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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Office of Institutional Effectiveness : Facts and Figures : Student Achievement

Student Achievement

Institution-Set Standards for Student Achievement (ISS)

LAMC 2020 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF) | Dashboard
LAMC 2019 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF) | Dashboard
LAMC 2018 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF)
LAMC 2017 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF)
LAMC 2016 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF)
LAMC 2015 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF)
LAMC 2014 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF)
LAMC 2013 Institution-Set Standards Data (PDF)

Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 1/11/2018
Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 12/7/2016
Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 12/15/2015
Academic Senate Subcommittee on ISS Minutes 12/9/2014
Process for Evaluation and Improvement of the ISS 2/25/2014

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

​2020-21 Information Competency ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
2017-18 Aesthetic Responsiveness ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
​2017-18 Quantitative Reasoning ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
2016-17 Global Awareness ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
​2016-17 Problem Solving ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
2015-16 Ethics & Values and Written Communication ILO Assessments (PDF)
Spring 2015 Information Competency ILO Assessment Report (PDF)
Fall 2014 Report on Disaggregated ILO Data (PDF)


LAMC Transfers to Four-Year Institutions (PDF)
Transfers to CSU (external link) 
Transfers to UC (external link) 
Transfers to In-State Privates (ISP) and Out-of-State Institutions (OOS) (external link)

Employment Outcomes

Perkins Core Indicators (external link) 
2020 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2020 Statewide CTEOS Report
2019 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2019 Statewide CTEOS Report
2018 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2018 Statewide CTEOS Report
2017 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2017 Statewide CTEOS Report
2014 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2014 Statewide CTEOS Report
2013 LAMC CTEOS Report | 2013 Statewide CTEOS Report
Licensure Exam Pass Rates (PDF) 

District-wide Success and Retention Rates

Fall 2021
Fall 2020
Fall 2019
Fall 2018
Fall 2017
Fall 2016
Fall 2015

California Community Colleges Student Success Metrics Dashboard
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Data Mart​
USDE College Scorecard

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)

Institutional Effectiveness Goals Framework 2017-18 (PDF)
Institutional Effectiveness Goals Framework 2016-17 (PDF)

Mission Learning Report

Fall 2015 (PDF)
Fall 2014 (PDF)

Interactive Reports (through Summer 2017 only)

Student Success & Grade Distribution