We Have a New Interior Design Program

Posted on: 7/21/2017

Fall 2017 Interior Design Classes (August 28 - December 17)

INTRDGN 101 - Professional Career Opportunities
Mondays 4:30PM - 6:35PM (Lecture)
Prerequisite: None | CSU - 2 Units
Presents an overview of career opportunities in the area of Interior Design. Career development and planning is covered in addition to job interview techniques, and resume writing. Course includes speakers from the profession and field trips.

INTRDGN 102 - Introduction to Interior Design
Tuesdays 5:45PM - 10:00PM (Lecture/Lab)
Prerequisite: None | UC/CSU - 3 Units
Introduction to the field of interior design including the the elements and principles of design as applied to color, textiles, wall coverings, window treatments, space planning, furniture and lighting selection. Introduces basic drafting techniques. Products, services and career options are overviewed.

INTRDGN 106 - Drafting for Interior Design
Wednesdays 5:45PM - 10:00PM (Lecture / Lab)
Prerequisite: ART 201 | CSU - 3 Units
Introduces the fundamentals of drafting for interior designers and visual communications for students interior design, landscape architecture, or environmental design. Skills are taught in manual drafting and graphic communication of architecture and the built environment using two and three-dimensional drawing systems. The fundamentals of model building, sketching, digital drawing methods and spatial comprehension. Incorporates PhotoShop & SketchUp.

INTRDGN 110 - Lighting Design
Mondays 6:50PM - 10:00PM (Lecture)
Prerequisite: None | CSU - 3 Units
This course includes lighting basics, sources of light, lighting hardware, lighting applications and lighting as an art. Lighting specifications are covered. Applications including Residential and Commercial lighting are covered. Field trips required.

INTRDGN 114 - Materials, Standards & Specifications
Thursdays 5:45PM - 10:00PM (Lecture / Lab)
Prerequisite: None | CSU - 3 Units
This course covers specifications of paints, finishes, flooring materials, both hard and soft, walls, ceilings, moldings, doors, and windows for residential and commercial applications. Students learn about interior products for durability, health, environmental, sustainability, and ADA considerations.

INTRDGN 116 - CADD for Interior Design
Saturdays 8:50AM - 1:05PM (Lecture / Lab)
Prerequisite: None | CSU - 3 Units
Lecture and laboratory introduces computer aided design and drafting for Interior Design. Students utilize computer and drafting techniques to apply the elements and principles of design and prepare architectural drawings on the computer. Class teaches Revit 2018

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