Students Club, and AGS Honor Society and Diversity Committee will discuss and decide upon a "International Language Day" where tables will be set up for each language spoken on campus, and demonstrations, music, maybe even different foods, and both faculty/staff. and students will participate.

2. Staff Development and ASO will plan and coordinate - a Faculty/Student Appreciation Day - kind of like a Valentines Day exchange - and/or maybe even we could have a "Hasty Pudding" type of Friar's Club roasting, pantomine, or skits of teachers/students - in an anonymous, non-offensive and fun format.

3. We are going to provide some Flex Activities in an ONLINE format to make it more convenient for some busy faculty to get their Flex Hours. The proposed activities for ONLINE FLEX are located at

4.. Tech Expo for Spring 2001 will be in Ontario again on 3/26 - 3/29 - we should send one or more participants. Their events webpage is located at
One suggestion is to minimize sending a lot of people to attend, and instead bring the same workshops/presenters here to our campus with some of our Tech 2 moneys to train us. This will maximize our budget

5.. The Annual 4C/SD - State Staff Development Conference is in Lake Taho from April 1-3, Sunday through Tuesday, the week before our Spring Break. Last year both David Jordan, and Sandi Lampert attended. It is the best conference. We should send at least 3 or 4 people, and it costs about $450 per person. We should have at least one or two of our Classified Staff Development members also attend. Their webpage is located at

6. Lunch Hour - Open Computer Labs - It has been suggested that Staff Development offer an open lab during Lunch Hour for anyone, Staff and Faculty to drop in and work on developing/improving their computer skills - which could include word processing, excel, email, windows 98, web pages, or any other useful programs and applications. It has also been suggested we hire some "outside expert" to provide this training, and not "in house". We need to decide if we want to do this, how much we want to and can spend.

7. Classified has requested to receive training in "How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service" - we need to organize this activity, budget it, and plan it - along with any other training requested by Classified.
8. One of the suggestions at one of our meetings was to work up a list of resources we now have available for teaching - including low tech and hi tech items, with where each is located. many of us do not know how many things can be used in the classroom, etc. also we could have training on such things as the infamous xerox/copier and printer. it would be nice if we could also add a fax function to that machine, since some faculty would like the convenience of faxing from that machine.

9. Operation Scan - this is a new project to purchase a scanner (s) for the faculty common computers. This way instructors could scan in any pictures, diagrams, notes, etc. and these could then be turned into nice html formated webpages, and put on line for the use of our students. We would need to also train our faculty on how to use the scanners, and coordinate with the Title 3 - EDS - staff to assist in mounting the web pages for our faculty.

10. Staff Development has submitted a proposal for Block Grant moneys for VCRS/TVS for faculty, and this should be followed up with Leslie Milke to see if we can get more VCRS/TVS for faculty, and also a proposal for a HYPERNEWS threaded discussion software/server which will provide all faculty with the wonderful access to threaded discussions in their classrooms. information on the use of Threaded Discussions in Instruction is located at

11. El Timbre continues in its 3rd full season - and now includes in addition to its weekly format, and list of updates a new feature - Computer Tips and Tricks - to assist in training us all in how to use the ubiquitous computer. - which we so love and hate.

12. David Jones has re-discovered the use of our email exchange server we have on campus. it is located at - He has agreed to give us information on the 1/25/01 Welcome Back Lunch, and maybe we can do some training of faculty. This new service allows instructors to email all of their students in each class. Each class has a folder already established with an email set up for each student. It is a fantastic new feature. Thanks David for working on this.

13. Syllabus Project - very useful information for faculty on How to do a Syllabus is located at, and the State Senate for California Community Colleges has the Components of a Model Course Outline which is very useful in planning a syllabus. is located at

Maybe we could have a workshop for new/seasoned faculty to review these materials, and work on our respective syllabi.

Events Flex Activities and Guidelines to promote to Faculty and Classified:

1. Symposium on Teacher Recruitment and Development -
March 8 - 9, 2001 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel, 5400 West Century Boulevard
information - contact Lou Albert, Project Director at 818/947-2569 Valley College
web site informatoin =

2. there is a good website for Flex Guidelines at City College located at

3. Students develop and learn by participating in service projects in the community - SERVICE LEARNING - if you are interested contact Michael Orenstein, Workforce Development, LACCD, 213- 891-2433, email -

4. The District will provide a speaker to our Campus on issues of Sexual Harassment. Faculty are required to attend as part of the contract (I believe). The dates for these seminars are 2/6 (3-4:30), 2/8 (4-5:30), 3/13 (12:30 - 1:30), 3/14 (12:30 - 1:30)

5. Internships - information provided by Unite L.A. in conjunction with our Coop Ed Program - see Geri Shapiro, 3/6 - Tuesday - 1230 - 1:30 pm

6. Tech Expo for Spring 2001 - 3/26 - 3/29 - Ontario, California
Their webpage is located at

7. 4CSD - State Staff Development Annual Conference - Lake Tahoe - April 1-3 (Sunday - Tuesday) - their website is

Staff Development Update 1/10/01

1. here is a workshop you may want to attend:on Service Learning this Thursday at L.A. City College

2. Doug McFerran, our Mission College tech guru, and distance ed maven, is now working on the Tech Committee to implement many new changes this next semester. He has invited the California Virtual College (CVC) Director Andy Howard to our campus on 1/25/01, Thursday, from 11-12, Room to be announced. We hope to coordinate many new activities and workshops with our regional CVC.

3. Mission College, along with the nine other L.A. Community Colleges is developing Instructional Skills Workshops. here is a webpage with information on these exctiing ISW workshops. We will have one soon at Mission College. . I will be collaborating as a facilitator this next week in an ISW workshop with West L.A. They will have 5 or 6 of their instructors take this class.

4. We will start a new program for Staff Development, called "Computer Tips and Tricks". This new program will host an "open computer lab" during lunch time, possibly two times a week, on Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from 12:30 to 1:30, where you can drop by and "spruce up" your computer skills for the new year. We are also going to have more formal workshops on Microsoft Office, Excel, etc. this next semester in response to a recent survey taken of faculty and staff. Please check the Computer Tips and Tricks, published every week, at

5. One of the first activities for Staff Development is to work on its Committee Charter, and its statement of purpose as part of the Accreditation Process. We will get back to you more as this develops.

Update for Staff Development 11/06/00

1. the new Kudos Review Committee (KRC) has been formed - it is Sandi Lampert, Victoria Hansen, and Eloise Cantrell - thanks all- They have recieved between 4-6 nominations, and the first Kudos award will be presented on 11/21/00 at our Faculty Forum

2. On 11/14/00 - Tuesday - 12:30pm in our Food for Thought Monthly Forum John Cantley and Mark Pracher will make a presentation on "Assessment - What is it?" - lunch will be provided, and a flyer will be distributed promoting this event to faculty, staff and classified

3. On 11/21/00 - Tuesday - 12:30 pm Sandi Lampert will host a Faculty Forum on "Problem Based Learning"
here are some interesting links on the subject from the University of Delaware =

4. I went to Oxy for a 2nd visit this last Friday, and talked with Palmer Potter, the Instructional Technology person - he is in charge of training staff and faculty - and their program includes the following elements:

a. Oxy is going over to one networking system - all windows 2000 based, and training in Frontpage 2000. This includes email with MS exchange. This makes sense to them. They have 2-3 other servers, one a linux/unix, one a novell network, and one with the new windows 2000 system.

b. They have set up a system of student technical assistants (STA's) with a Mellon Grant, and the STA's help the staff/faculty put up webpages. This is similar to our Title 3 with Mark Pracher, and we should probably considering working with Title 3 with out Tech 2 moneys, and maybe get our own Staff Dev person (similar to Pete Marcoux) last year to help staff/faculty with their webpages.

c. They have intensive summer workshops (2 weeks) which also pay faculty stipends $1000 to take part in the workshops

d. Palmer suggested that with their wireless, they will extend services to the dorms of the students. Also he said that they are going to get carts which have 15-16 lap tops, and these can be taken into a classroom and used by the class. They are also going to have lap tops at the Library, and students will be able to check out the wireless lap tops for an hour or two to do work - this provides access to students who cannot afford lap tops, and helps to free up the computer labs. This might be something we might consider once we go wireless>

e. Finally, we might consider a faculty mentoring system, where the trained faculty adopt a "newbie" faculty member to train them in webpages, etc.

5. Juan Chacon has helped to develop a "Training Request Form" at

this is now located at and I have asked Juan if he will place this on our main webpage at

This form will help faculty/staff to request training, and we can then plan training workshops, if needed.

I would suggest we discuss training workshops in our next Staff Development meeting on 11/15/00, since we have no real training going on now at Mission.

6. I would also suggest we set our Spring 2001 goals in our next meeting since we will probably not meet in December ( too close to final exams and the winter break) - so please bring in your ideas about Goals for the Spring 2001 semester. Should we have some "kick off" Flex Day (similar to the Fall Flex Day", of so, when, etc.

7. We also need to plan on sending some of our Committee to the Lake Tahoe 4CSD conference, in April. More details will be provided at the next meeting.

until next update. dj

Staff Development Update 10/06/00 is a message from Sandi, she asked for me to pass along, apparently she cannot "reply all" from her AOL account,

Hi there David,
Maria Fenyes approached me yesterday with a request to do a staff development
presentation with Gerry Scheib on creating overhead transparancies using the
computer and being creative with adding text,, arrows, etc. It sounded very
interesting. That gave me an idea. How about having a series of staff
development presentations titled : INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS. We could
go on to say, are you ready to use new, creative ways of getting your message
across? You get the idea. You could do your study groups, the one you plan
to do in April at Tahoe--you could do a dry run at school before that date.
Then we could ask anyone to share what they have done in their classes that
has turned every student's learning ability around. We talked about this
last semester, but we never started planning it--I told her to write me a
What do you think? Could you pass this on to our S.D. team? Thanks
Have a good week-end. Tomorrow morning is my Alzheimer's Walk.

2. there is a great new, free internet service. you can get it from (no you do not need to be an attorney or paralegal). I would recommend it to all of your students who would like to get online but not have the $20 per month, also this will help our senior citizens to get online too.

3. since the USER group is no longer in existence, and since there is real frustration amongs the faculty, both on not having computers on their desks (15 or so faculty still do not have computers on their desk), or having vcr's in the classrooms, I made a motion yesterday in the Academic Senate to establish an AD HOC Committee called the Computer and Faculty Resources Ad Hoc Committee.

The purpose of this Committee it to work on getting the computers and VCR's in the classroom. I am not sure if this is a Staff Development activity, or part of the TMI Committee purview, or what. TMI is having a meeting on Tuesday, 11:30 AM in Richard Rain's Physics Lab, Room 1015, and maybe we can work it out there.

4. I have an appointment with Benny Scott on October 11 to discuss the TTIP or Tech 2 moneys, there are $30,000 for Human Resource, and also $25,000 to develop and implement technology planning.

5. I am not sure if the College has any established budgeting procedures for these moneys. The Tech 2 moneys are NOT Staff Development Funds. Instead Staff Development, of course, has input into the process, but it is a COLLEGE governance matter. It seems that we need to link all of these moneys up to some goals, objectives, and assessable outcomes, and I suppose that would come from an integrated and implemented Technology Plan. TMI did vote in a technology plan, on 5/9/00, see it at

Update 10/04/00

1. Well we got some very positive emails on the Speaker's Institute (or whatever we are going to call it), Richard, Sandi, and Jayne all volunteered to make calls. I would suggest that we spread the work over the committee instead of appointing one person. This makes it a lighter loud for all of us.

Jayne suggested we set up a "matrix" or list of who will call who. therefore could you email me with the person or persons you wish to contact, by the way the hypernews discussion set up by Richard would be an excellent way to keep track of all of our contacts, and the status, and will keep a good record, probably better than email, here is the link to use (to post to hypernews, skip the first two boxes, the next box = email, and that is optional, the next box = your name (that is required), the next box = title (again required), the next box = your message (required) and finally click on preview, then on post, and your message is posted. give it a try

2. on the forms, Richard has a form for FIELD TRIPS he will email to me, and I will put it up on Also Juan Chacon is working on Acrobat 4.0, a new edition which allows one to write on the forms. Once this new program is tested, we can roll it out, place it on all of the campus computers, and home computers, and do all of our campus forms online. Also Richard came up with the idea of having a box to check for a signature, so we can make the whole process "paperless". We will have to work on this.

3. On the Speakers, Richard suggests we promote the Speakers to our sister colleges, i.e. Valley, Pierce, and City, and that interested faculty, classified, and adminstrators from those colleges might also attend and participate in our Speakers Institute, Great Idea Richard.

4. by the way there is a Staff Development Conference, State Wide, the 4CSD, set for 4/1/00, and I think we should send as many of our Staff Development Committee to that conference. It is in Lake Tahoe.

Here is the latest 4csd newsletter =

Here is a list of the events for last Spring's conference to give you an idea of the great things they cover

I have submitted a request to present. My presentation will be entitled "Online Study Groups and how you can use them in the classroom to improve learning and retention". the website I have set up is located at

5. on another subject, which I know is a hot topic. In the last two weeks or so, our t-1 connection to the internet around 3-5 pm or so has been down. I am not sure the reason. I will put in a helpstar and ask John Beck and his excellent staff to check it out. could be a usage problem which can be easily adjusted.

however, for those of us which update our webpages for our classes, Jaye, Richard, and Doug to mention a few, we are being hamstrung in putting up our materials just before class - which is affecting our classes and students. I would suggest as an interim handle to this, that we have dial up modems installed in our computers (56K modems now run around $50), and be allowed to dial out to the internet during the times that our campus internet is down. I know that this is a very HOT topic, and maybe we should run it through the TMI committee.

6. by the way for your students, there are now two additional free internet services they might consider.

the first is, what is good about this service, is it only requires one disk to download from the internet. I have put a link up so you can click on it, put in a single floppy disk, copy the program over to it, and give it to a student so they can take it home to install on their computer. here is the download link

Staff Development Update 10/01/00

1. We now have a student worker Corinne, who is inputing Flex hours for all faculty into a comprehensive excel worksheet. . This was the great idea of Sandi Lampert. Corinne will also be inputing Conference Requests in an excel worksheet so we can better predict and budget those expenses. I would like to be able to give a monthly report to the Faculty Senate on moneys remaining for Conference Requests.

