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What is the EOP&S program mission?

The Extended Opportunity Program and Services is a state-funded program dedicated to assisting students with social, economic, academic or language disadvantages.


What assistance does EOP&S provide to qualified students?

EOP&S assists students with academic counseling, priority registration, tutoring, specialized support and motivational counseling, cultural trips, and field trips, cash and book grants.


What services do EOP&S students receive?

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Transfer/Career assistance (field trips)
  • Student Educational Plan (SEP) and Semester-by-Semester Plan for each student
  • Tutoring
  • Academic follow-up of students
  • Progress reports - to provide information to students as to how they are doing in their classes
  • Book grants and book service
  • Cultural enrichment activities (cultural trips)
  • Personal development, study skills, career, and major selection counseling
  • Leadership Motivational Counseling
  • CARE Program
  • Grant and additional services for EOP&S students who are single parents, have children 14 years or younger receiving assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Priority Registration
  • Student Employment Services (Job Prep and Job Placement)
  • Cap and Gown for graduation
  • Recognition Awards Ceremony - Graduates and transfer students are recognized at the end of the academic year 

How to qualify for EOP&S assistance?

The qualification criteria are subject to change as new state regulations and institutional policies are implemented.


How to satisfy basic EOP&S enrollment requirements?

  • Be residents of California ;
  • Be enrolled full time (12 or more units) prior to being accepted in the program; unless participating in the DSPS Program.
  • Must not have more than 45 degree applicable units of an AA course work completed at all colleges currently or previously attended.
  • Be qualified to receive a Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application (BOGG) A or B; 
  • Be determined educationally disadvantaged student.
  • College Orientation is required.
  • Applicants must take a Mathematics and English assessment test.

How is educational disadvantage determined? (Student must meet at least ONE of the following)

  • High school GPA less than 2.50
  • Not have graduated from high school or obtained the General Education Diploma (G.E.D).
  • Assessed below Math 112 or English 21
  • Previously enrolled in remedial education
  • Student Is the first  generation  to attend college
  • The student's parents are not native English speakers

How to Apply?

  • EOP&S applications are available at Mission College EOP&S office, Instructional and Student Services Bldg.
  • Submit applications in person at the EOP&S office.
  • For more information call (818) 364-7645.

What do eligible applicants do after applying?

  • Student will be contacted regarding eligibility for EOP&S.
  • Eligible EOP&S students must:
    • Attend a mandatory EOP&S orientation and sign an EOP&S contract for services;
    • Meet with a counselor and complete a Student Educational Plan (SEP) and a Semester-by-Semester Plan.
    • Follow the recommendations by EOP&S Counselor. 

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