Career and Academic Pathways


A program of study is comprised of a structured sequence of course(s), within a specified field of study, that culminates in an industry-recognized credential, Certificate of Achievement, Associate of Art or Science (AA/AS) degree, transfer readiness, and/ or IGETC/CSU Certification.


A pathway is a collection of programs of study and support services that enable a student to satisfy graduation, transfer, and employment requirements as well as earn industry-recognized credentials.

All of our programs at Los Angeles Mission College have been organized according to major attributes. As described by the six areas below. Our Career and Academic Pathways include:

1. Arts, Media, and Performance
2. Business, Law, and Public Safety
3. Child, Family, and Education Studies
4. Culinary Arts
5. Society, Culture and Communication
6. STEM, Health and Fitness

The below CAPs are linked below to lead to our Program Mapper.


Our Program Mapper is an interactive map of required and elective classes to help you plan out your schedule. It also provides detailed information about each pathway and program of study, including program descriptions, program learning outcomes, salary, growth and career information.

Please make an appointment with counselor to create a customized education plan to meet your needs.



Arts, Media, and Performance

Are you creative? Do you enjoy artistic expression? Are you interested in the fields of animation, graphic design, art, art history, interior design, video production, museum studies, or theatrical production?
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Business, Law, and Public Safety

Are you often drawn to roles where you are leading others and managing projects? Are you interested in law enforcement and the administration of justice?
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Child, Family, and Education Studies

Are you interested in a rewarding career working with children, parents and families? Do you want to become a teacher or work in the field of education?
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Culinary Arts

Are you someone who loves to cook, try new food, and entertain guests? Do you want to work in a restaurant as a chef, server, or manager?
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Society, Culture, and Communication

Are you interested in learning how people think and behave, both individually and within groups? Would you like to explore how people interact and navigate our world? Do you want to strengthen your language and communication skills?
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STEM, Health, and Fitness

Are you interested in science, computers and information technology, engineering, and math? Do you want to become a vital part of the healthcare industry? Do you enjoy fitness and healthy living?
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