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Child Ddevelopment Conference Welcomes Capacity Attendance!

Cloudy skies, drizzle and cool temperatures could not keep the child development students away from our annual Child Development Conference here at Mission College Saturday April 25th.  This is our eighth annual conference, and once again, a capacity attendance shared the afternoon of workshops exploring such diverse topics as math, science, art, music, special needs, healthy habits, assessment, family child care, and more. 


A special feature of the event was the opening of the moving and inspirational photography gallery in the Child Development Center, where images of our children from birth through age five have been captured during the miraculous moments of learning through play…..This is a breathtaking exhibit, and our students were awe-struck at the opportunity to see learning through such vivid photographs. 


Special thanks to the campus community that support this event each year.  CTE provided funding for many of the supplies and conference costs.  The Child Development Club came early to set up, to facilitate registration, and to volunteer on every level.  Plant Facilities gave us extra time, effort and support.  The Bookstore, Financial Aid, EOPS provided give-aways for our raffle.  Academic Affairs supported us in numerous ways. 

Special, Special Thanks to the Child Development faculty, Child Development Center teachers, California Early Childhood Mentor Teachers and our own Child Development Student Resource Center tutors  for volunteering their time to offer such rich and enriching workshops for our students!


Campus Book Event!

Campus Book event (5/13) 11:30am-2pm in the Quad. Food inspired by the book will be graciously provided by the Culinary Arts Program. Join us for a live panel discussion, submit a poster response or take a quiz. Prizes for poster entries range from novelty items to a $50 gift card!

Culinary Arts students will be providing free samples of food from the book!

Reading Apprenticeship (RA) workshop at LAMC

Reading Apprenticeship (RA) workshop: May 1st, 2015, 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, in the Arroyo Room (CAI building, LAMC).

In this workshop, RA facilitators from WestEd will present the fundamentals of the Reading Apprenticeship framework, including the social, personal, cognitive and knowledge-building dimensions.

Please bring a textbook or a sample from a textbook from a class that you teach! You will have an opportunity to practice RA routines with your sample. 

Specific Takeaways:

Key RA strategies: Think-Alouds, Talking to the Text, and Evidence-Interpretation Logs, with a focus on their relation to the four dimensions.

Please register as soon as possible (max of 40 participants).

Registration via Eventbrite (click on Eventbrite) password: STEM RA LAMC  (you can copy and paste the password)

Breakfast and lunch will be served and Flex hours are available.

If you have any questions, please contact Par Mohammadian (

Child Development Department Goes On a Field Trip!
Thirty five members of the Child Development Department, including faculty, mentor teachers, tutors and Child Development Center staff spent Saturday April 16th in Culver City sharing an enriching day of professional development.  The day started with a tour and exploration of Branches Atelier School, a renowned program based on the Reggio Emilia approach.  We had the opportunity to hear the history and philosophy from the owner/director, and had time to explore the inspiring environments designed for children, parents and community.  We explored materials, took pictures, asked questions, and used every opportunity to learn and share thoughts and ideas.  After lunch we all visited the Rediscover Center, where we were able to purchase low cost and recycled teacher materials to bring back to our program.  We are all feeling inspired from the shared experience, and look forward to infusing our classes and programs with what we’ve learned!

Child Development Students Attend the CCRC Annual Public Policy Forum
Fourteen Child Development students and two faculty members were guests of the Child Care Resource Center at their annual Public Policy Forum on Thursday April 9th held this year at Cal State University Northridge.    The Forum is designed for legislators, public policy advocates, early childhood education professionals and parents to discuss issues, legislation and advocacy needs in the field of early childhood education.  The program included experts on the national, state and local levels sharing the opportunities and challenges of the field, and the importance of advocacy for children and families.  Our students were actively engaged in the presentations, and have reported to their classes about what they experienced and how it has impacted their career paths.  Mission College was identified from the podium as the CEO acknowledged the importance of the child development community being united and active in setting policy.  It was a proud day for our department, and our students shone in the gathering of those committed to quality programs for children and families!

