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Welcome to our New Students

Welcome to the L.A. Mission College Paralegal Studies Program.

Congratulations on making the "wise" decision to pursue a Paralegal Certificate through our school, and also if you have decided to just take one of our excellent law classes.

The Paralegal Certificate Program should take you between 12-18 months. Let us know how we can help you.

First you need to "apply for admission" to our college. Second, check the law classes which are being offered, and course schedules. Third "register for your classes". If you have any problems, contact Rosalie Torres in "Admissions" at 818-364-7612, or Prof. Jordan, at abogado@pacbell.net, or call him on his cell phone at 818-415-2015. (see "register for your classes")

Once you have registered, then you can "Get Started". Also read "First Day of Class". If you have not taken an online class using the "Etudes" course management system, then take the etudes orientation to get an idea of how to navigate around the class, how to submit your work, assignments, documents, and quizzes.

Buy your textbooks, read "about our students", read "Profj"s Blogs", FAQ's, print out your "duedates" (these are your online assignments), read the description of your class, your class syllabus, our policy on "late assignments" and "plagiarism", go to your "etudes class", and post your introduction. You can always email your instructor if you have questions about your classes. Read "About our Program", our students, history, our "accreditation and compliance" statement, "Why you should choose our program",

Again welcome to our Program. We are very proud of you for "accepting" the challenges to become a Paralegal, and to become trained in our Program. As we say at Mission, "Our Mission is Your Success".

notes: 1. A C or higher is required in each class taken to obtain your certificate
            2. Students cannot login to begin their "etudes" class until a few days before each given semester or session. (everyone starts the semester at the same time, and completes work at the same time at the end of the semester)

Prof. J.


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