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Recognition Awards Ceremony at the Sheraton

EOPS/CARE Annual Recognition Awards 

Students and their guests celebrated with fine dining and entertainment at the EOPS/CARE Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony held at the Sheraton Universal Hotel on May 9 2014. Students were recognized at the ceremony for their academic achievements. Certificates and bronze medals were presented to students by Dean of Student Services Ludi Villegas-Vidal and Counselors Jose Luis Ramirez and Linda Marie Avalos-Njie.  Counseling Chair Diana Bonilla also presented medals to students. The following students spoke about the challenges they faced as students and how they overcame obstacles to succeed in their educations goals:  Maria M. Gonzalez, Rene Gaytan Mendoza, and Kin Ngoc T. Lee.  Students who earned high graduation honors were recognized as follows: Summa Cum Laude recipients and LAMC Valedictorian for the Class of 2014 was Anahid Abrahamian.  Kim Ngoc T. Lee also earned recognition for the Summa Cum Laude award.  Magna Cum Laude awards were earned by Rita Amirian, Maria G.Gallardo, Joel Herrera, Karmen Khanbabaei, Grace M. Lindley, Victor A. Orozco, and Rima Zargarian. 
We are very proud of the EOPS/CARE students at Los Angeles Mission College! Parents, family members, significant others, and friends attended this above and beyond ceremony to recognize the students receiving AA degrees and Transferring to Universities.  Entertainment for the ceremony was provided by flamenco dance artist Arleen Hurtado and the musical group Yslas. Please click on this video link to enjoy the entertainment awards ceremony, and the views as seen from the Sheraton Universal Hotel.  Music in the video by Yslas was recorded live at the event.
Thanks to our staff volunteers who created the video: Rafael Rodriguez III (photography), Pablo Vazquez (sound technician and video editor), and Deborah Manning (video producer).


Yslas Group Performance
                Yslas Group performing 



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