2. Mark Pracher and his student workers are working on a new college webpage, subject, of course to inpu from facutly, classified, staff, and our governance structure. one of the useful items will be a FORMS page. here is a page, with some forms. Could you think of other forms, and please email me ( with any suggestions on new forms, or forms you would like to see online

Update 4/17/01

Date: 2001, Apr 17
From: <Anonymous>

the below message is excerpted from Roberta Holt - from L.A. City College -
" Just a reminder that LA City College LACC will host the regional State Staff Development 4C/SD meeting on Friday, May 4, from 9-1 in our Faculty-Staff Center. Our districtwide Staff Development meeting will follow at 1:30.

The cost for lunch is $8.(Our Staff Development at Mission will pay if you want to attend this luncheon, so let us know if you want to attend) Among other things that we will do at the regional meeting is showing the "FISH" video and presenting a sample "FISH" workshop. For those of
you who didn't see this at the statewide conference, it's a great program for both Customer Service and having fun in the workplace. "

from DJ --

We will have our next Staff Development meeting on Wednesday - 4/25/01 - 1s 12:30 better than 1PM - let me know? we will have it in the AACR. We would like to plan a final "End of the Year Recognition Awards Dinner" to end the year - possibly on Friday Evening - May 11th, and recognize faculty who have gained tenure, along with kudos, and recognition of others, including classified, and staff. please come and help us plan
the year ending celebration. we need the input, ideas, and your energy. Hope you all had a nice, relaxed Spring Break.

Hey, isn't it great to see the new Collaborative Studies Building in progress. take care. dj

Updates for 5/01/01

Date: 2001, May 01
From: <Anonymous>

Here is the Flex Activities Report for 2001

Updates for 6/20/01

Date: 2001, Jun 21
From: <Anonymous>

Staff Development Update 6/20/01

1. We are working on a 3 year Staff Development Plan which needs to be in the Chancelors Office by 6/25/01, here is a rough outline of some of the conents of that plan

2. The theme of the 8/30 Welcome Back Flex Day, is "Reach Out, and Make a Difference", and it will focus on Customer Service. In keeping with that theme, Victoria Hansen and Juan Chacon are working on taking pictures of the various distinct Departments and Disciplines, and collecting materials, brochures, etc. this information will be put into links and graphics, etc. and reduced to a CD which we can give to new staff/facutly/classified as an orientation to Customer Services available on campus.

3. I am facilitating an ISW workshop at ELAC this next week, and our ISW workshop will be 8/21 to 8/23, we still have a few spaces available for participants so if you know of any instructors who want to hone their teaching skills, it is both for seasoned and new instructors. information on the workshops is located at

4. a webpage has now been created for the weekly updates, in addition to the email list, so you can refer your friends, and other instructors to the webpage for updates to

5. The Library has requested that Staff Development assist with information competency and helping faculty implement this into their syllabi and to develop materials, web sites, links, etc. which faculty can use in giving assignments to their students in information competency. In fact, the Library is adding a new full time staff member who will put on workshops (to train students and faculty I assume on information competency)

6. Ricky Yamauchi is still working on the "Help Desk" over the summer, and his pager number is 818/552-8131, and his email addresss is

hope you are all having a good summer break.

7. We were also thinking of putting together a CD which would have a list of all of the various disciplines, with links to programs, vocational certificates, etc. an overview if you will for a student, so that once s tudent steps on campus, he or she could be given a CD, as an introduction to what the student could do by taking a philosophy class, or a law class, or a physics, class - we could have this not only on CD but also on the webpage. well just another thought and a project. anybody interested in taking this gargantuan project on let me know?


Updates for 7/10/01

Date: 2001, Jul 11
From: <Anonymous>

Come join us for FlexDay Fall 2001, August 30th Thursday - 8:30am - 3:30pm

check out the webpage at

Theme for the Day "Reach out & Make a Difference"

We will be sending more information on the Flex date Agenda as we get closer to the date.

We are getting great feedback on our Helpdesk, so if you have any pesky application questions, etc,
contact Ricky Yamauchi at his pager 818-552-8131, or email him at, he is also in
in the clusters area - Faculty Offices 12:30pm-3pm on Mondays and 12:30pm-5pm on Wednesdays.
Fridays from 2pm to 5pm

Also we will be having our first Instructional Skills Workshop on August 20th through 23rd, and we have
now signed up 6 instructors at Mission to participate in those teaching workshops(information on those
workshops can be located at

Hope everyone is having a good summer.


Updates for 10/01/01

Date: 2001, Oct 01
From: <Anonymous>

update Staff Development 9/26/01

1. Drop in Computer skills lab - Pat Flood will make the Computer Applications lab available on Thursdays from ? to ?, and staff and faculty can drop in and touch up their skills on Excel and Word. We will also try to set up some specific workshops, and Pat will teach those.

2. Nutrition - Sandy Lampert has set up a lecture on " Food on the Run" - How to eat more nutritously while on a tight schedule. this is for October or November

3. Doug McFerran will do a "Food for Thought" forum on " Understanding What is Happening in the Mideast" on next Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 12:30 - 1:30 pm, links and materials for his presentation are located at, and is posted also at

4. Sandi Lampert has organized Alzheimer's Lectures "Unraveling the Mystery" - 9/28/01 and 10/12/01

5. Sat down with Maury Pearl and discussed updating the Evaluation Form for Staff Development Activities so that it ties in with the 3 year plan goals, objectives, activities, and will help us see if we are accomplishing our goals. Also Maury gave us a brochure on the "Elisten" software and we will see if we can make the Flex Activities and Evaluation Reports a web-based reporting system to enhance our records keeping and make reporting flex by faculty more convenient and time saving.

6. Sat down with John Klitzner, and he agreed to work up a Health Wellness Survey which we will send to faculty, staff, administration on campus to determine the needs for Physical Fitness activities which may include walking, aerobics. workout out at the Mission College facility during noon hours, yoga and tai chi, amongs other things. John said that Cindy Cooper would also like to work on this project with him.

7. In Process of talking with our two nurses to see if we can plan a Mission College Wellness Week on Campus in November. Also am checking with Alex Yguado and curriculum committee to see if we can develop curriculum, one unit class, and a webpage " Mission Wellness" in which there are online health links and activites, along with in person short term class, so faculty and staff can get credit for taking this class.

8. Am in process of talking with David Green our EAP director about getting the 14 hours of free seminars delivered by United Behavaral Health, on topics such as reducing stress, and improving communications.

9. talked with Jose Luis, and in November will have the people from Mt. Sac come over and train us on their customer service program,

Hook into it! It's a remarkable way to boost morale and improve results. It shows how changing your attitude lets you enjoy your work and your life. Fish! generates an amazing amount of inspiration, energy, and encouragement. It's not just about motivation but about
     LIFE. How we should live our daily life and how we interact with family members, friends, and people we meet on the street. So "Catch the Wave!" Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude with them each day. An environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues and to their customers.
     Impossible? Not at all. FISH! is a tool to help you lead people toward creating that environment. Join us for an exploration of what we call the FISH! Philosophy: Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude. John Cordova from Mt. Sac will help train us.

10. meetings - Staff Development is considering having two meetings per month to work on the expansive 3 year plan. the primary meeting on the 3rd Weds of each month, and the secondary on the 1st Wednesday of the month.

11. Eloise Cantrell has assisted Staff Development by putting the budget on an excel worksheet with object codes, and so now we will have a day to day reflection of expenses as they occur, and balances in each account. Thanks. Eloise.

12. Also Eloise as the Resource person is meeting with David Jordan once a week to work on focusing on the important goals and objectives of the 3 year plan, and assisting with accomplishing these.

13. Diversity - October is Disabilities month, and the Diversity Committee will coordinate with Rick Scuderi to plan various activities for the month.

14. Diversity will start showing international films in the student foyer. and John Orozco will assist in getting the films together.

14. our next edition of El Rincon - Mission College Neighborhood will highlight a profile on our new faculty member Roxanne Dalrymple from Jamaica.

15. Jayne Thomas is working with Gwen Walker on the next Food for Thought Forum on the Psychological Impact of the recent NYC/DC events and how you can handle discussions about this subject in the classroom.

16. We had our first Inventive Teacher Academy with Bill Farmer and myself convening our new faculty. 13 new faculty attended last Friday. meetings will be from 1:30 -3:30 every Friday for the next 13 weeks. We are reading a book together, "Lives on the Boundary" The Struggles and Achievements of America's Underprepared by Mike Rose a teacher now at UCLA who grew up in South Central L.A. and struggled with his education. We are covering case studies and each participant will make a case presentation of a classroom situation and the group will discuss the problems and attempt to resolve them. Also each participant will present a Classroom Assessment Technique and how it worked in their class (Pat Cross/Thomas Angelo) materials are being developed at and will be passed on to other faculty.

17. Teleconference - Terry Carter is going to put in a work order for having the teleconference equipment installed in a permanent, available space, so that it can be more conveniently available. Terry says that we can use the teleconferencing more and so we will sit down and plan how we can more effectively use teleconferencing for Staff Development. Teleconferncing will be used by CVC in October and Doug Mcferran is coordinating those activities.

CVC has agreed to pay for Mission College to have a three-part live-feed satellite series on online teaching available (it's a $1000 deal), and Doug McFerran has agreed to host this for our area. Please go this site for the details on the series:

The dates are all Thursdays: October 18, November 29, February 28.
The transmission will be from 11:30 to 1.


FROM: Mary Ellen Eckhert
SUBJECT: Summary of Meeting of September 21

PRESENT: Dwayne Coleman (District Office), Mary Ellen Eckhert (East), Patty Schmolze (City), June Smith (Harbor), Donna Mae Villanueva (Pierce)

GUEST: Dr. Robert Alworth, CIO of Information Technology at the DO

The meeting convened at LACC at 1 pm.

Initial Staff Development Budget Allocations for 2001-02

On September 5, the Board authorized distribution of Program 435 funds to the colleges and District Office. The initial allocation is 75% of the funds available to your campus for 2001-02. The final 25% will be distributed between January and February 2002.
The District Modernization Project

Rob Alworth informed the committee that Chancellor Drummond has set aside money to provide training in the new systems software that will replace the 70's vintage model now in use. District Tech Support is currently developing workshops to train employees to use the SAP software package, which will be phased in over the next three years

Finance/Purchasing is the first area to make the transition to SAP. Training for Phase 1 will be made available to the campuses in early 2002 with the expectation that all local offices within the District will be fully operational by July 2002. Phases 2 and 3 will involve Personnel/Payroll and Student Systems respectively.

Staff Development officers are being asked to assist in bringing training to their location by including these workshops in their Spring calendars and encouraging people to train. The DO has prepared an informational brochure called "Changing the Way We Work" to help spread the word.

4C/SD September 14, 2001: Regional Meeting

Donna May and Patty reported on the regional meeting at Mt. San Antonio College. For anyone who attended the new staff developers' training last June, Bea Griffiths' presentation on preparing the 2001 expenditures report due on November 15 was mostly review - something we can all use! Ditto for Barbara Wright's afternoon session on the web-based Staff Development Database Application, although this time around the internet connection worked!.

The 4C/SD Annual Conference will be held in Lake Arrowhead April 7-9, 2002.

Emergency Training

Dwayne discussed the L.A. County Fire Department's Community Emergency Response Training (CERT). The District has scheduled seven weeks of 2 hour sessions to be held on Thursday mornings at the DO. There is still space for 15-20 employees interested in joining --the events of September 11 interrupted the series, which is now scheduled to resume the week of October 1. Latecomers will be given an opportunity to make up the first session so that they can be eligible to receive certification.

CPR (by John Radke and personal safety training by David Martin are also available. Call Dwayne at 321-891-2383 for more information.

Now that the ALI program has morphed into the Company of Expert's Leadership Development Institute, some of us are being asked to address leadership as a staff development project for our campuses. At East, for example, our president has requested leadership training for his administrative council. Research suggests that this is a daunting task because of the wide diversity of experience and prior training among our managers and leaders. The results of our leadership survey last spring suggest that the process should begin with having administrators write individual plans. Please share any leadership development ideas and/or projects underway or in the planning stages at your college, including resources and the role(s) played by your staff development committee.

Flex Issue

Patty shared copies of the new Flex guidelines developed at City for the 15-week calendar. The consensus is that each campus is handling the reporting of flex hours somewhat differently at this point as we accommodate changes brought on by adoption of compressed calendars at all the colleges except East. We all appreciate the time Roberta and others spent debating the implications of the compressed calendar, which resulted in clarification from Lucian Carter about using illness/personal leave days for missed attendance at mandatory flex activities.

New Faculty Development Seminar at LACC

Patty reported on the New Faculty Development Seminar that began at City this
Fall. Patty, Roberta and Amy Sweetman have put together a series of monthly workshops for new faculty to earn 1 unit of Independent Study credit through their individual departments for their participation. The entire program and handouts can be accessed at the LACC website by clicking on Staff Development.

Report on the Districtwide ISW/PSW Project

Roberta, Adrienne, Mary Ellen and Donna May met from 11-1 to work on the ISW/PSW (Instructional Skills Workshop/Presentation Skills Workshop) project.

ISW: We discussed stipends for facilitators and participants. Roberta said she would facilitate workshops for $1500 per workshop, which comes out to hourly-rate pay for 24 hours of work. Company of Experts would provide a lead facilitator for the first ISW on each campus; facilitators already trained in the District would be given a stipend of $500 to co-facilitate. These costs along with other expenses would be paid out of the chancellor's account. Individual colleges would cover the costs for supplies and grants of $250 to participants from their campus.

The tentative agenda and facilitation plan for Spring 2002 ISW's is as follows:

January 7-10 - Pierce College (Bruce/Roberta)
January 14-17 - Mission College (Bruce/David)
January 28-31 Harbor Glynis/Mary Ellen and/or Adrienne)

(Lloyd has also scheduled an ISW at West for January 7-10 with Glynis to be paid for out of their TitleV grant.)

Donna May reported a strong response to a letter sent out to all Pierce faculty announcing the first ISW scheduled for January 7-10 on the Pierce campus. Six faculty have already signed up and three are on the waiting list. .

January 22-25 at LACC Glynis/Roberta

Participation will be open to administrators from around the District. Priority will be given to the first 5-6 administrators who sign up from different campuses; any others will be wait-listed. Mary Ellen agreed to send a letter out to all college presidents announcing this workshop urging them to send a representative from their college.

Covey "What Matters Most" Facilitator Training Workshop
In addition to the ISW and PSW workshops, there will be a workshop to train new facilitators for "What Matters Most" at LACC January 28-31. Contact Roberta at or LACC Staff Development Office at 323 953-4000, Ext. 2378 or 2379 for more information.

