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Sociology AA Transfer Program

The Associate in Arts in Sociology for Transfer Degree is designed to prepare the student for transfer to four-year institutions of higher education and specifically intended to satisfy the lower division requirements for the Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at a California State University.

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UC Sociology Transfer Pathways
Taking the following courses will prepare you to major in sociology at any UC campus.  

  • Introduction to Sociology 1
  • Social Problems Soc 2
  • Statistics for sociology majors (Math 227)
Applicable majors- Aug. 2020
  • Sociology, A.B. at Davis
  • Sociology, B.A. at Berkeley
  • Sociology, B.A. at Irvine
  • Sociology, B.A. at Los Angeles
  • Sociology, B.A. at Merced
  • Sociology, B.A. and B.S. at Riverside
  • Sociology, B.A. at San Diego
  • Sociology, B.A. at Santa Barbara
  • Sociology, B.A. at Santa Cruz


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