• NEW SECTION ADDED – Art 502 Beginning 3D Design

    NEW SECTION ADDED – Art 502 Beginning 3D Design – Starts on 9/12/2016. Development of a visual vocabulary for creative expression through lecture presentations and use of materials for three-dimensional studio projects. Section 0808 MW 8:20-9:25 K. Brennan at Pacoima City Hall (GE Plan, CSU, IGETC, Art Majors)
  • Fall 2016 New Section - Music 501 College Choir

    Music 501 College Choir – Fall 2016 Emphasis is on vocal technique and choral elements, such as blend, intonation, diction and music reading. Repertoire is chosen on the basis of the ensemble's ability and represents historical and current styles of music. Transferable UC/CSU. Section # 3802 Thursdays 6:30-9:55pm Dr. Wentz
  • New Course - Fall 2016 - Art History 161 American Art

    Art History 161 American Art
    Introductory survey of American Art from its pre-Colonial past to the contemporary era. Includes the contributions and influences of immigrants, Native Americans, Chicano Americans, Latin Americans, and European Americans. Advisory: English 101 (UC/CSU transferable) Applies toward: Arts and Humanities Credits - General Education, CSU Gen. Ed., IGETC Section #0164 Dr. Thomas Folland
  • Accounting Applications for the Electronic Office has come to LAMC!

    CAOT 78 - M-W 4pm - 6:30pm Lecture/Lab. Instructor Mark Lampert. What will you Learn? The use of the computer for bookkeeping and accounting applications using software packages such as QuickBooks.
  • NEW NEW NEW – Human Biology 5 - BIO5

    Department of Life Sciences is now offering Biology 5 (Introduction to Human Biology). The class is offered on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 10:35 AM - 3:20 PM. It includes a combined lecture and two different lab sections.

    This course meets the same General Education requirements as Biology 3 and also satisfies the Biology 3 prerequisite for Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology.
  • New Fall 2016 Class - FCS 6 - Challenges of Aging

    Section 3200 - Wednesday Evenings from 6:50 - 10:00 p.m. Beginning August 31st. Click Here for Schedule
  • Student Service Hours of Operation

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  • Got Canvas?

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  • Fall 2016 Schedule Now Available!

    Click Here to View The Schedule
  • Mathematica @ LAMC

    Los Angeles Mission College has obtained Mathematica licensing for students and faculty. For more information Click Here
  • Our Students Are Going Places -Join Us!

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