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Cover Letter & Resume Writing

Access information and resources to help you build your resume and cover letter. 

Interviewing - Best Job Interview Tips 

Need assistance with interview tips and advice? Find resources here to help you ace your next interview!

Best Job Interview Tips

Job Placement

Job placement agencies can help alleviate the stress of going through a job search by yourself. Click here to find information about job placement agencies near you. 


You will gain insight about the top majors that lead to the highest paying careers and 30 highest-paying jobs. 

Job Searches - Additional Online Job Boards

Access additional FREE online job boards to help you find your next job. 

University Head Quarters

Learn how to become - Careers Today

Summer Jobs for College Students 

Learn more about summer jobs that may be perfect for you as a college student. 

Local, County & State Job

Want to see employment opportunities with local, county and state? Access online government jobs here! 


Want to know what specific positions in the workforce make? Visit the online Salary information website to get current salary data on a wide variety of positions nationally

How to Land a Job 

Provides tips on resumes, LinkedIn, how to gain experience while in school, how to prepare for the workforce, and more!

How to Accept Job Offers After College

Prepares students with questions to ask while evaluating a job offer. This goes over salary and benefits, company culture, and how to assess personal goals and needs.

Graduate School Programs/ Resources

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Bio




How to Choose a Major in 2021

Learn tips, tactics, and examples on how to choose a major.

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing your Dream Career

  • How to find out your abilities and interests
  • Career Counseling
  • Student Resources to Help Decide on a Career
  • Resume and Cover Letter Recommendations
  • Tips for How to Choose the Dream Job

Top 100 Fastest Growing Occupations in California

Take a glance at the fastest-growing occupations in California to help you decide on your dream career.

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