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Dream Resource Center : California Dream Act

California Dream Act

The Dream Resource Center will be closed on the following dates For Summer 2022:

  • Monday, June 20
  • Monday, July 4


The California Dream Act Application (CADAA) is used by undocumented students who meet the eligibility requirements of AB 540. The application can be found at The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) processes the application and any aid received can only be used at eligible California public or private institutions.

U.S. citizens and eligible noncitizens such as permanent residents should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at They may be eligible for federal student aid as well as California student aid. The California Dream Act allows undocumented and nonresident documented students who meet certain provisions to apply for and receive private scholarships funded through public universities, state-administered Dream Center, university grants, community college fee waivers, and Cal Grants. Rev 7/2016.

The Cal Grant application deadline for students using the CADAA or the FAFSA is March 2 prior to the academic year. For Cal Grants offered under the California Dream Act, you must also submit a certified GPA to CSAC.

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