Doug McFerran 10/01/01 report on recent Summit Conference

Date: 2001, Oct 01
From: <Anonymous>

From: Doug Mcferran
Date: 10/01/01
Report on recent Summit Conference

Since I ended up being the sole rep from our District this last week, I'll try to give a quick summary of what we did and where we seem to be going. I'm CC'ing Nancy in case she needs to correct anything I say here, and I'm sending blind CC's to a number of other folks with whom I have been working on various aspects of our online ventures.

First off, the Foundation is growing. Only three community colleges in the state are not part of the consortium, and it has become national with the inclusion of systems and institutions throughout the country. It has also linked up with the K-12 system in California. The number of vendors participating has also grown, and the deals range beyond just computers and software (there are now even two vendors for any culinary arts program). For more on this, be sure to see the website There is also a newsletter that comes out on line, and it is worth subscribing to in order to get the word out to faculty and students about what is available to them.

We also have vendors playing a more active role in providing services to the Foundation, with representatives from Sun and Centricity sitting in with us all the way through. This vendor involvement with the consequent issue of a conflict of interest has also made it important to see the Task Force as having a role quite apart from actually evaluating the products and services under consideration. Just what that role should be was part of the discussion we shared with representatives from the three technology-linked advisory committees (TTAC, DETAC and LLRP) in this first of a kind joint summit.

Some of the material from this summit will be online at the Task Force website ( ), and I will not try to go into everything. Especially helpful was having folks from the Chancellor's Office very actively engaged (Lebaron Woodyard kicked things off on Wednesday), and I was to learn such interesting things as the fact that 95% of the colleges now have a formal Distance Education Coordinator. (Mission as yet does not, and I am beginning to get the dismal impression that we might well be the only college in the state that has not yet finalized a technology plan. But, honest, we will catch up.) This is a position that will probably take on even greater importance if it so happens that DE courses no longer are treated as independent study when we talk about apportionment.

We had our pep talks and our training sessions as well. Charles Ratliff, who is working on the new Master Plan ("from K to gray") was our keynote speaker Wednesday and IBM's Jim Spohrer presented on Thursday. Both were highly provocative, with Charles setting the goal that by 2020 we will have erased the present differences in student performance that might be linked to gender or ethnicity or socioeconomic status and Jim posing some mind-boggling jumps in the technology we may expect to have available. Thursday afternoon we learned more about how to use Centrinity's First Class software for our collaborative work (we'll all get accounts and passwords). On Friday Daniel J. Miller, CEO of Advantiv, explained more about decision-making software (his presentation is now on the NDTF website) while Patrick Tyrell-Smith walked us through the Palomar Project that led to a model contract for an ERP.

I may as well throw in some general impressions of my own. One significant issue that came up, with the deals available from Microsoft being a leading example, was whether the Foundation's work in bringing vendors on board could result in a de facto acceptance of certain products or services as standards. This could be good news or bad news. If it leads to lower costs, as it has with Microsoft, it's a definite plus. We did toss around the possibility that the Foundation might set up a searchable database so that we are not all simultaneously reinventing the wheel, and I would certainly like to see this done also with textbooks as a possible way of bringing down their cost.

Another issue is just what might be the impact of the explosive e-learning industry in the business world. Clearly those of us doing things online can learn from these folks, but there is the question in my mind whether their very success in training will redefine what will be expected from us. Saying we provide knowledge rather than just information or that we educate and not just train may not be enough, and the very emphasis on accountability that we are seeing demanded by reform-minded legislators should be a warning that these mantras about knowledge and education may not save us. Online Students

Re: Doug McFerran 10/01/01 report on recent Summit Conference
Date: 2001, Oct 04
From: Karen Borgie <>

Just wanted to add my total agreement with Doug's point about the Distance Education position. We need one at LAMC to provide direction and a future plan. What are we attempting to offer--just a few classes here and there or a program that students can complete online toward a goal (degree? certificate? etc.)? We need to look at this closely.

I have been working with the eCollege classes since they began and thought you might be interested in the numbers this semester--We have 8 classes at the present offered through this system. We have 94 students who are fully paid and participating. We have an additional 42 students who are enrolled but have not yet paid their $30 fee so may be blocked from their classes until they pay. The program has grown tremendously over the past 3 years and the teachers who use the system appear to be very happy with the services provided. My personal experience is that students are happy as well especially with the tech support and other technical features provided by

technology update from Doug McFerran 10/15/01

Date: 2001, Oct 16
From: <Anonymous>

CVC had their third annual statewide conference starting yesterday and running through tomorrow. I just rushed back along the 605 from Huntington Beach because I have a class tonight, or I'd still be in meetings (and I'll miss tomorrow because of class also).

One thing about my last couple of conferences is that I've been spending a lot of quality time with folks from the State Chancellor's office. A couple of weeks ago I had told Cris Mora that we really did not have a DE Coordinator as yet, and today she had her printout that shows Dale Newman still is the individual of record. That makes Dale a legacy official (like legacy computer systems), and Mission is past due on its annual report (Dr. Barrera is checking to see what happened with the requested form).

The DE Coordinator's role is becoming increasingly well defined. One of the workshops this morning (Carlos Martinez from Pierce was one of the panelists) was just about this, and already Valley does have a person doing this full time. We still lack any overall coordination, and I hope in the next several weeks we can get moving again on the technology plan and some decisions about how to move forward.

As you know, I have a tendency to volunteer Mission for things, especially if they're free, and I am going to talk up getting involved in an online training course for adjunct instructors that started with a grant at Riverside and now is expanding to take in more campuses.

This requires Dr. Barrera's OK, but it may be appropriate to have either Professional Development or the Senate discuss it first (I'll send info to David Jordan). The developers would then help us set up something that is specific to Mission. For more about the project, go to

Also, I did chat up some of the vendors, several of whom would be most eager to come out and present workshops for us. One was Prometheus, which competes with both WebCT and Blackboard but has some definite advantages in being an open-source environment.

In addition, has been renamed, and Larry Toy from the Foundation assures me that he is working to get a deep discount statewide (presently there is a special deal just with CVC Region 4). I did talk from folks from there, and again I think it would be a good workshop.

At the advisory board meeting for CVC Region 2, which covers the LA metropolitan area, we did get some recognition for the MVP project by which we've beeen trying to facilitate greater cooperation among the three valley campuses. In connection with that, we've now firmed up that Valley will present the second PBS satellite broadcast in November and Pierce will try to do the same thing in February. (Mission is the licensee.)

A second MVP conference will most likely be at Valley.
A last personal comment. The first time I represented Mission at something about technology was for the League for Innovation in Miami several years back, and what amazes me is how far everyone has come in this DE business in just a few short years. Back then the tendency was for workshops to be about what people planned to do. Now they're about what people have been doing. I'm almost sorry that I'm a couple of years past retirement age, since I would love to be involved in what's going to be happening in the next five or ten years. But maybe you will see why I tend be a bit impatient these days, and if I keep poking and prodding folks to do things a bit more rapidly you will forgive me more readily.

College Council Update on 11/14/01

Date: 2001, Nov 14
From: <Anonymous>

College Council Update 11/14/01

1. Ms word Doc will have a workshop on word formatting tips
info can be located at
The workshop is 11/27/01 - Tuesday, 3 pm Room 2021 Instructional Bldg.

2. David Green has scheduled two workshops. the first was on Campus Safety and Security with our own Campus Sheriff Stan Deese, and was well received, approx. 80 people attended on 11/08/15. One of the suggestions at this meeting by Maria Fenyes was to have the Campus Police stationed in the Faculty Offices Mon-Thursday from 7-10 pm to ensure more security in the faculty area, and this suggestion was implemented immediately by Stan Deese's office. thanks Stan.

a second workshop on Preventing Sexual Harassment is scheduled this Thursday, 11/15/01, in Campus Center 1, at 12:30 lunch and flex is provided.

3. The Customer Service task force of the Staff Development Committee chaired by Margie Long, Debbie Wong, and Richard Rains came up with their written report as follows:

What are the central elements you want L.A. Mission College to be judged by?

or What do students most notice about a college; what impresses them either positively or negatively?

Here are some of the qualities this task force came up with?

Friendliness - both faculty and staff - are thy eager to give directions and help whenever needed? This is an area that can be addressed by training.

Waiting in lines -
1. Bookstore lines might be reduced by providing two extra cashiers for two weeks at the beginning of the semester
2. Admission lines might be more difficult to to reduce since any extra personnel must be qualified.
3. Cafeteria sometimes there is a long wait for food. What is the bottleneck, ordering or preparation?

Clean Environment - This is one of Mission College's strong points; new buidlings and clean grounds are a hallmark of the College - however,

Rest rooms - some student rest rooms have broken towel dispensers, faucets that don't work, damaged mirrors. Remedying this problem would cost money. It was suggested that perhaps a sign could be posted listing the phone number to call for help when faucets are stuck, open, etc.

Campus Sign Boards - some are old, faded, and covered with tape, and need cleaning.

Information - Volunteer students could be posted at various locations around campus during the first two weeks of the semester to direct new students and answer frequently aksed questions.

Information booth could operate a bit later than 7 pm

Need more student awareness of information booth

an electronic scrolling marquee in the cafeteria would be an ideal way to disseminate information about events

Some kind of big announcement board is needed somewhere on campus

Computer Data terminals at strategic locations could disseminate info on registration, class availability, etc.

Bookstore - variety of goods and services offered makes a big impression on students. In this regard our bookstore does not compare well with City, Valley, or Pierce, although limitation of space is a serious factor.

Availability by Phone - Faculty and Staff. Sometimes it is hard to find a "live person by phone, even if the person is supposedly at their desk all day.

Parking - This is something that makes an immediate impression on students and visitors. The parking situation at Mission will radically change with new construction. We should be sure there is a drop off zone in the new plans. Currently student workers are parking in full time staff parking and that should be re-visited and discussed.

implementation of the above

1. Kudo Appreciation awards and a cookie will be given to all of the custodiian facilities staff who take care of our campus.

2. The cafeteria lines can be improved by having a special order line, separate from the regular food line. Sandi Lampert will implement these changes with Culinary Arts. Also two signs will be made, one that our cafeteria facility is a student training facility, and please be patient, and also a general be courteous sign. Mike Climo is in charge of the signs.

3. Staff Development will contact various departments about having an "Open House" and "Meet your Campus". This will allow everyone on campus to get to know each department, etc. and what they do. food will be provided. Victoria Hansen and Margie Long are in charge of this activity.

4. Debby Wong has circulated "It's your birthday" flyer, and hopefully a number of staff and faculty will send the flyer back with their day and month, but not year of birth, and then Staff Development will acknowledge birthdays on campus - this makes it a friendlier place.

5. David Jordan and Jose Luis Ramirez will work together on getting a new customer service training program, called the "Fish" program from Mt. Sac in December, or the new year.

6. Maggie La Bash is talking with Stan Deese about setting up a "Campus Watch" for Mission College, and also discuss training for safety and security on campus.

7. David Jordan and Juan Chacon will start to have mini computer/email workshops on Tues/Thursday, during the lunch hours in LRC basement. the website for this activity is

8. The Diversity Committee is presenting - Central and South America awareness month for November and December.

9. there is a new program, called "Altas Voces" or powerful or loud voices, and Roxanne Dalyrmple has scheduled two poets to speak on campus, the first poet, was Armenian Poet Shahe Mankerian, and he had a warm welcome at the library on 10/25/01, and a second poet, Wanda Coleman, will read her oetry on 11/26/01, at 7 pm in the Library, She is a member of the American Academy of Poets author of Bathwater Wine , winner of the 1999 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize. A former medical secretary, magazine editor, journalist and scriptwriter. information about this can be found at

College Council Update 1/17/02

Date: 2002, Jan 18
From: DJordan

1. on 1/25/02 Friday, we will have meeting of online instructors in CC4 at 11 am to discuss online issues, then at noon, lunch, and from 1-4 pm, in LRC 205, Scott Corbett, Web project director of will present simple webpages and HN workshop.

2. On 1/31/02, in CC 4 from 11-1 pm Anafe Robinson will make a power point presentation on Financial Aid, and the powerpoint presentation will be placed on the internet, and faculty who cannot attend the presentation, can still get flex credit by reviewing the power point presentation and answering some questions on financial aid.

3. in February, Diversity Committee will celebrate Black History Month, and James Henry who teaches African American Studies will do a Food for Thought Forum for faculty and staff.

4. On February 12th, Roxann Dalrymple with her Speaker Series has invited Michael Datcher and his wife Jenoyne Adams to speak at Mission College - They are African-American writers who give voice to the African-American experience.

5. Bill Farmer and David Jordan have discussed and decided to have the Second New Teacher Academy since we will have 7 new faculty on board in Spring 2002. The meetings will meet 7 or 8 times during the semester and Abdo Malki, will assist as our recent graduate of the 1st New Teacher Academy. Thanks Abdo.

6. Staff Development will start an Open House for faculty and staff to get to know the various departments and activities. Counseling will be our first open house, and we hope to do that in February, and will coordinate with Gwen Walker.

7. We are going to work again with Pat Flood, and develop a MS word and MS products certification classes for classified in the Spring 2002 semester.

8. Sandi Lampert is working on a Health Program for faculty and classified for Spring 2002, and more information will be forthcoming on this.

Staff Dev. Report to Academic Senate 2/07/02

Date: 2002, Feb 07
From: <Anonymous>

Report to Senate on Staff Development

1. On 1/25/02 we had a webpage workshop, wih Prof. Scott Corbett from Onxard web project,, it was well attended by faculty, and a number of faculty are now working on getting their syllabus and class materials up on webpages and also using threaded discussions and chat room for their classrooms. you can get a free webpage account from our collaboration with Oxnard by going to, and filling out the information. we will probably have a follow up workshop to this one sometime in Spring 2002 semester

2. on 1/31/02 we had a mini workshop on financial aid given by Anafe Robinson, and we will try to get some more information out to everyone by email and on webpage.

3. we are going to have our 2nd Teaching Academy for our new full time faculty, and we are also going to open it to new/old adjunct faculty, so if you have any faculty who you want to participate, let them know we will be starting in CC 4, on 2/22 from 10 am to noon. thanks to Abdo Malki, of Math and Carolyn Daly, of English for carrying the torch as they are going to work with us in this continuing training of new faculty. materials on this effort can be located at

4. Diversity report - Black History Month this month

5. Fullbright Scholars- we are going to try to invite some of these to give some speaches here on various topics. also would like to organize a summer institute where faculty can travel and teach abroad.