Mission Undergraduate Research Journal (MURJ)

The Mission Undergraduate Research Journal (MURJ) is a collection of articles produced by LAMC students about their summer internship research projects.


This summer, 16 of our students participated in various labs at UCLA and CSUN for 10 weeks where they had the opportunity to experience hands-on lab research and reinforce their knowledge in their fields. These internships, paid by the LAMC STEM Program, allows students to explore the possibilities in their field of choice and decide whether research is something they want to pursue or not.


Students in this year’s MURJ have transferred to universities including CSUN, Cal Poly Pomona, UCLA, UC Davis, UC San Diego, and other students are applying to or awaiting response from the universities of their choice. 


Take a look at the work done by our students this summer in the MURJ Volume 3, available in the STEM website at:

Reading Apprenticeship Community College STEM Network
Los Angeles Mission College was approved to join the Reading Apprenticeship Community College STEM Network (RACCSN) in 2015.  LAMC team will be among the 100 founding members of RACCSN. The objective is to enhance STEM instruction through a focus on academic literacy and metacognitive conversation.

Spring Semester 2015 Begins
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LAMC Honors Ceremony

The LAMC Honors Ceremony, which was emceed by Academic Senate President Leslie Milke, showcased students who earned outstanding scholastic achievement for the Spring 2014 semester. Dean of Academic Affairs Madelline Hernandez welcomed the audience and congratulated the honor students on behalf of LAMC President, Dr. Monte Perez and Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Allen.  Associated Student Organization Vice President Jesus Martinez led the Flag Salute and welcomed the audience. Alpha Gamma Sigma President Christopher LaFera spoke about the student honor club (AGS), and invited students to join.  Christopher earned the Dean’s Honor Award that was presented to him by Counselor Diana Bonilla.  Staff members Marianna Sirunian and Carlos Gonzalez, who was recently appointed Dean of Student Success, translated for the audience.

The President’s Honor Award was announced by Dean of Student Services Ludi Villegas-Vidal and presented to the students by Dean Hernandez. The following faculty announced and presented the Dean’s Award: Myriam Levy, Stephen Brown, Margie Long, and Diana Bonilla.  ASO Treasurer Sara Sanchez, who received the President’s Award, assisted alongside Dean Gonzalez and presented long-stemmed, red roses to the honor students. ASO Senators Diana Cohen-Herrera and Anthony Trejo were each presented the Dean’s Award. Thanks to the following staff volunteers:  Georgia Estrada who assisted at the ceremony on behalf of Vice President of Student Services Joe S. Ramirez; Rafael Rodriguez III and Pablo Vazquez who photographed the ceremony; and Deborah Manning who edited the photos and created the video slide show available at :

ASO Members Attend SSCCC Fall 2014 General Assembly

On November 14th through November 16th, a group of Associated Student Organization (ASO) members from Los Angeles Mission College attended the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Fall 2014 General Assembly at the LAX Sheraton Hotel.  The SSCCC is a student senate that represents the 2.4 million students of the California Community College System.  It addressed policies that will improve student access, encourage student success, enhance the academic experience, and give student leaders a voice on behalf of their constituents.  It was a great opportunity for some of our own ASO leaders to head out to the event and partake in the action.  It gave them an outlet to speak and represent the student body at Los Angeles Mission College.  A total of 81 out of 112 California community colleges attended the SSCCC general assembly.  According to our ASO members who attended the event, it was very successful and inspirational.  Here are some of their thoughts: 
“Going to the Fall General Assembly was insightful as it brings more clarity on how the democratic process works.  As a delegate of Los Angeles Mission College, I was honored to attend and be able to voice the opinion of my constituency, voting on resolutions that impact the entirety of the California Community College system.” –Ray Gosen, ASO President
“The Fall 2014 Student Senate for California Community Colleges General Assembly, was very inspirational.  Overall it was a spectacular opportunity that I wish every student should take advantage of, to develop a prosperousness state of mind.” –Anthony Trejo, ASO Health Senator

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