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2018 LA Mission College Master Plan Update

2014 LA Mission College Master Plan Update and EIR

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2009 LA Mission College Master Plan and EIR

LAMC has prepared a Preliminary Draft 2009 Facilities Master Plan. LAMC has now completed a Final Subsequent Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed master plan and its college facility projects.  The Final EIR is available below. Unavoidable significant environmental impacts are expected related to aesthetics, air quality, noise, and traffic. The 2009 Master Plan and Final EIR will be considered by the Los Angeles Community College District in December 2009.
Because a portion of the proposed Master Plan involves development of athletic fields on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) property, ACOE has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) pursuant to the National Environment Policy Act (NEPA).  The public comment period is closed on the  EA and the ACOE is now preparing the Final EA.


The Final EIR is now available for review on this site under the 2009 Facilities Master Plan – Subsequent EIR section below and at the reference desk of the following public libraries:

The following documents are provided to encourage public participation in the master planning and environmental review process.


2009 Facilities Master Plan - Subsequent EIR

Recreation Outgrant at Lopez Debris Basin for LAMC Athletic Fields Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) (September 2009)

Addendum to 2007 Master Plan EIR (August 2009)

Public Comment Meetings (August 13th & 15th, 2009)

EIR Scoping Meetings (April 25th & 28th, 2009)

The following related documents are available for review at the LAMC Library (Reference Desk):

  • 2007 LAMC Master Plan Final Program EIR Addendum (July 2009)
  • Los Angeles Mission College Final Program Environmental Impact Report (2007)
  • Army Corps of Engineers, Lopez Dam Basin Master Plan and Environmental Assessment (July 2005)
  • City of Los Angeles, Sylmar Community Plan (August 1997)

2007 LA Mission College Master Plan and EIR

The documents below provide information about the adopted 2007 Master Plan and the 2007 Master Plan EIR.