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ILO Assessment Reports & Resources

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Institutional Learning Outcome Assessment Reports - ILO Master Assessment Schedule

Written Communication and Ethics and Values ILO Report 2018/2019

Quantitative Reasoning ILO Report 2017/2018

Global Awareness ILO Report 2017 

Aesthetic Responsivess ILO Report 2017/2018

Problem Solving ILO Report 2017
  Written Communication and Ethics & Values 2016     
  Information Competency 2015    
  Information Competency Pilot Spring 2014   ILO Assessment Fall 2012 Guiding Questions
  Written Communication 2012   Courses that support ILOs
  Oral Communication 2012    
  Problem Solving & Ethics and Values 2012    
  Quantitative Reasoning 2012    
  Aesthetic Responsiveness 2012    Rubric for Aesthetic Responsiveness


Other Reports

Report on Disaggregated Institutional Learning Outcomes Data 
  ILO Survey Results Fall 2011
  ACCJC SLO Annual Report
  WASC SLO Proficiency Rubric - Criteria and Evidence    

The LOAC Committee

The Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (LOAC) meets the 4th Wednesday each month 3:00-4:30pm. Meetings are virtual during the remote instruction period.

Academic Year 2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

Contact: Sheila MacDowell (SLO Coordinator)


Dr. Sarah Master (Office of Institutional Effectiveness)
Sheila MacDowell, MLIS (Library/SLO Coordinator)

Adult Basic Education: Maryanne Galindo
Arts, Media & Performance: James Lemmon
Associated Students Organization (ASO):
Business/Law: Sylvia Macias
Chicano Studies: Gustavo Jimenez
Child & Family Studies: Rita Grigoryan
Counseling: Aleida Gomez Dobbins
Culinary Arts: Trinidad Silva
Eng./Communication/Journalism: Beville Constantine
Global Languages & Society:
Health & Human Performance: Cindy Cooper
Life Sciences: Dr. Brian Gadd
Math/Com.Sci./Engineering: Emil Sargsyan
Physical Sciences: 
Social Sciences: Mark Pursley
Student Services: Aleida Gomez Dobbins