6. Sandi Lampert will be organizing some health acitivitie for the Spring semester. tai che, etc. we will give you more info on that up the line.

7. we need some more faculty to participate in our committee. we are going to need some faculty to help work on the inauguration of the COLA building, and the end of the year Texas BBQ

8. On February 12th, Roxann Dalrymple with her Speaker Series has invited Michael Datcher and his wife Jenoyne Adams to speak at Mission College - They are African-American writers who give voice to the African-American experience.

9. Staff Development will start an Open House for faculty and staff to get to know the various departments and activities. Counseling will be our first open house, and we hope to do that in February, and will coordinate with Gwen Walker.

10. We are going to work again with Pat Flood, and develop a MS word and MS products certification classes for classified in the Spring 2002 semester.

11. Mission College is hosting the 4th Annual Tech expo, Doug McFerran is in charge, and Staff Dev. is working to help promote that acitivity. we will have close to 400 participants from around the district, and information on that acitivity can be found at the date is May3rd, 2002, Friday, 9 - 4 pm, great exhbits, and presentations. place it on your calendar. by the way Doug has a great website called Mission Valley Pierce online, it is a collaboration amongst the 3 campuses, and it is located at

12. we are working on 4 different collaborative projects with Oxnard, see page at

1. the chinese connection - that is distant ed with Chinese schools
with Scott Corbett, and Chuck Dirks working on this project.

12. the learning paradigm which is developing great new pedagogical tools for use of assessment in the classroom, and assessing learning styles, etc.

13. continuing training workshops, ala 1/25/02

14. developing the teaching academy materials both at Mission and Oxnard>

14. We are going to order some web-based survey software. Maury Pearl will review several packages, and then recommend one for Staff Dev to purchase, and then we can use it to assess how we are doing with our Staff Development activities. maybe it could also be extended for use or individual faculty for doing assessments in their classrooms, or to develop new curriculum.

15. we are going to put up on the internet a form on Blooms Toxonomy, which has verbs to use with your assignments, and will be used in describing objectives in the course outlines updates which will be required by curriculum committee, and maybe we can do some workshops on how to put these to use in your classroom and your syllabus.


Report to College Council on 2/21/02

Date: 2002, Feb 21
From: <Anonymous>

Staff Dev Report to College Council

The Staff Development Committee met on Tuesday, 2/19/02, and the following matters were discussed and voted upon:

1. The Committee voted to approve the Teaching Academy as a pilot project of the Staff Dev Committee. This semester Abdo Malki, a former graduate of the academy and David Jordan will hold the sessions on 7 7 7 Thursdays, from 12:30 to 2:30 pm for new faculty to cover both the "nuts and bolts", and also review teaching pedagogy. An assessment will be made following the acadedmy to determine whether Staff Development will continue with this faculty training.

2. May 3rd is the 4th Anuual District Wide Tech Expo at Mission College, and Staff Development will lend its support to Doug Mcferran in assisting to plan this activity. check out the expo at

3. Margie Long, Pat Flood, Sandi Lampert and David Jordan will attend the state wide Staff Development Conference in Lake Arrowhead in early April, and will report back to the committee. This conference is always the best Staff Development Conference of the year, and many new ideas, like our "kudos committee" originated from our attendance at this conference.

4. The Committee voted to look into getting a computer for the Staff Development student worker. It does not have to be a new computer, but it should be connected to the internet.

5. The Committee Dicussed the Health Program proposed by Sandi Lampert, and Sandi will look into what other campuses are doing to pay the personal training expert, and she will report back to the committee.

6. The Committee discussed the "birthday club", and Debby Wong reported that only 45 people had answered a survey if they wanted to receive a birthday card, etc. on their birhtday. The Committee voted to insitute a "Years of Service" Celebration, which will take place at the end of each May, and then years of service, pins, certificates, awards, will be given to both full time and adjunct faculty, and also to classified, and this event will be coordinated with the End of the Year Awards Barbeque luncheon for all staff, classified and faculty, and will be coordinated with the President's Office.

7. The Committee voted to approve of participating in the Doug Mcferran informed the Comittee that the Riverside CC grant had waived the $3500 fees for Mission College, and discussions will be held with the President, to seek her approval, and a letter from her to be able to participate in this activity.

8. The Committee discussed the Instructional Skills Workshops, and decided it was very difficult to faculty to attend these workshops because of the time committment. 8/23 Friday, 6-9 pm, 8/24 Saturday, all day, then 8/30, 6-9 pm, and 8/31 all day. It was decided that Mission College would not participate in these teacher training seminars funded by the District.

9. Pat Flood will continue with her MS - word training. the nex workshop will be Friday, March 8th.

10. In March, Fay Epps will do a "Food for Thought" forum for faculty, entitled "Food on the Run", and how you can eat well, even if "on the run" - the date and time of that forum will be announced soon.

11. The Diversity Committee has been very busy, and attached are minutes of the 12/13 and 2/07 meetings. Diversity Commitee is busy this month with all of the Black History Events month. special thanks go to Bonnie Sherman, the BSU Advisor, Robert Crossley, ASO Advisor, and Roxann Dalrymple, English Dept. for all of their work in planning the events for Black History Month.

Report to Academic Senate on 3/07/02

Date: 2002, Mar 07
From: David Jordan

Staff Dev Update for Academic Senate 3/07/02

1. Contest for "Classroom of the Future" - Richard Rains agreed to put together the parameters and the flyer for this contest and we will get it out to all faculty, full time and adjunct, not sure what the prizes are - have to look at our budget - possibly trip to Hawaii (joke)

2. "Pedometer Club: - Cooper has made a proposal to Staff Dev, re "Working Toward an Active Life Style" - and it was warmly received. we will be discussing it further, and then get you the details. it includes wearing a pedometer, charting your steps to "compete with yourself" to increase your activity level.

3. The Teaching Academy continues this semester - next semester, we will have a new form of the Academy, it will be called "Faculty Forums on Teaching and Learning" - all faculty will be invited, full time and adjunct. it will meet 7 times for about an hour and 15 minutes or more to share teaching tips amongst faculty, and of course, will be voluntary for both new faculty, and current full time and adjunct faculty.

4. We are looking for some classified staff to join us in the Lake Arrowhead State Staff Development annual conference, April 7th Sunday through April 9th Tuesday, at the UCLA Conference Center in Lake Arrowhead. Margie Long, Sandi Lampert, and David Jordan plan on attending and will bring back information to the Senate.

5. We have started to plan the End of the year Awards Ceremony. it will probably be a formal function, instead of the BBQ format, and we will get back to you with details.

6. We are also planning the Fall 2002 mandatory Flex Day, which is 8/28/02, Weds from 8:30 am to 3 pm, so place that on your calendars, and contact Staff Development with any ideas.

7. Abdo Malki suggested we consider a "Plant your own Plot" project. this will include planting flowers, etc. around school, on our campus land, but he will check with Plant Facilities, etc. and get clearance for such a project and report back to Staff Development.

8. We are considering developing a "Teacher of the Year" award for Mission College, and will get back to you as to the details, and if Staff Development in fact develops this award.

9. Pat Flood is having another in her series in her MS Word Workshops, and it will be on Friday March 14th from 12:30 to 2:30 pm in the LRC 205 classroom, and the materials can be found on MS word shortcups and tips about formatting if you cannot make it at
a new website made by Juan Chacon. by the way, if you are interested in putting up materials on the web contact Juan Chacon, and he can soon establish a webpage for you at

10. May 3rd is the 4th Annual District Wide Tech Expo here on our campus, from 9 - 3 pm, and Staff Dev will pay the $25 entrance fee for any full time/adjunct faculty. we will be sending around a flyer, with a tear off portion at the bottom, tear it off, and send it in, or send email to

Report to College Council on 3/21/02

Date: 2002, Mar 21
From: David Jordan

 1. We are working on submitting a number of Budget Proposals for Technology Funding under TTIP to the Resource Analysis Committee

Here are some our ideas
a. two student workers for a help desk - similar to what we had with
Richard Yamauchi, one will work MWF, and the other TTH so we have
complete 5 day coverage, and they will make office visits and train and
help everyone, staff, classified and faculty with training on computers,
software, etc. no hardware problems that is John Beck's bailiwick

b. Pat Flood and CAOT - she would just help to supervise it, not do the
training. we would get off campus trainers to come in and to train
faculty, staff, classified on MS word products, ie word, excel, when the
individual finsihed the segment, eg, word,then they take a mini test to
show their competence, and then they get a $250 stipend as a kind of pat
on the back, and incentive for doing all the work.

Pat would just supervise it

c. faculty webpages. I strongly believe faculty can be trained to do
their webpages, hey I did it, and it is not rocket science,
so we again have professionals come and train, and then the faculty get
stipends, $250 if they get a simple webpage, $500 if they put up more
materials, and $1000 if they launch and entire online class. this will
promote our high-tech campus, and online classes.

David JordanI will supervise that.

d. E College - we could spend some money, and Karen Borgie could
supervise this. would leave it up to Karen, and again stipends for
people who participate in her E college training. again we get
professional trainers here.

e. some sort of faculty training, like where
faculty get stipends for updating their pedagogy.
Doug Mcferran would supervise this.

f. training on ccmail and windows, and organizing files on your computer

g. more money for travel conferences involoving technology

2. On April 18th, Fay Epps will do a "Food for Thought" forum for faculty, entitled "Food on the Run", and how you can eat well, even if "on the run" CC4 12:30

3. On April 4th John Orozco will present "Writing the Summary Essay" - John has developed a marvelous eight step procedure to write a summary essay, and will take us through the steps so we can apply it in our classroom teaching..

4. Diversity Committee continues to do great work. this month was Middle East Month, and there were 3 speakers, a csun islam student who discussed being a woman in Islam, our own Karen Wechsler talked about the Passover tradition, and even sang a Passover song during her presentation, and a prof. of Religous Studies who was very informative. also the Culinary Arts program prepared food of the Middle East during the month. Next Month is Asia month, and Roxanne Dalrymple is going to start a "Book of the Month Club" centered around the Divesity themes, and her first book is a series of essays on arranged marriages in India

5. Contest for "Classroom of the Future" - Richard Rains agreed to put together the parameters and the flyer for this contest and we will get it out to all faculty, full time and adjunct, not sure what the prizes are - have to look at our budget - possibly trip to Hawaii (joke)

6. "it all starts with a single step" club - Cindy Cooper has made a proposal to Staff Dev, re "Working Toward an Active Life Style" - and it was warmly received. we will be discussing it further, and then get you the details. it includes wearing a pedometer, charting your steps to "compete with yourself" to increase your activity level. Cindy is developing the program, and then we will be sending out a flyer to all staff, faculty, and classified. it is a self-paced acitivity.

7. "Mission Green" - Abdo Malki suggested faculty, and staff, and classified could help plant beautiful plants and shrubs around the campus, he consulted Campus Facitilities, and there seems to be agreement, that faculty, and classified will do the planting, and maintenance, and Facilities will water the plants. Abdo checked this also through College Advancement Committee and there seems to be widespread support. The Staff Development is learning how to maintain the environment. mini-lectures on shrubs, etc. will be given.

8. We are considering developing a "Teacher of the Year" award for Mission College, and will get back to you as to the details, and if Staff Development in fact develops this award. We are starting to plan a year ending awards ceremony, there will be one for Faculty in May, and Classified on 4./28th or 29th, and then will particpate with the College Foundation and Presidents Office in a End of the Year Suaree at the fountain, on June 29th

9. Pat Flood had a wonderful MS word workshop on Friday, 3/15, and her materials are located at (the new website which Juan Chacon has set up for staff development - check out her tutorials and materials at that website. she has some great shortcuts for wordprocesssing there.

10. May 3rd is the 4th Annual District Wide Tech Expo here on our campus, from 9 - 3 pm, and Staff Dev will pay the $25 entrance fee for any full time/adjunct faculty. we will be sending around a flyer, with a tear off portion at the bottom, tear it off, and send it in, check out the great schedule at which is Doug McFerran's great tech info website.

11. The Teachers Academy met today, 3/21/02, and made a visit over to the library, and Donna Ayers, and the Library Staff made a great presentation on all of the workshops and services which are provided to faculty and their classes. thanks Donna.

12. Fall Mandatory Flex day is 8/28/02 Weds. from 8:30 to 3:00 pm, so place that on your calendar, and Stafff Dev will get out a schedule of the times and events before faculty go home for the summer.

Report to Academic Senate on 4/04/02

Date: 2002, Apr 04
From: David Jordan

Report to Academic Senate on 4/04/02

1. We have made a budget proposal on the Technology Resources Training Money for training on windows, ccmail, and microsoft office, and will let you know. you would like to have training manuals, and online materials put together in a module type approach, and when you complete a module you get a little "mini success award certificate"

2. We also put in a transfer of Tech Human Resources Money over to conferences/travel account, and this should help to fund the portion of your conferences which deal specifically with technology. we may develop a special "online form" to assist you and Staff Development with these funds. We requested $15,000 be placed into this tech conference account.

3. Marige Long, Sandi Lampert and myself are going to the State Wide Staff Development conference at the UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead, this next Sunday, Munday, and Tuesday, someone has to go to Lake Arrowhead, and we will report back all of the new state wide ideas.

4. On April 18th, Fay Epps will do a "Food for Thought" forum for faculty, entitled "Food on the Run", and how you can eat well, even if "on the run" - it will be in the Culinary Arts Demo Lab in Room 1007.

5. Today, John Orozco gave us all a great presenation on "Writing the Summary Essay" - John has developed a marvelous eight step procedure to write a summary essay, and will take us through the steps so we can apply it in our classroom teaching. his essay is located at under departements, and English, check it out they are great.

6. Diversity Committee continues to do great things - Month is Asia month, and Roxanne Dalrymple is going to start a "Book of the Month Club" centered around the Divesity themes, and her first book is a series of essays on arranged marriages in India

7. Pat Flood held a wonderful workshop on MS word shortcuts, on 3/15, thanks Pat for all the time you put into it. her materials are on the web at

8. We will fund your attendance at the tech expo for $25, so please sign up for it - you cannot come, then please sign up for the CD, we will have for those who cannot attend.

9. Fall Mandatory Flex day is 8/28/02 Weds. from 8:30 to 3:00 pm, so place that on your calendar, and Stafff Dev will get out a schedule of the times and events before faculty go home for the summer.

10. The teaching academy is doing well, and today, Maria Fenyes talked about paychecks, etc. - we are going to try to get Maria's excellent materials all up on her own webpage at Mission, so we can all access these very excellent materials. Thanks Maria for being such a great AFT chapter chair rep for all of us. we all appreciate it very much.

