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The Title V HSI is a five year integrated plan to improve awareness and usage of student and academic support services to transform a students academic aspirations into tangible academic goals. Through the Title V pathways program, students will have a unique First Year Experience including an 8 week Summer Bridge, a mentor program, a variety of activities and workshops, and overall, help students develop the skills, confidence and perseverance they need to undertake college coursework and excel in their studies. With Title V funding, LAMC will also provide faculty and staff development including Reading Apprenticeship, strengthen comprehensive support services, and initiate outcomes assessment, and evaluation.

Title V HSI 

The Title V HSI is comprised of three components, each proposing strategies designed to increase the capacity of Mission to support, retain and successfully graduate a greater proportion of its Hispanic students and to increase the capacity of Mission to better serve our students through the strengthening of academic/student support infrastructure.

Component One—Establish a First Year Experience Pathways Program                           

Component Two—Establish Career Programs and Services to Increase Majors/Careers                

Component Three—Strengthen Institutional Support for Faculty and Staff

Key measures of success include a) Increase number of students who declares an educational goal b) Increase rate of students progression from fall term to fall term c) Decrease the rate of students placed into developmental English and Math d) Increase number of students who declare major program of study e) Increase number of students who receive certifications or associates degree f) Increase number of students transferring to four year universities g) Increase faculty and staff participation in professional development activities such as Reading Apprenticeship 

Title V HSI At-A-Glance

  • $2.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education
  • A five year integrated plan to improve student services and the retention and progression of students achieving their educational goal through a specialized pathways program 












Location: Main Campus, Bungalow 8

(818) 364-7600 Ext. 3420

Title V Office


Kristina Gonzales

METAS Program Coordinator