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SIS Portal Help Guide

SIS Portal Help Guide : SIS Portal Login

SIS Portal Login

How to Login to the new SIS Portal

1) Go to the new portal URL at:




2) LACCD Employees, enter your SAP ID into the same textbox.

3) Enter your password in the Password textbox. The default password will be different for students and employees.

  • Employee Default Password

    Employee default passwords will consist of:
    8@ + the month of your birthdate (MM) + the first character of your last name (capitalized) + the last 4 digits of your SSN
    For example, Joe Smith, who was born on August 9th, and has SSN xxx-xx-1234, his default password would be: 8@08S1234

4) Once you have successfully logged in, for your account's security, you will be transferred to the update password page to change your default password.

Faculty Resources

LACCD Email Access

Faculty mentors to assist you with SIS questions/issues:

Karen Crozer
Location: INST 19
(818) 364-7715

Carole Akl​
Location:CMS 124 #139

Vilma Bernal ​
Location: INST 7

Milan Samplewala
Location: INST 18
(818) 833-3385

Ayra L. Quinn​
Location: INST 16

Bamdad Samii​
CMS 124 #135
(818) 833-3379

Mario Escobar​
Location: INST 34
(818) 364-7625

Jacob Skelton​
Location: INST 1
(818) 364-7678

Louis Zandalasini​
CAI 224
(818) 364-7849