11. For those of you who still have not filed your Unit Assessment, see Maria Fenyes, and she has set up some very nice templates which will save you an enormous amount of time and they are located at the top of the webpage at

thats it for now.


Report of 4csd Arrowhead Conference April 7-9, 2002

Date: 2002, Apr 10
From: DJ

Report to Staff Development Committee on Lake Arrowhead, State Staff Development Conference, April 7-9

Here are some "disjointed notes" as an update on our attendance at the conference. We all had a great time, and will discuss the conference, and new ideas at our next meeting, Tuesday, April 16th, at 12:45 in the AACR

1. we should join This is a wonderful training site for faculty. we need to get a letter from the president to join this service. many schools are doing this and find it very helpful. we need to submit a budget proposal. the first year is free, the second year is $3000, the third year???, but we need to have a faculty member who will work on developing some materials to be posted for our college on this website. we should include a summer stipend, maybe $1500 for a part time or full time faculty to work on these materials.

2. We should purchase the book "Designing Web Based Courses" by William Horton, it is an excellent book.

3. If Paul McKenna and ITV are coming to Mission College, we should meet with him to plan web based instruction, and get his assistance.

4. There are now 2980 online classes in California, 2187 of which are from Community Colleges. Everybody at the conference was suggesting to get "online" classes for your college. The most popular online classes are Intro to Statistics, Psyche I, Anatomy, MS Office, Math, and Intro to Business classes.

5. Margie Long is considering putting one of her classes online, Professional Coomunications. By the way, if you talk to John Cantley you can get $999 for putting up materials for an online class, or a hybrid (an "on campus" class which uses online materials). Juan Chacon will do the actual webpage, you just need to submit the materials, and work with Juan.

6. There is training workshop for Facilitators working on Instructional Skills Workshops The training is at LA City College and Margie may be able to attend. more information on the dates and times will be supplied for anyone interested in attending.

7. We should consider using the online materials at
(multimedia resources for online teaching and learning)
Browse the Collection by Subject Arts, Business, Education, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences.

8. One of the suggestions made on new faculty orientation, was to possibly tie it into evaluation, so that maybe the new contract could have language in it about use of new faculty orientation in assisting new faculty with the tasks of teaching, thus assisting them also in obtaining good evaluations.

9. maybe we can have a newsletter every month on new developments in Staff Development, also maybe we could develop a "Mission Online" newsletter, highlighting new innovations by our online educators

10. CVC also has materials for online teaching at
this is an online learning exchange from CVC (Calif. Virtual College)
CVC will come to our campus and do training for us, so we should contact them and see what kinds of training we need and sign them up to do some training for us at Mission.

11. Awards Celebration - Margie and Sandi received a very complete pack of materials on how to plan a Faculty Awards Ceremony. we decided to do on this Spring, and schedule it for May 17th, Friday, at lunch, from noon - 2 pm. a flyer on the event and the nomination and description of the awards will be sent out this week, by Thursday, 4/11, and then nominations collected by April 18th. We will also award service pins for 5,10,15,20,and 25, along with recognition of tenure for facutly. Debby Wong has been in discussion with Maury Pearl to get the list of faculty for the service pins. It is more difficult to get a list together for adjunct faculty since sometimes they work a year for us, then not for a few years. We will include the pins for adjunct faculty in our next year awards ceremony.

11. we should see if we can get MS xp software installed on some of the computers, because there is a great program called MS publisher which is very useful in doing powerpoints. Margie got a disk and information on how to do powerpoint presentations, and we should get it over to Juan Chacon, and maybe do a workshop presentation for other faculty.

12. Margie and Sandi, and DJ also sat down and put together a rough idea for the Mandatory Flex Day activities and we will present that next Tuesday, 4/16, our next meeting.

13. we talked to Mt. Sac, and Dick Ryerson, about having them come out on Flex Day, and do a presentation on the Fish Program.

14. we saw an excellent and inspirational tape about Dewitt Jones, National Geographic photographer on "What's right with the world", and we are going to order this tape, and show it on the Flex Day. we will also order the starfish pins and pass those out on Flex Day too. check out the materials, tape, etc. at

15. these are just some of the ideas. we will update this list as soon as we can and get it out to all of you. wish you could have been there. we participated in an "interactive mystery theater" where a group of L.A. Actors included us in a murder mystery plot, and it was a "hoot" - we just laughed and laughed so much until we "cried" - also the nature and trees were just beautiful.


Report to College Council on 4/18/92

Date: 2002, Apr 18
From: David Jordan

Report to College Council 4/18/02

1. on Friday, April 26th, 2002, the President's Office, Administration, and Staff Development will host the "2nd Annual Classified Recognition Ceremony" - it will take place between 1:30 - 3:30 pm in Campus Center rooms 1 and 2, A flyer was put in your mailbox for nominations, and please send your nominations for recognition either to David Jordan, or Shirley Hollingsworth in the Presidents office.

2. Staff Development is sponsoring the 1t Annual Faculty and Awards Celebration to be held Thursday, May 23, from 1-3 pm at the Fountain of Learning. This celebration will recognize a significant number of colleagues for excellence, professionalism, innovation, and service to the community. a flyer and memorandum has been placed in your mailbox. please submit your nominations prior to April 24th

3. Abdo Malki is heading up a new campaign, called "Mission in Bloom", which embarks on a campaign to beautify the campus environment while nurturing the college spirit. This project seeks to enlist the help of faculty and staff to plant flowers throughout the campus, on a volunteer basis, and in coordination with Plant Facilities. It is a self-funded project. volunteers should commit to two consecutive semesters, and planting is scheduled to begin the fall semester.

4. Cindy Cooper is heading up a new program, called "Staff on the Move", a program to encourage increased physical activity. The 3 week program starts with the conditions, rewards, and commitment required, and distribution of a walking pedometer to record your progress. the second week discusses problems, adjustments, and questions, and the third week, collection of desk cards, each participant will have a desk card to be displayed showing they are part of "Staff on the Move", and then awards will be given in the 3rd week. Cindy is going to attempt to get this started for classified staff during summer session A, and for faculty and administration in the fall semester.

5. The committee is continuing to plan the Mandatory Flex Day, and Carolyn Daly has offered her assistance in planning interactive workshops where the presenters treat participants as "real students" and engage in educational exercises. an agenda of events will be distributed to all faculty before they go home for the summer.

6. Sandi, Margie, and David attended the State Staff Development Conference in Lake Arrowhead from April 78th through the 9th, and learned many new things which will be incorporated in the Fall Semester Staff Development planning.

7. Staff Development is considering starting a newsletter called "Mission Online" which will give monthly highlights of our excellent online programs, including new innovations of technology used in online education.

8. We requested and received $15,000 from TTIP funds to be placed in travel and conferences. So if you have a conference, and part of it is dedicated to technology, you can apply for funding that portion of your conference which is dedicated to technology.

9. Today, Fay Epps, our Health Instructor, held a forum on "Food on the Run" - how to eat nutritiously while on the run, and it was very well received.
10. John Orozco gave us all a great presentation on "Writing the Summary Essay" - John has developed a marvelous eight step procedure to write a summary essay, and will take us through the steps so we can apply it in our classroom teaching. his essay is located at under departments, and English, check it out they are great.. He plans on doing another presentation on the "Dialectical Journal" hopefully for our opening flex day events.

11. The Diversity Committee continues its great efforts. last month we had three speakes on the Middle East, a prof of religious studies, an Islam Student, and one of our International Students who discussed the Passover season, and sang a traditional children's Passover song. This month is Asia month, and we are going to have a speech on Buddhism on April 24th in CC4, and a book club review of "Arranged Marriages in India" hosted by Roxanne Dalrymple on April 25th.

12. The Teaching Academy continues with good progress. We want to thank Leslie Milke for her presentation on the College Governance Structure and work on the various committees, and also Maria Fenyes, Chapter AFT chair went over "your paycheck", and retirement benefits which was warmly received, and today, Juan Chacon will discuss the Title 3 grant, and how faculty can get their materials up on the college webpage.


Report to Academic Senate on 5/02/02

Date: 2002, May 02
From: <Anonymous>

Staff Development report to Academic Senate on 5/02/02

1. Tomorrow is Tech Expo, and please come and support this activity, information about the presentations can be found at

2. On Friday, April 26th, we had there was the 2nd annual Classified Recognition Ceremony. Thanks to all of the faculty for their nominations. The President, and Execs were very impressed with Staff Development's development of the awards with criteria. there were 11 categories. Ed Pardo put the list of the awards and the persons who received the awards at news/events on the main college webpage -

3. The Faculty Awards date has been changed to May 15th, Weds, and we will have a nice lunch. We have changed the idea, and there will not be any awards, instead we will honor the retirees, Carlos Nava, and Aaron Schrier, along with certificates for years of service to the various faculty as follows:

and for the tenured faculty: David Jordan, and John Morales

3. Carolyn Daly is working on developing interactive classes for our Flex Day, which is 8/29/02, Thursday, will consult with Maria Fenyes, maybe we could move it to Weds, and so then everyone could have a 4 day weekend.

4. Abdo Malki is working on Mission in Bloom, and he and David Jordan, and others interested during the summer will begin to plant flowers, the main program will start in the Fall.

5. Cindy Walker is still working on developing the Staff on the Move Program, and a flyer will be sent out, and the program will be started for the Classified Staff duirng the summer, and for faculty during the Fall Semester.

6. Doug Mcferran and David Jordan will start a monthly newsletter, entitled "Mission Online" which will give information and updates about our online program and classes.

7. Special thanks to Doug McFerran for his excellent work on the tech expo. We have made CD's and those will be passed out at the Expo. we will keep some aside for faculty who cannot attend.

8. Diversity continues with its great efforts. we had a person talk on Buddhism, thanks to Lilamani de Silva for getting this speaker, and also thanks for the monthly Diversity Book Discussion, this month on "Arranged Marriages" by Roxanne Dalyrmple, also thanks to Faye Epps for her great presentation on "Food on the Run" how to eat nutriciously while on a busy schedule.

9. Today the Teaching Academy visited the President, and had a chat with her, and then went over to the LRC and worked on learning the DEC system and how to download class rosters into excel, and then how to post grades. we will try to have this type of training for all faculty next Fall.


Report to College Council on 6/20/02

Date: 2002, Jun 20
From: Dj

Update for College Council 6/20/02

1. Mandatory Flex Day is scheduled for 8/29/02, Thursday, 8:15 to 3 pm

we will have some interactive teaching classroom sessions, and a group team building activity.

also thought it would be good to put out a newsletter sort of update from all departments, etc. on the news, and new items, etc. to be distributed to faculty on that day. this avoids "much talking" and gives the information.

also Shari suggested some activity with the Sheriffs Dept. and that sounds good.

Also we want to have Recoginition of Years of Service Pins to faculty at our luncheon on Flex Day.

2. Cindy Walker has started the "Staff on the Move" program and a number of classified and faculty are now participating. the program includes walking, counting your steps, and using a pedometer, along with great handouts, competitions, prizes, etc. thanks Cindy.

3. David Pardess, completed the Spanish I class which was taught to faculty/classified on Fridays this last semester. it was very successful. this idea originated from Maria Fenyes. thanks Maria, and David.

It was great because John Klitsner, the former dirctor of Upward Bound, at the end of the recent Saturday graduation ceremony on the loan in front of the Fountain of Learning, spoke in Spanish to the parents of the graduates, low income, first generation college bound students. He learned this Spanish from David Pardess class. excellent work everyone on this project.

4. Diversity Committe - Vickie Oddion has resigned, and new election of a Diversity Chair will take place in August. Meanwhile, the Diversity committee has continued to meet and plan events for this next year.

5. $15,000 was transferred into travel conferences 437 - TTIP funds, so if there are conferences which have technology related matters, attach the agenda, and we can pay that portion which is directly related to technology issues.

6. looks like Staff Dev, district wide has lost most of its funding. we will keep you posted of how this will be handled. we do have some carryover of funds from this last year to allow us to continue food, and workshops, etc. for a while.

Report to College Council on 7/18/02

Date: 2002, Jul 18
From: <Anonymous>

Report to College Council on 7/18/02

1. Flex Day is on Thursday 8/29 - I thought it would be nice if we could put together a kind of news update from all of the departments, units, etc. eg. counseling, admissions, business office, administrative services, CSS, Academic Affairs and the like of all of the new information faculty and staff need to know. then we can circulate it on flex day, and also put it in everyones mailbox campus wide. see the flyer at

if that is acceptable then please have all of the units, send me information, and I will email them too.

2. Cindy Cooper , aka ('walker") has completed the first delivery of Staff on the Move, and a number of faculty completed it. There is a poster of the participants in the Faculty Offices, and you can check it out - I think Jerry Garcia had the most steps, 174,500. nice work Jerry.

3. The Multimedia is going to have a new secretary, Jumana is moving to Colorado, and a long time multimedia student, and now CSUN student Trebor will take her place. he has suggested doing workshops for faculty and staff - and we could pay him through TTIP and Staff Dev. so will have to coordinate with John Cantley to see if that is possible.

4. Workers Rights Center opened this last Saturday, and Channel 2 and 34 news were there, and L.A. Daily News did a nice article on it at

5. thought it might be nice to have "Student of the Month" posted with various students, and possibly also Staff/Faculty of the month - take a digital picture. I recently got a digital camera at Costco for $200, and am enthralled with it. you know how you walk into Office Depot and they have pictures of the employees, and employee of the month.

thats it for this month.


Staff Development Meetings for Fall 2002

Date: 2002, Sep 17
From: Prof J.

summary of 2001-2002 Staff Development Activities

Date: 2002, Sep 18
From: Prof J.

Goals 2002 - Staff Development

Date: 2002, Sep 18
From: DJ

Classified Professional Development Goals for 2002

Date: 2002, Sep 25
From: dj

agenda for 9/25/02 meeting

Date: 2002, Sep 25
From: dj

report to Senate on 10/03 - combined Staff Dev. Goals Fall2002/Spring2003

Date: 2002, Oct 08
From: dj

report to College Council 10/17/02

Date: 2002, Oct 16
From: dj

Report to College Council 10/17/02

1. We will be hosting two teleconferences with CVC, one on Copyright Issues in February, and a second on on Plagariasm on the internet on April 3, 2003, also we will get a tape of this Thursday's 3 part series, and show it on ADA issues in distance education, check out the link at

2. We have started a new service, called Best Practices, it is a weekly online e-letter to faculty, and it is located at

3. Mission Health Week - from November 18th through 22nd we will be hostng a number of events centered on health awareness for faculty and staff at Mission, first we will have cardiovascular screening, yoga, CPR training, films and lectures on health, Staff on the Move, with Cindy Walker activities, diabetes screening, weight watchers meetings on campus, and the like.

