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ChairDebby Wong
Vice Chair: Milan Samplewala

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List of Fall 2020 Classes offered.

Cloud Computing Program

Computer Science at Los Angeles Mission College is evolving to keep in pace with the technological standards. We are proud to offer programs for newly emerging technical jobs!

We offer stackable certificates. Earn a Certificates of Achievement in Computer Programmer, Cyber Security Associate, and Full Stack (Web Application) Developer or Cloud Computing. These are ideal for professionals applying for technology jobs. Get internship, IT position or advance towards earning an Associate.

For high school graduates who are required to take prerequisites and foundation courses on their path to get the Certificates of Achievement, an Associate of Science degree is available.

Students in our program can take advantage of other events and activities where you may acquire hands-on experience. We have a fully equipped lab for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) , which our new club, Mission X, will participate in. The accomplished Robotecas club offers a unique service to our community by providing hardware and software solutions for personal computers in our neighboring area.

We also offer summer workshops to solidify our student’s classwork and prepare them for Industry Certificates. Many professionals in the field need only one 3-unit course to prepare and pass a certificate exam. 

We encourage you to partake in this growing field by enrolling this Fall in Computer Science courses that have no prerequisite:

     CIS 124 - Data Analytics (Advanced Excel and Access)
     CIS 148 - Introduction to Web Develiopment Using HTML and CSS
     CIS 192 Introduction to Cloud Computing 
     CIS 219 - Introduction to Oracle: SQL & PL/SQL
     CIS 222 PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting
     CS 112 - Programming in JavaScript
     CS 119 Programming in Python

and let us show you how easy it is to take the first step and succeed. Take a look at our Brochures & Flyers to see what sparks your interest!

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