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Medical Billing & Coding Courses/Certificate

NOTE:  Health Information Technology (HTHTEK) courses offered through L.A. Mission College, while required for the Fundamentals of Medical Billing & Coding certificate at L.A. Mission College, may NOT transfer to Health Information Technology programs at other schools.


Fundamentals of Medical Billing & Coding Certificate*

Gainful Employment Disclosures - Fundamentals of Medical Billing & Coding

Certificate of Achievement (18 units) - Required Courses:

  • HLTHOCC 063 (2 units) - Basic Medical Terminology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
  • HLTHOCC 064 (1 unit) - Cultural and Legal Topics for Healthcare Professionals
  • HLTHOCC 065 (2.5 units) - Fundamentals for the Healthcare Professional
  • HTHTEK 100 (3 units) - Introduction to Health Information Technology
  • HTHTEK 103 (3 units) - Introduction to Basic Coding
    • Prerequisites: HTHTEK 100 (3 units) AND HLTH OCC 063 (2 units) -or- BIOLOGY 033 (3 units)
  • HTHTEK 110 (3 units) - Ambulatory Care Coding
    • Prerequisite: HLTH OCC 063 (2 units) -or- BIOLOGY 033 (3 units)
  • HTHTEK 230 (3 units) - Electronic Health Records in the Health
  • 0.5-unit Elective Credit Course: Any degree-applicable course of at least 0.5 unit.  



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Based on consultation with the counselor, your individual Educational Plan may differ than the Recommended Sequence/Program Mapper.  Always consult a counselor for information on program and graduation requirements, residency requirements, and transfer information. ​​ [Counselors' Contact Info, click HERE]


*For information about Course Descriptions, Prerequisites, & Advisories, go to:

Externship Opportunity for Medical Billing & Coding Students at LA Mission College

Externship Location:
Delta Drugs


Externship Location:
Family Practice of Glendale



Interested in additional Health Occupations Certificate?

Complete only a few more courses to petition for the additional Health Occupations Certificate:
For details, visit:  Health Occupations Required Courses List  {click here}
Always consult a counselor for information on program and graduation requirements, residency requirements, and transfer information.​​ [Counselors' Contact Info, click HERE]







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