4. We are entering into a MOU/agreement with 4 for working on their website links to assist in training of faculty. This website is a collaborative project amongst Community Colleges in California to share materials and teaching experience to promote learning amongst our respective students.

5. Staff Development is testing out a new application called GNU forums, which are better than most of the older threaded discussions. It is free asynchronous discussion program which is a central feature of online, hybrid and on campus instruction using the internet. The new features: power to create forums for each assignment (not usual in most threaded discussions, usually you are given one discussion board for your entire class, and NOT separate forums, and you cannot create them), the power to edit, the power to quote and annotate eny entry in any forum, this will provide a very powerful to teaching writing across the disciplines, and the power to pitbull, which is to attach itself to any web document, and open it in a forum for discussion., the power to search, and the power to group email each forum's participants - this will be especially powerful for teaching and communicating with your on campus and online students through email. It will save countless wasted hours in setting up a group email.

6. Diversity Committee is having a special Brazil Luncheon on 10/24, featuring the Culinary Arts demo lab preparing special food of Brazil, and David Pardess, languist extraordinare will talk to faculty and staff on the language, culture and customs of Brazil. Cost for the lunch $10.

7. Pat Flood will be working on implementing two workshops on MS excel, and powerpoint.

8. We are planning on a workshop for email - we will need to do this if and when we convert over to MS Outlook soon.

9. With Maury Pearl and John Cantley, we are planning a visit by a specialist educator on "Measurable Student Outcomes" for November.

10. Adrian Gonzales and David Jordan will start working on a Technolgy Newseltter, highlighting new technology developments at Mission and other community colleges, along with technology tips for faculty and staff.

11. In December we will collaborate with Classified, and Victor Reynolds to have a Christmas Party for Staff and Faculty. Scheduled for December 18th.

12. We still want to work on project called "Mission Green" which is planting of flowers in front of the LRC, and other campus buildings. We have been discussing this project with Plant Facilities and we seem to have the "green light" for this project. Abdo Malki is heading up this project.

13. Margie Long and Rachel Leeds are going to develop two or more workshops entitled "Speak up for Yourself" - speech type training in being assertive and not aggressive.

14. We had a fruitful meeting with Fern Reisner on specific training needs for Classified, and we will work with her and Classified Staff on a new Classified Employees Orientation - time sheets, tour of campus, etc. fashion after Disney's "7 Steps to the Magic Kingdom"
15. We will have two training workshops through EAPS and United Behavioural . David Green will set these up for us and they will include - education about sexual harrassment, and stress management)
16.. During the Summer, a Classified Professional Development day (similar to the Fall Faculty Professional Development Day).

17. End of Regisration Spring Breakfast - breakfast served to all of classified employees by faculty and administration as a "kudo" or "pat on the back" for all of the great work by classified to start the semester off with a "bang" (during "Administrative Assistants Week in the Spring".

Report to Academic Senate on 11/07/02

Date: 2002, Nov 07
From: DJ

Report to Academic Senate on 11/07/02

 1. We will be hosting two teleconferences with CVC, one on Copyright Issues in February, and a second on on Plagariasm on the internet on April 3, 2003, also we will get a tape of this Thursday's 3 part series, and show it on ADA issues in distance education, check out the link at

 2. We have started a new service, called Best Practices, it is a weekly online e-letter to faculty, and it is located at

 3. Mission Health Week - from November 18th through 22nd we will be hostng a number of events centered on health awareness for faculty and staff at Mission, first we will have cardiovascular screening, yoga, line dancing on Tuesday, 11/19/02, Staff on the Move, with Cindy Walker activities, diabetes screening on campus, and the like.

 4. We are entering into a MOU/agreement with 4 for working on their website links to assist in training of faculty. This website is a collaborative project amongst Community Colleges in California to share materials and teaching experience to promote learning amongst our respective students.

 5. In December we will have a Measable Outcomes for Students Workshop. will keep you posted on the date and time.

9. In the Technology Meeting, the CSS people will provide us with a sheet of tips which will help faculty run their computers more efficiently, such as defrag, and we will pass that along to faculty, and put it up on Staff Development page.

10. Juan Chacon is working on a new Staff Development Page which is simpler and easier to use. It will also include information on the new flex guidelines, along with a new simpler, easier to use Flex Reporting Forms.

11. In light of no new money budgeted for Staff Development, Conference Requests will only be paid as follows, $100 for full time faculty and staff , $50 for adjunct up to a total of $4000, first come, first serve.

12. In December there will be a Christmas party on December 11th, Weds. at noon in the Campus Center. If you are interested in working on that project please let us know.

13.. We still want to work on project called "Mission Green" which is planting of flowers in front of the LRC, and other campus buildings. We have been discussing this project with Plant Facilities and we seem to have the "green light" for this project. Abdo Malki is heading up this project.

 14. Margie Long and Rachel Leeds are going to develop two or more workshops entitled "Speak up for Yourself" - speech type training in being assertive and not aggressive.
15. We will have two training workshops through EAPS and United Behavioural . David Green will set these up for us and they will include - education about sexual harrassment, and stress management)
16. . End of Regisration Spring Breakfast - breakfast served to all of classified employees by faculty and administration as a "kudo" or "pat on the back" for all of the great work by classified to start the semester off with a "bang" (during "Administrative Assistants Week in the Spring".)

Report to College Council on 11-19-02

Date: 2002, Nov 19
From: dj

Staff Development Report to College Council 11-19-02

1. Mission Wellness Week is now afoot. On Monday, we had a health seminar on "How to Reduce the Chances of a Stroke", on Tuesday, today, we are having country western line dancing in the main campus center at noon, on Weds, we will have vascular screening by Longevity, Inc.

Also on Weds, the Staff on the Move walkers will meet. Now over 30 participants are walking everyday, and tracking their progress with a high tech pedometer. Cindy Walker is leading this effort, and even David Jordan is now logging about 4500 steps a day, nothing to compare to the over 24,000 steps a day by Cindy, but hey, 4500 is better than O.

On Thursday, Sandi Lampert will lead us in Yoga, and then a light lunch to follow.

special thanks to Cindy Walker and to Fay Epps for their help in planning the events of Mission Wellness Week. also the daughter of Fay Epps, who is a professional dancer is scheduled to do the dance routines for everyone today, Tuesday.

2. Staff Development is working with CSS to put together some computer tips to help Staff and Faculty to better maintain, run, and operate their computers. here is a beginning taste of the computer tips to come

3. Adrian Gonzalez is putting together a handout for faculty and staff on the ADA and Section 508 guidelines on web page accessibility and Staff Development will work in having some workshops on these essential matters. We also received a copy of the PBS teleconference on ADA issues and we will be having a showing of that along with a light lunch for staff and faculty. check out the information on this valuable program at

4. Andrea Troutman, who works at LA TIMES, and her husband visited China this last year, and have an excellent slide show power point presentation, and on December 3rd, the Diversity Committee and "Food for Thought" will co-host a special presentation at noon for faculty and staff.

5. The Presidents Office and Staff Development will co -host an annual Christmas party on December 11th from 11:30 to 1:30 pm.

6. Staff Development continues with its weekly best teaching practices e-report at We have started a new service, called Best Practices, it is a weekly online e-letter to faculty, and it is located at

7. on December 6th, we plan to have an Assessment type workshop in Measurable Students Outcomes by a leader in the field. More information and details to follow.

8. In December we will have a Measurable Student Outcomes Workshop. will keep you posted on the date and time

9. In light of no new money budgeted for Staff Development, Conference Requests will only be paid as follows, $100 for full time faculty and staff , $50 for adjunct up to a total of $4000, first come, first serve

10. We will have two training workshops through EAPS and United Behavioral . David Green will set these up for us and they will include - education about sexual harassment, and stress management)

11. Congratulations to Doug Mcferran, of the Staff Development Committee, he made a presentation at the League of Innovation yesterday on "How to do Tech Expos at your college"

12. Also David Jordan, Chair of Staff Development will have his recent article "Smartclassrooms" located at published in the "Paralegal Educator", a publication of the American Association for Paralegal Education in December.

13. We will be hosting two teleconferences with CVC, one on Copyright Issues in February, and a second on Plagiarism on the internet on April 3, 2003,

Report to Academic Senate on 12/05/02

Date: 2002, Dec 05
From: David Jordan

Staff Dev Report to Academic Senate 12/05/02

1. The Christmas Celebration is scheduled for this next Weds. Dece. 11th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Cost is $5 per person. co-hosted by the President's Office, Staff Development, AFT and Classified Unions. $5 per person. Please RSVP ASAP to Alicemary Devlin (7635), or Victoria Hansen (7680), or Paula Riggs (7787), or Angela Aghajanian (7759) or
Janet Hughes-Fields (7792).

2. Assessment Workshop
December 6th This Friday December 6th - 9 - 3pm, Campus Center 5

9-9:30: Continental breakfast

9:30-10:30: General introduction to learning outcomes.

This will include a discussion of the national trend, the relationship to accreditation and the required involvement of all aspects of the college including such offices as financial aid, admissions and other support services. Include a discussion of the relationship of learning outcomes to academic freedom.

10:45-12 noon : First session workshop

The 2001 WASC Standards (WASC 2001 Handbook of Accreditation,
<>; require the integration of learning objectives into programs, program review processes, syllabi, and grading practices

Presentation of the material entitled "Using Common Rubrics to Assess the Effectiveness of General Education Course Work Across Disciplines." Concentrate on the four desired GE outcomes in your handout. The college is considering adopting these outcomes and the faculty can follow up later on fleshing out the details that would be specific to Mission.

Then individual discipline representatives will form specific discipline learning outcomes that correspond with the GE outcomes presented above.

12N-12:45: Lunch

12:45-2:30: Second session workshop

Using the discipline specific outcomes created in the first session, the faculty members would then create one or more course outcomes supporting that outcome with an embedded measure and rubric.

3. Useful Computer Tips

Here are some useful computer tips to help you run your computer more effectively

We hope to have an email and file managmenet workshop in February

4. WE completed Mission Wellness Week, with a seminar on how to reduce the risks of stroke, followed by line dancing, yoga, and some vascular screening, which seemed to be vary popular. Next year we will incorporate even more "healthy events". Also special thanks to Cindy the Walker Cooper for her great activity "STaff on the Move" - She held a graduation event and Arnel in CSIT won with the "most steps"

5. On Mon, December 3rd, Andrea Reinken and her husband Don gave a wonderful powerpoint presentation on their trip to China. The meeting was attended by our president, VP of Academic Affairs, and our esteemed faculty expert on China, Chuck Dirks along with Stan Chow, accounting, who had just returned from a trip to China for the Chamber of Commerce.

6. Staff Development Continues to publish its weekely email of "Best Teaching Practices", and bi-monthly emails on "updates of useful websites for teaching" - you may access these now at a new website

just type in and that will get you there.

Report to College Council on 12/19/02

Date: 2002, Dec 19
From: dj

Staff Dev Report to College Council on 12/19/02

1. The Holiday Celebration was a great success. We had over 250 participants, and the door prizes and songs by Georgia Estrada and Eric Wilhite were a real hit. We had over 100 more people who attended this event than last year. It was the first time in over two years that we used the campus center for the holiday event, and thanks to the President's Office offering $5 for each staff and faculty who attended which spurred such a wonderful crowd. also the food was excellent, and the decorations super. Thanks to the many who made it possible.

2. The Assessment Workshop was successful. We had over 35 who attended, including faculty, staff, and administrators. the business and law group decided to do a graded rubric of a business letter across several disciplines and then to meet at the end of the fall semester and compare grades and results.

3. we continue to work with, and we will be working on those webpages, and in the spring roll out some information to faculty which they can use in their classrooms.

4. WE recently completed Mission Wellness Week, with a seminar on how to reduce the risks of stroke, followed by line dancing, yoga, and some vascular screening, which seemed to be vary popular. Next year we will incorporate even more "healthy events". Also special thanks to Cindy the Walker Cooper for her great activity "STaff on the Move" - She held a graduation event and Arnel in CSIT won with the "most steps"

 5. On Mon, December 3rd, Andrea Reinken and her husband Don gave a wonderful powerpoint presentation on their trip to China. The meeting was attended by our president, VP of Academic Affairs, and our esteemed faculty expert on China, Chuck Dirks along with Stan Chow, accounting, who had just returned from a trip to China for the Chamber of Commerce.

 6. Staff Development Continues to publish its weekely email of "Best Teaching Practices", and bi-monthly emails on "updates of useful websites for teaching" - you may access these now at a new website

 just type in and that will get you there.

7. Staff Development has a new member, Angela Aghajanian, from SFP and she is proving to be a very valuable asset to our planning.

8. The Kudos Awards Committee gave an overall Kudo to the entire Reprographics Deparment, also a kudo was given to Bill Farmer for his excellent work with the New Faculty Academy, and the Reorganization of the Academic Departments. Very well done to these individuals.

9. We still hope to commence our Mission in Bloom project in the Spring with planting of flowers. Abdo Malki and others will head this project.

happy holidays to everyone.

David Jordan
Chair of Staff Development

agenda and report to Academic Senate 3/06/03

Date: 2003, Mar 06
From: dj

Minujtes of Staff Dev Meeting 4/03/03

Date: 2003, Apr 09
From: DJ

Minutes of Meeting for Staff Development on 4/03/03

Present: David Jordan, Eloise Cantrell, Abdo Malki, Sandi Lampert, Richard Rains, Margie Long, Pat Flood, Debby Wong, Carolyn Daly, and Cindy Cooper

The Meeting was called to order at 12 noon.

1. Denim Day - The Committee agreed to support the April 25, 2003 Denim Day, and one of the committee will contact the President's Office to see if we can also celebrate it on Weds., April 23rd, Weds. since most faculty is not on campus on Friday.

2. Next the Committee discussed having a Memorial Event for all of Mission College staff, and faculty who have passed away this year. The date suggested was a hour before the Academic Senate Meeting on June 5th. The lives of each person would be "celebrated". The Committee decided that an ad hoc sub-committee of Staff Development should be formed, called the Hospitalilty Ad Hoc Subcommittee. Its purpose is to deal with issues like these. The Committee then moved, nominated and elected Abdo Malki as the Chair of the subcommittee, along with Pat Flood, Debbie Wong, and Margie Long, and it decided to hold its first meeting on Tuesday, April 8th to discuss the details for the Memorial Event.

