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Job Ready Videos

Resume Writing Skills

Different Types of Resumes
How to Write a Resume When you Have Little to No Experience
Six Resume Tips
Tips for Building a Perfect Resume (the Intern Queen)
How to Write a Winning Resume
Get your Resume Noticed in 5 seconds
What Are Soft Skills?

Why Soft Skills?

 15+ Soft Skill Examples to Add to Your Resume
We Showed Real Resumes to an Expert and Got Feedback


Interview Skills

Interview Tips
How to Prepare for a Phone Interview
How to Look Good on Video Calls

How to Ace Skype Interviews (the Intern Queen)
What to Bring with you to an Interview
How to Answer the Hardest Interview Questions (the Intern Queen)
Tell Me About Yourself
Questions to Ask After an Interview

Networking & LinkedIn Tips

How to Get Started on LinkedIn
How to Use LinkedIn in 2020
5 LinkedIn Profile Tips
How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Headlines for Job Seekers
Best Way to Connect on LinkedIn

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