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Program Review and Purposes

Program review is the primary instrument through which program-level evaluation and planning are conducted on campus, and it aligns individual unit advancement with the College’s mission and goals. Program Review is designed to promote continuous quality improvement by helping departments, disciplines, and service units understand trends in student success, enrollment trends, and unit effectiveness and relating these to resource requests for improvement and growth. Program review is the main mechanism by which requests for technology, physical resources, personnel, and other financial resources are made.

Program Review screens are completed annually and reviewed by area deans and Vice Presidents. In addition, every three years each academic department undergoes a comprehensive review under the purview of the Educational Planning Committee, while each Student Services unit undergoes a triennial comprehensive review under the purview of the Student Support Services Committee.

Purpose of Program Review at Mission:

  • Maintains the currency and relevance of educational programs and supports program development
  • Ensures the continuous improvement of all College programs, units, and services provided
  • Informs enrollment management and resource allocation decisions, as well as College-level planning processes
  • Fosters communication and understanding across the College and an appreciation of the value of the College's programs 

The program review process also enables the College to:

  1. Monitor the implementation of program/unit objectives
  2. Evaluate how well the College is meeting its mission and strategic goals
  3. Evaluate institutional progress in improving student learning and achievement as well as services provided to students and the campus community
  4. Integrate self-assessment findings into the College planning process
  5. Plan for short- and long-range needs and make data-driven decisions
  6. Be in compliance with our accrediting agency’s, the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC)’s, standards

We encourage you to have deep discussions with all department/discipline or unit faculty and/or staff during the program review process.

Program Review Cycle
Comprehensive program review is done every three years. The unit plan is developed as part of the program review and is updated annually.