Pat Flood obtained a a "Get Well" card for Victoria Hansen who is out sick, and circulated it for staff and faculty signatures during the Queen Elizabeth lunch today, April 9th. Flowers and a card will also be sent to Jose Luis Ramirez who is currently on sick leave.

3. Spring Fling - Next the Committee discussed the Spring Fling event which was set for April 23rd, and completely revamped the idea. Because the President's Ice Cream Social for Classifed last year met with such success, it was decided that the Spring Fling would be made into a Spring Ice Cream Social. This event will take place on May 14th between 2-3 pm, and it will be coordinated with the President's Office. The event will reach out to everyone on Staff, Classified, and Students who are present, and the event will be held outside near the Fountain with ice cream, balloons, and music. This is the same day that Multimedia will have its art placed for viewing in the South Atrium, and interested persons can also view the excellent art of the Multimedia program.

4. Participation of Classified - Classified participation in the Committee was discussed, and Victor Reynolds will be invited to participate. He did such a great job in decorating both at the Christmas party and at the October Fountain Party, that he can help with the Spring Ice Cream Social

5. Classified Recognition - (This was not diccussed at the meeting). However, Classified Recognition week is coming soon, and the Committee should discuss how to celebrate all of the great work done by our Classified Staff. Last year, Staff Development assisted with a Classified Awards Ceremony. This year, instead, it is suggested that we do an activity which recognizes all of the Classified. (possibly with food).

6. Enlightened Leadership Workshop - Vatea is having a workshop scheduled for April 24th and 25th, and members of the Committee were invited to participate in the workshop.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15.

Report to College Council on 4/23/03

Date: 2003, Apr 28
From: dj

here is the report

Minutes of 9-04 Meeting and Report to Senate

Date: 2003, Sep 04
From: dj

Staff Development Meeting Minutes

Present, Ed Zayas, Pat Flood (for a short time), Sandi Lampert, Richard Rains, Cindy Cooper, David Jordan

1. David Jordan reported that Flex Day on 8-28 was successful, over 125 faculty attended during the day, and an all time high of 30 adjunct faculty attended in the evening. Maria Fenyes and Jean Cassara gave a great AFT presentation on faculty issues, also the President, V.P Bill Farmer, and Dean Martha Soto were present in the evening. Also thanks to Ed Zayas and Vilma Bernal and other SFP staff who put on a great series of presentations on Grants, and Prof. Barry Morinaka for his inspired presentation on how to use "Etudes" in your classroom.

2. Cindy Cooper offered to do some new additional health training, with exercises and stretching that can be done by everyone in the office, while at work, or at school. We will get some more details from her soon.

3. Ed Zayas suggested we have "Brown Bag Lunches" with faculty talking on topics of their expertise or interest. Also presenters get 3 hours of flex for each hour of presentation. A yellow pad was circulated during Academic Senate, and a number of faculty have signed up to make presentations during the semester.

4. Since our students are going to be required to become computer and information competent, Sandy Thomsen and Donna Ayers were contacted, and they will give a presentation to faculty during lunch, and show us how to use the databases, search engines, etc. and take the same training which is now available to our students. This will promote more participation in the library program for our students.

5. If any faculty has any national conferences which are using televideo conferencing, they should let Staff Development know so we can promote a televideo conference and set up the details with Terry Carter in Audio Visual.

6. Cindy Cooper suggested we set up an Etudes Classroom and faculty can join and learn by "hands on exercises". David Jordan has ordered an Etudes Shell and will set up materials to help faculty train. also Juan Chacon has ordered a training shell and is learning the system so that faculty who want to give him materials, he can upload them to their website.
The link for faculty to order Etudes Shells is

also there is a link for "self paced" Etudes training held by Foothill College, so faculty can, train, on their own, and at their own pace, and the link for that site is

7. TTIP tech funds do exist at Mission, and we should contact Richard Arvizu, and the Tech Committee to determine how faculty can receive funds to either do tech training, tech conferences, or awards, stipends, etc. for creating materials for their classes and putting them up on Etudes.

8. Our next meeting is on October 2, 2004, same day as the next Academic Senate, at 12:30 pm in the Academic Affairs Conference Room.

Hope to see you all there.

David Jordan
Chair of Staff Development

Agenda for Staff Dev Meeting 2/12/04

Date: 2004, Feb 12
From: dj

Staff Development Events - March and April 2004

Date: 2004, Feb 18
From: dj

events March and April 2004

Date: 2004, Apr 29
From: dj

Staff Dev Events - March and April
updated: 3/09/04

1. Etudes Training - Thursdays 4:30 to 6:30 pm, March 4,11,18, and 25th (LRC 234 or 205 - To be determined) (changed from Weds. because of conflict with Faculty Lunches)
2. Brown Bag Lunches -
a. DONE March 9 at 11:30 - Campus Center 4 - is "Restaurant Confidential and Etiquette" by Brandy McKay
b. d. Richard Rains - Thursday, April 1st, 11:30 to 12:30 pm in Physics Lab - Room 1015
"The Spirit of Opportunity on Mars" - current and future exploration of our universe

3. Faculty Lunch Talks
DONE a. Mike Reynolds - March 3 (Weds) - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - (starts earlier, at 11:30 am) , lunch is at noon, on - "My Trip to Ecuador, and Galapagos Islands" - with slide presentation and observations" -
b. Cindy Cooper - March 17 (Weds) - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - (starts earlier, at 11:30 am) , lunch is at noon, and costs $10.00 on - "Health and Exercise Myths"
c. Rosalie Hilger - "Identity Theft" - April 14, 2004 - Culinary Arts Lab 1007 - noon - lunch costs $10.00

4. @ One training materials and downloads
training in word, excel, powerpoint presentations, and Office
see materials at (

5. CCC Conferences
see - live online participant training
meet and confer - CCC Confer enables communication and collaboration using the latest e-conferencing technology for all staff, faculty and administrators in the California Community Colleges system. Location is no longer a factor in deciding whether to collaborate and neither is group size. March 23, 2004 - 12 noon to 1:30 pm - LRC 234
Free Lunch at 11:30AM lunch in LRC 120 (downstairs LRC faculty/staff room)

events for May 2004

Date: 2004, Apr 29
From: dj

Staff Dev Events - May 2004
updated: 4/29/04

1. Etudes Training - Two Fridays, May 7th, and May 14th, 11 am to 2 pm, LRC 205
order your class shell for Fall 2004, and start working to put up your syllabus and materials for your students. Learn how to post grades in the etudes system, along with quizzes, and forum discussions.

2. Faculty Lunch Talks

    Robert Smazenka - (latter part of May) ""Jewish Mysticism and the Continuum Hypothesis"

3. Classified Recognition Awards - at the Fountain - end of May (see awards from last year -

4. Mandatory Flex Day - Fall 2004 this Year is August 28th, Friday, 8:15 am to 3 pm, Campus Center 5 and 6 - see If you would like to make a presentation to faculty on teaching, etc. please contact Staff Development - ext. 7720.
Looks like we will have to charge for food - $10 to $12 since no Staff Development money for this event.

Flexday 2004 - 8/30/04 Friday

Date: 2004, Aug 28
From: dj

here is flexday schedule and agenda

etudes and DE training

Date: 2004, Sep 21
From: dj

information on etudes can be located at
link =<a href =""> click here </a>

Registration for fall 2004 ETUDES online training is now open on our
support site. ETUDES online training is free to faculty/staff from
Foothill-De Anza and ETUDES Alliance members with service agreements.

ETU 101 - Teaching Online Using ETUDES- Monday, October 25 - November
05, 2004. Learn how to use the ETUDES software to deliver, manage,
and/or supplement your instruction. This two-week online course covers
the key components and features of ETUDES. Limit: 30 participants.

ETU 102 - Using the FORUMS Effectively-Monday, November 08 - November
15, 2004. This one-week course is designed to offer an overview of the
forum software (DcForum) used to supplement ETUDES and to cover
important strategies for effective online communication, collaborative
work, and threaded discussion management. Limit: 20 participants.

To register, please go to:

The next round of training will be scheduled sometime in the winter of 2005

message is from
Vivian "Vivie" Sinou
Dean, Distance & Mediated Learning
Foothill College


The Chancellor's Office is coordinating a series of in-person and
conference call workshops to assist the California Community Colleges
personnel in Distance Education Administration.

The purpose of developing these series of workshops and holding them in
a regional manner is to provide the system knowledge to promote student
access and success by integrating programs and services of the
California Community Colleges using technology mediated instruction and
to develop and promote effective distance learning paradigms on
important aspects of managing a Distance Education Program at their
respective campuses. The information series will provide an opportunity
for College personnel to be informed and also to ask pertinent questions
regarding Distance Education. (See the agenda listed below)

In-person workshops have been scheduled as well as conference calls.
(See the schedule listed below) These workshops and conference calls
are open to all in the California Community College system, so please
encourage others on your campus to attend. There is no cost for the
workshops or conference calls. Each workshop and conference call will
have the same agenda.

To register for an in-person or conference call workshop, please contact
Patty Davis at <> or call
530-895-2887. Please leave your e-mail address and a call-back number.


Agenda for each workshop

Distance Education Guidelines
Title 5

Live Captioning
(Requirements and Funding Available)

Disabled Student Programs and Services
(Policy and Procedures)

Distance Education On-line Seminars

(Training Program on the Administration of DE)

Data Element Dictionary - Distance Education Reporting Surveys

California Virtual Campuses (CVC)


 Workshops and Conference Call Schedule (remaining)

Please RSVP attendance to Patty Davis at
For on-site workshops, refreshments provided - Room and parking
information will follow

CCC Confer Conference Call:
September 22
1:30 - 3:30 pm

CCC Confer access information sent when RSVP received

East LA College Workshop
Wednesday, October 13 - 2:00 to 4:00 pm

Patricia A. Davis
Program Administrator
CCC Live Caption
530895-2881 - fax <>; <>
good luck.
David Jordan
Chair of Staff Development

Staff Dev Events - Oct. - Dec. 2004

Date: 2004, Oct 07
From: DJ

Staff Dev Events - Oct. - Dec. 2004
updated: 10/05/04

1. That's Amore - a taste of Italy (Faculty Lunch Talks)
Date: next Weds. Oct. 13th, 11:30, Room 1007 - Culinary Arts
Sandi Lampert will take us through the vistas and panormas of beautiful Italy. also enjoy Italian food, and music - Dean Martin, and others. cost $10 per person. please call Louie Zandalasini at ext. 7849 to confirm.

2. Showcase of Excellence in Teaching - a new event. "teachers showing teachers" - roundtable discussion and teaching demonstrations by interested faculty. LRC 205 - Thursday, 4:30 pm, 10/04, 10/28, 11/04 & 11/18. come join us.

3. Etudes and How to Construct your own webpage - Prof. David Jordan will show you how you can use etudes and your own webpage for your class materials and easy access by your students. date and time TBA. Thursday, 5:30 pm, LRC 205, 10/04,10/28, 11/04 & 11/18 come and join us.

4. Practical uses of GPS systems - Come join Abu Rahman of the Geography Department as we use his GPS system to track down items around the campus. time and dateTBA.

5. Myers-Briggs testing and its implications - Join Pscyhology Prof. Patricia Johnson in this spirited testing, discussion, and application to yourself and your students. time and date TBA.

6. Student Learning Outcomes - how can these new materials help you and your students in your classes. time and date TBA.

Minutes of Meeting 2-10-05

Date: 2005, Feb 17
From: dj

Report ot College Council on 3-28-05

Date: 2005, Mar 28
From: David Jordan

Staff Development Report to College Council

1. Myself and Carlyn Daly attended a workshop entitled "Writing Across the Curriculum" held over at Valley College and taught by UCLA faculty in English Sandra Mano. She is very interested in coming to our campus, in April and May, and she will report on a long term Harvard study on'Responding to Student Writing, and also hold a workshop for 'Teaching Grammar" for our English Department. This activity is being coordinated by Carolyn Daly of our English Department.

2. TEch Ed will have its Annual Tech Conference in Pasadena on Mon-Weds. April 4,5, and 6. and 4C/SD the state regioinal Staff and Organizational Development Committee will partner with Tech Ed to offer entry into the Tech Ed Conference and the Staff Development Annual Conference for a special fee of $90. Any one interested in attending please contact David Jordan. The Conference will cover "Easy Student Learning Outcome Measurement Online" - see for schedule of events and workshops.

3. There was a special workshop on the new Etudes New Generation on March 11th. The new etudes NG will be rolled out in April, and a beta version will be given to selected faculty interested in testing it. At Mission we have started a "Pioneers Club" with 10 faculty who are currently using etudes who will beta test the new version. The conversion from Etudes to Etudes NG will take two years, and no further training is being given on the regular etudes, but the shells will be supported during the conversion. There is a new authoring tool called "melete" which will make it easier for faculty to include photos, and links, and multimedia in their virtual classrooms.

4. There is a great new program, called "Social Bookmarks" - see for information and to register for the program.

agenda for Staff Development Meeting of 4-07-05

Date: 2005, Apr 06
From: dj

We will have our monthly Staff Development meeting before Academic Senate, tomorrow, Thursday, April 7th, at 12:30 pm in the AACR.

here are the events we are planning:

1. April 12, 19 & 26 from 10-12. "Substance Abuse in Older Adults: Campus Center 4
Diagnosis and Treatment."

April 12--Broadcast I: Overview and Prevention
Fred Blow
Alison Moore David Oslin

April 19--Broadcast II: Assessment and Diagnosis:
Fred Blow Eve Wiseman Peter Lichtenberg

April 26--Broadcast III: Treatment
Fred Blow
David Oslin
Karyn Schoem

2. April 14 12 - 1 "Embracing Electronic Communication" with Crystal & Margie

3. Denim Day and Clothesline Project Weds. April 27th

4. "Brain Health Day" May 2nd Monday 2-3 pm

5. Recognition, Pins and Certificate for Staff And Faculty - May (not set yet)

also here is a (web)log - 'blog' on some of the things covered in the Tech Ed Conference we attended in Pasadena over the last two days -

hope you all can attend.



David Jordan, Esq. - Director
L.A. Mission College Paralegal Studies Program
13356 Eldridge Ave., Sylmar, Ca 91342
cell phone = 818-415-2015, school = 818 - 364-7720
webpage = or

Update of Staff Development Events for April and May 2005

Date: 2005, Apr 25
From: DJ

Update on Staff Development Events - April and May 2005

1. The Recognition Awards for Classified, Staff and Faculty will be held on May 19th, "Breakfast at the Fountain". Please fill out a Nomination Form for anyone you would like to recognize and forward it to David Jordan, Chair. The Breakfast will take place at 8 am.

2. May 4th - Weds at noon - Training on Etudes and Etudes NG - the "new generation" of etudes - LRC 205

3. May 10th, Tuesday at 1-3 pm, and May 19th, Thursday 1-3 pm, LRC 305, "Writing Across the Curriculum" with Dr. Sandra Mano from the UCLA Writing Programs - Transfer Intensive Program ("TIP").

4. April 27th - The Clothesline Project and Denim Day. Everyone wear your "denim" - "Bearing Witness to Violence Against Women" - stop by the Quad, where the Diversity Committee in conjunction with Staff Development and Myriam Mekelburg, Sociology Instructor and her Sociology Classes will present our own "Mission College Clothesline Project". (a mental health counselor will be present to assist).

5. May 2nd 2-3 pm in Campus Center #2 "Maintain your Brain" . This is a workshop sponsored by the Alzheimers Association. The one-hour interactive workshop features nutritional and lifestyle advice, strategies to keep your memory sharp, interactive exercises and activities, and materials to take home for further reading.

The workshop will introduce attendees to scientifically rooted advice on brain health based on strong lifestyle choices, including: Staying sharp with challenging mental activities, Engaging in social interactions, Adopting a brain-healthy diet, Remaining physically active.

This workshop is for adults – especially baby boomers – who want to learn more about staying fit from the neck up!


Report of Staff Dev to College Council on 9-15-05

Date: Sep 12, 11:28
From: David Jrdan <>

see report at

Business and Workplace Skills - Oct. 2005

Date: Oct 13, 16:12
From: David Jordan

Business and Workplace skills
Please join us for the following workshops. These are open to everyone
at Mission College, faculty, staff, and administration. These are free,
no cost workshops.

- Have you ever had an etiquette question you were afraid to ask?
- Looking for a promotion? Learn how to make your case and negotiate for
a promotion.
- Tired of bad customer service?
- Learn how to address a delicate situation with a colleague.

There are 6 sessions that are part of a series. You may attend one or
many, however as they are self-contained modules.

Description of the program:
Soft skills are the non-technical skills, abilities, and traits that
workers need to function in a specific employment environment. They
include four sets of workplace competencies, problem-solving and other
cognitive skills, oral communication skills, personal qualities and work
ethic, and interpersonal and teamwork skills.


1.Business etiquette basics Oct. 14, 2005 10am/ 90 min. - CC #3
2.Communication skills Nov. 10, 2005 1pm/ 90 min. - Room TBA
3.Office Etiquette Dec. 8, 2005 1 pm/ 90 min. - Room TBA
4. Courtesy and customer service Spring 2006 TBA
5.Work ethics/team work Spring 2006 TBA
6.Professional wardrobe Spring 2006 TBA

Cultural Tolerance Workshops

Date: Oct 21, 07:11
From: DJ

Classified Professional Development Training Survey

Date: Nov 09, 06:49
From: Dj

Classified Professional Development Survey.

Could you please respond by email. Indicating which below you might be interested in receiving training and professional development. Thanks.

* Navigating your career/Career planning
* Leadership development
* Dealing with emotional behavior
* Basic principles for a collaborative workplace
* Handling emotions under pressure
* Moving from conflict to collaboration
* Influencing for win-win outcomes
* Personal strategies for navigating change
* Raising difficult issues with your supervisor or co-worker
* Managing your priorities
* Problem solving tools and techniques
* Recognizing positive results and giving constructive feedback
* Getting good information from others and getting your ideas across
* Diversity awareness
* Recharging your batteries/Workplace survival skills
* Taking on a new assignment & keeping your boss informed
* Improving customer service
* Dealing with difficult customers/students
* Making the most of team differences
* Effectively participating in group meetings
* Handling violence in the workplace
* Time/Project Management
* CalPERS Retirement
* Non-verbal communication skills
* Effective communication skills
* Active listening skills
* Communication & gender: How men & women can communicate more effectively
* Spanish for Classified staff
* How to de-clutter & organize your work space
* Developing & achieving personal goals
* Speaking with confidence
* Improving communication with international students
* Improving facilitation skills
* CPR training
* First aid
* Healthy Cooking Demo
* Stress management
* FrontPage for web design
* Excel
* Access
* PowerPoint
* Word
* Outlook
* Publisher
* Adobe Photoshop
* Misc. ________________________

Please list other workshop topics that would be of interest to you

Thank you for completing this survey. Your input and suggestions are valued and will be used to plan Classified Professional Development training.

Please email your response to David Jordan (

The results of the survey will be published, and the Staff and Professional Development Committee will coordinate said training.

David Jordan
Chair of Professional Development

Diversity Meeting of 11-16

Date: Nov 14, 08:58
From: DJ

n our last meeting of Staff Development on 11-03-05 we discussed whether the Diversity ICommittee should continue as an ad hoc sub-committee of Staff Development. We decided that we would bring this up on the agenda for discussion with the Diversity Committee and invite members of Staff Development to attend that meeting to give their input.

I received this notice from Myriam about the Diversity Meeting this Weds. Hope to see you all there.

The Diversity Committee will be meeting this Wednesday, Nov.16th at 1:30 pm in Instructional Building Room 2019.
- David Green- funding
- David Jordan- staff development
- Simon Rodriguez- ASO president

Myriam Mekelburg (co-chair)
EXT 3414

Agenda for Staff Dev Meeting 12-05-05

Date: Nov 29, 07:27
From: dj

Agenda for this month's Staff Dev Meeting: on 12-05-05

1. Diversity Committee
2. Holiday Party
3. Training Questionnaire - for Classified Staff
4. Misc.

see you on Thursday, at 12:30 pm in the AACR.

Desktop Training Series

Date: Dec 02, 16:48
From: dj

herre is the first in a series we will call "Desktop Training".
This means you do the training at your computer.

When you have completed your training email Professional Development and we will send you a short assessment and then provide you with a certificate of completion. Enjoy.

The first training is "Managing Files"

go to
click on welcome, and type

This training is provided courtesy of @One.

Wellness Seminar

Date: Dec 07, 10:13
From: dj

Please join Professional Development today 12-07-05 for a "Free Lunch" sponsored by "El Pollo Loco" and Free "Empowering Wellness" Seminar hosted by Longevity, Inc. - topics to be covered are

1. Life -saving treatments for stroke and heart disease
2. Early warning signs of stroke and heart disease
3. Women and heart disease
4. Prevention and treatment of cancer
5. Easy lifestyle changes that you can make to help prevent cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

Hope to see you there.

David Jordan
Chair of Professional Development

Title V Annual Report for Staff Development 12-12-05

Date: Dec 12, 17:04
From: dj

here is the report:

Diversity Meeting of 12-15

Date: Dec 16, 14:11
From: dj

Present: Irv Ostrow, Lilamani de Silva, John Glavan, Dr. Jose Leyba, David Jordan, Margie Long, Robert Crossley, Crystal Caldwell.

1. We had a conference call with Dr. Tom Brown
here is a link about Dr. Tom Brown and his group
we discussed that we need a Strategical Plan for Mission College. We need to do a survey of our students - contact Esau Tovar of Santa Monica College (former Mission College student) -

below of some ideas for new strategies:

1. Extended new student orientation for students

2. Use of intrusive/developmental counseling.

3. Provided professional development opportunities to faculty on student pedagogy.

4. Extra and co-curricular activities for program participants.

5. Tutorial support.

We will meet with Dr. Tom Brown, as an independent consultant and work on an overall plan for Diversity and Professional Development for 2006.

updated minutes of 12-15-05 meeting of Diversity and Professional Development

Date: Dec 16, 14:36
From: dj

here are some short meeting notes of our meeting yesterday 12-15-05

Present: Irv Ostrow, Lilamani de Silva, John Glavan, Dr. Jose Leyba, David Jordan, Margie Long, Robert Crossley, Crystal Caldwell.

1. We had a conference call with Dr. Tom Brown
link with information about him is located at
He is an independent consultant, and possibly could provide us with some planning and strategy sessions at Mission to assist us with our goals and objectives of our Committee.

2. We discussed that we need a Strategical Plan for Mission College to improve student success, and to assist with Professional Development and Diversity training.

3. It would appear tha we need to do a survey of our students and conduct some student focus groups - Dr. Brown suggested we contact Esau Tovar of Santa Monica College (former Mission College student) -
We should get the student inventory from Esau at Santa Monica and consider adapting it for Mission College.

Esau Tovar has done extensive research on student success
see -
**** see below a short excerpt -

4. We decided to work with Dr. Tom Brown and the Diversity and Professional Development Committees and Dr. Leyba in planning some new strategies during January and early Spring semester.

5. A meeting will be planned for early January for the two Committees to re-convene, and Dr. Tom Brown will assist - in person.

6. We decided to invite additional individuals to participate in this planning including Student Services, Admissions, Counseling, and the like to make the planning more all inclusive, and representative of our fine diversity at Mission College.

David Jordan
Chair of Professional Development


****here is the excerpt from Esau Tovar:

Goals, Objectives, and Key Components of the Student Success Project


The overarching goals of the program were:

1. To increase the success rate and thereby decrease the high rate of academic and progress probation of new students; and

2. To increase retention and persistence rates for these students.

Program Objectives. The objectives for the Student Success Project were as follows:

1. Increase by .4 points, the GPA of students who enrolled in English and math classes where faculty implemented collaborative learning techniques as compared to students in the control group taking these classes.

2.Increase by 25% over a baseline of 48%, the success rate of students in English and math classes compared to the control group.

3. Decrease by 20% by the end of the second year of operation, the probationary rate of program participants compared to a control group.

4. Increase by 15%, the persistence rate (i.e., enroll in the following semester) of program participants who participated in at least two interventions as compared to the control group.

5. Increase the overall success rate of program participants by 20% over the success rate of the control group as a result of all intervention methodologies (e.g., collaboratively taught classes, intrusive counseling, extended orientation, and peer tutoring).

Key Strategies (Interventions). To support the objectives listed above, a set of key interventions were developed, studied, and evaluated. These included:

1. Extended new student orientation for students and “significant others.”

2. Use of intrusive/developmental counseling.

3. Provided professional development opportunities to faculty on student pedagogy.

4. Extra and co-curricular activities for program participants.

5. Tutorial support.


Meeting Information for 2-10 Student Success, Retention, and Engagement Workshop

Date: Jan 20, 15:58
From: dj

is link for information and materials for our 2-10 Meeting on Student Success, Retention, and Engagement Workshop with Dr. Tom Brown and Mario Rivas, consultants.


Student Success Symposium for 2-10 Invitation

Date: Jan 31, 15:25
From: dj

 TO: All Staff and Faculty February 1, 2006

FROM: Jose A. Leyba, Interim President
David Jordan, Chair, Staff Development Committee

RE: Student Success Symposium

You are cordially invited to attend “Reaching the Finish Line,” a workshop and forum on student outcomes, student success, and retention. It will take place on Friday, February 10, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in ( Room TBA ).

Sponsored jointly by the President’s Office and the Staff Development Committee, this event is part of our efforts to provide you with staff development activities of value, particularly in this year of the accreditation self-study. The forum also offers an opportunity for you to meet and interact with two individuals who are highly knowledgeable and respected in the area of student outcomes. Dr. Thomas Brown and Dr. Mario Rivas will lead the symposium.

Dr. Brown is a lifelong educator with an impressive record of success in creating academic and student affairs programs that promote increased satisfaction, achievement, and retention. Dr. Brown is known for his ability to communicate effectively with the diverse constituencies that comprise educational institutions, organizations, and communities.

Dr. Rivas has worked with thousands of students in a 27-year educational career. In that time, he has learned much about how students support themselves to succeed. He will offer a list of recommendations for how to maximize student success. Drs. Brown and Rivas are co-authors of the article, "Pluralistic Advising: Facilitating the Development and Achievement of First-Year Students of Color."

Please plan on joining us on February 10. A continental breakfast and light lunch will be served. In order for us to make the proper arrangements, please RSVP if you plan to attend by notifying Shirley Hollingsworth, President’s Office, (818) 364-7795.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Brown and Dr. Rivas, please visit the following Internet site for brief bios:

agenda for 2-09 first meeting of Spring 2006 semester

Date: Feb 07, 06:55
From: dj

Welcome back everyone. We will have our first Staff Development Meeting this Thursday, 2-09 in AACR just before Academic Senate.

Let's plan our events, training, etc. for the semester at that time. Hope to see you all there. by the way we now have our own page at and the link is under faculty. See you all there.

Retirement Planning 101 - 2-23-06

Date: Feb 21, 17:58
From: dj

Please join Professional Development this Thursday at 1:30 pm in Campus Center 5 for

RETIREMENT PLANNING 101 - Investor and Consumer Secrets to Protect, Secure and Plan Your Retirement by respected Registered Financial Consultant Oren Peretz - for flyer click on

Student Success Symposium Materials

Date: Feb 21, 18:00
From: dj

here are student success materials

agenda for 3-02-06 meeting

Date: Feb 28, 08:45
From: dj

We will discuss the 2-10 Student Success workshop co-sponsored by Staff Development, and the College District Spring Student Success Workshop and Accreditation.

Los Angeles Community College District
Spring Student Success Workshop

“Building a Culture of Student Engagement”

Los Angeles Trade Technical College
Friday, March 3, 2006


  I. Check in & Continental Breakfast 8:15 a.m.

  II. Welcome 9:00 a.m.

      Rocky Young, Chancellor, LACCD
      Sylvia Scott-Hayes, President, LACCD Board of Trustees

  III. The LACCD Student Success Initiative 9:10 a.m.

      David Beaulieu, ELAC Academic Senate President

  IV. Workshop Overview 9:20 a.m.

      Gary Colombo, Chancellor’s Liaison

  V. “LifeMap: A Learning-Centered System for Student Success” 9:30 a.m.

      Dr. Michael Bosley, Assistant Provost, Valencia Community College, Florida

  VI. College Breakouts .11:00 a.m.

      Deborah Harrington, LAVC Senate VP & STARS Program Director

  VII. Summary Reports & Workshop Wrap Up 12:00 p.m.

materials on our Student Success Workshop of 2-10

building a culture of engagement

The Positive Commandments: Ten Ways Community Colleges Help Students Succeed

The Negative Commandments: Ten Ways Community Colleges Hinder Student Success


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